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Epilogue:  The note



Thank you for what you did for me.  I'm really glad that you didn't let your heart get too in the way of your thoughts.

You thought about what was right for me, not what you thought would be right.  It proves you have a strong heart.  Did you know that?

I just wanted to say that you are one of my best friends.  I'll miss you.  All of you, even.  But please, don't miss me too much.  Keep on seizing the day, even when I'm gone, okay?

But, I will come back one day.  And when I do, I might not be the same as when I left.  But, remember what you told me on the day the earthquake hit?

Keep that true, at least for me.

Please, Phineas, don't change.  I know you will eventually, but for the meantime, don't ever change.  Keep seizing the day.  Keep being a kid.  Keep making the most out of every single day, as you always have.


Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Epilogue
Yay, it's done!

Wow, this has changed a LOT since I wrote the original version.  It actually seems to flow a lot better, there's not too many plot holes, as far as I can see, and there's comparing hair to birds.

I like this redo.  This was actually fun to make.  I've had fun writing this and remaking the entire universe, and hopefully, the series will go on longer than it did before I decide it's time for another facelift.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 20:  The days to come


Time flowed normally after the events of that day.  There was quite a bit of mourning, and a lot of questions, but other than that, nothing really major happened.

Well, except for one thing, though that was always inevitable.

School started up about three weeks later.  Phineas and the others were starting middle school, Candace and Stacy were entering their sophomore year of high school, and they had a new colleague in Ava.

Phineas eventually learned to except darkness in all forms, as well, and got over Ava's secret of being part of the dark.

But, the strangest thing was the girl that came to live with Vivian a few days after Isabella's death.

She never introduced herself, or even came outside.  The most anyone had ever seen of her was when she first came to Danville, and that was only the back of her.  Seeing as how she had no furniture with her, it seemed that Vivian had been expecting her for a while.

However, Isabella had never mentioned a new house guest to anybody.  It seemed that the girl was entirely wrapped in secrets.

Then, the first day of school came, and everybody started to get used to waking up early in the morning because of it.

At the bus stop, Phineas thought he saw Isabella standing across the street.  He dismissed it as just a figment of his overtired mind.  He hadn't been able to sleep that night, because Isabella's ribbon had actually burned him slightly.  He wasn't sure why, but he knew it wasn't a good sign.

What made it even worse was in homeroom, in the desk next to him was the girl who was living with Vivian.  Her name was Xella Garcia-Shapiro, and she had been Isabella's cousin, until her mother died.  Vivian took her in and gave Xella her family name, even.

Her aura was the exact same as Isabella's.

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 20
One last thing before this story is over.

So, this is going to be continued in the sequel, which is going to be after I do Emily's story, and I'd also like to do all the other stories I currently have, which is The Courtroom Phantom and Project Dawnstars, before I move onto Emily's story, and I'll probably do some more of Olivia's Witch Night, as well along the way, since I don't really have to finish that one until October.

So, the epilogue, and then this story will be done.  And look, it's actually within how I thought it was going to be, which was 20-30 chapters.  Cool.

Chapter 19:  Lightning


Phineas followed the growing scent of darkness to find Isabella standing in front of him, tears falling down her face, holding the ribbon she used for her bow in her hand.  A dark aura surrounded her completely, and her eyes were opaque.

"Phineas, help me."  Isabella whispered.  "I...I don't know if I can control myself anymore.  The darkness has almost completely taken me over.  Help me, please..."

"There's only one thing I can do to help you at this point, Isabella."  Phineas said, looking down.  "But...I can't..."

"Phineas, I don't want to die in the dark."  She replied.  "And if you have to kill me, then kill me.  Please, do it, Phineas.  I can't be part of the dark.  I don't know how you even do it, just don't let me, please..."  Phineas silently summoned his fire sword.  "And, let's make it a fair fight, okay?"

Isabella summoned her lightning sword and they lunged at each other, blocking each other's blows and attacks.  As they fought, they couldn't hold back the good memories that kept forming in the back of their minds, and tears streamed down either one of their faces.

"You've become a pretty good fighter, Isabella."  Phineas said, leaping into the air to dodge a ground attack.

"So have you, Phineas."  Isabella replied, jumping into the air to confront him directly.  "You make a good opponent."

"And you make a good friend."  Phineas responded.  "You were always so courageous, and strong-willed...I wanted to be like you, you know, because of that."

"That's funny, because I wanted to be like you, because of how energetic and caring you are."  Isabella said.  They landed a few feet away from each other.  "But, there's one reason why you couldn't be me."

"Really?"  Phineas asked.  "What's that?"

"Because I have you for such a good friend."  Isabella said.

Phineas nodded.  "Yeah, and there's a reason why you couldn't be me, either."

They ran towards each other, and at the last minute, Isabella dropped her sword.  Phineas held her close as he felt her go limp, crying.  He looked up in shock as she whispered something to him, something she had wanted to tell him for so long, but decided that it was now, because she would never say those words again.

Phineas grabbed her ribbon from her hand before it fell to the ground, and was shocked to see her body fading away from his arms.  He held her even tighter, and she disappeared completely.  As Phineas looked around, he noticed that he was back in Danville, on the street.  A note laid in front of him, and he picked it up and put it into his pocket just as the others ran up to him.

"Phineas, oh thank goodness you're okay!"  Candace said, hugging him.  "We beat that other guy, and the next thing we knew, we were back in Danville!"  She looked around.  "Wait, where's Isabella?"

Everybody was silent as the boy suddenly held on tight to his sister, crying his heart out.  They instantly realized what had happened.

"You did what you had to do, Phineas."  Ava said softly.  "The corruption would've destroyed her eventually, anyway, but I thought she wouldn't want that in the end."

"Yeah, you were right about that."  Phineas said softly.  He tied the ribbon onto his arm.

"You are all quite pitiful."  A voice said from behind them.  Major Gaia stood there, smirking.  "I'm surprised you were actually able to make it out of there in one piece."

"Screw off, Gaia!"  Ava said angrily.  "You're not welcome here."

"And why not?"  Gaia asked.  "I still have the potential to destroy this World, after all."

Phineas jumped back, and a bright light engulfed him.  When the light died down, he was wearing a cobalt blue tunic with white shorts.  He held out his arms and two swords appeared, one with fire on it, the other with lightning.  He put them together, and it transformed into blue fire, blazing brightly.  His eyes started to glow the same color as the flames, and he charged towards Major Gaia.

However, Gaia opened a portal and quickly stepped into it just as he got there, and he slashed the air where she was at.

"Hey, she's gone.  We can't follow her now."  Emily said, running up to the redhead.  "Also, what's this new Forme?  I didn't think you could duel wield elements."

"It's his Blue Fire Forme."  Ava said, walking over.  "But, it should be impossible without Isabella."

"Well, maybe just the thought of her was enough to awaken that new Forme."  Candace said.  "Come on, you guys.  It's been a rough day.  Let's go home."

Phineas nodded and for the first time in that moment, smiled.  If any of them had bothered to look back, they would've seen a familiar black-haired girl watching them, before disappearing, smiling sadly.

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 19
Screw the 1,000+ rule, I'm almost done with this story!

But, yeah, did I mention there was character death in this story?  No?  Well, now you know.  Isabella's dead.

This was actually a thought I had for this story for quite a while now, by the way.  There's also not much to say about this chapter, either.  Oh, well.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 18:  The Storyteller Ava


Le sighed as they walked through what seemed like endless passages of clouds.

"Ava was a special kind of Storyteller created by us Riddlers."  Le explained as they walked.  "She was actually meant to save the Storytellers from being erased."

"Erased?"  Candace asked.  "What do you mean, 'erased?' "

"I mean that we're a special kind of Riddler."  Le said.  "Most of them were upset at the Storytellers for being so involved in the dark, that they went to the light, to get rid of them.  We're trying to protect them.  That's why we created Ava and Tanya.  To help protect the other Storytellers."

"She never mentioned anyone named Tanya."  Emily pointed out.

"I would think so."  Le replied.  "Ava was made of dark, while Tanya was made of light.  They were twins, destined to work together to end all this suffering.  But, Tanya was much weaker than Ava.  We had to put her in a suspended animation just to keep her alive.  Ava...wasn't very happy with that.  She wanted her sister close by her, no matter what.  She kept saying that she was breaking their promise of keeping each other safe.  But, then, something strange happened to her."

"What exactly happened?"  Candace asked.

Le was silent for a moment.  "Nobody really knows.  She just suddenly built a high resentment for anybody of the light.  Tanya included.  Ava kept trying to destroy her.  It was almost as if somebody had messed with her memories."

"Did you eventually find out if that was the case or not?"  Candace asked.

"Sadly, yes."  Le answered.  "Just a few days ago.  Our leader, Major Gaia, went missing.  I looked around her office for any leads, and I found an old looking file.  It explained in detail what she did to Ava to make her detest the light.  She thinks she's the only Storyteller left, when in reality, she just can't hear their voices.  I think she knows that's not true, but she's just being lead blindly by what she was told by her memories.  This is also how her other power formed."

"What other power?"  Emily questioned.

"Ava has the ability to take apart memories and manipulate them to her own will."  Le said darkly.  "She can change them, and even bring them back wrong, or made newer memories fade from existence.  She can erase people from their hearts."

"Is that what's going with Phineas right now?"  Candace responded.

"Yes."  Le answered.  "She was ordered by the major to manipulate those memories because they were such a sensitive subject.  She wanted that joy and pain brought back to him, and for the confusion to ruin his heart.  But, now the major's on the lam, and we're not sure why.  We think it's because Ava figured out what she planning on doing."

"What was that?"  Candace asked.

"Destroying this World, and the Story in the process."  Le replied.  "You see, if you destroyed this Story, then everything would be erased here.  Your powers combined could create new worlds, worlds filled with light that could withstand most everything.  Major Gaia believes that by destroying Worlds, there would be less for the Storytellers to control, and the Riddlers could rebuild those destroyed Worlds for hem to control.  All she wanted to do was have us get along, but I doubt it'll work, especially with Ava being like the way she is."

Emily nodded in understanding.  "But, when we were attacked the first time, that woman mentioned something about stealing our powers.  What was that about, exactly?"

"Andressa and Aeor were both being used by the major's mind control."  Le said.  "We had no choice but what to what she wanted.  However, I think that distracts from Ava's memory manipulation.  Either that, or it's wearing off."

"No, I'm just fixing my own memories."  Ava said.  She sat on the ground nearby, holding her sketchbook close to her chest.  "I can do that, you know."

"Can you fix corruption, as well?"  Emily asked.  She, Ferb, Candace, and Le sat around her.

"Not the one that's affecting Isabella."  Ava replied sadly.  "In fact, I'm pretty sure nobody can fix that type of corruption, especially since her heart's purely made of light."

The clouds around them darkened, and from the clouds came the man they were fighting earlier.

"Well, I guess we can worry about Isabella later!"  Candace said.  "We have a fight to finish."

Isabella ran through the clouds, not caring about where she was going.  She felt the darkness cling to her with every step she took, and heard it whispering her name as she ran.

You can't escape the darkness.  A voice said to her.

"No, I will."  She said as she tripped and fell.  She got back up and continued running.  "I will escape the darkness.  I have to!"

But, the darkness is already within you.  The voice replied.  It's buried deep within your mind, with all those memories from long ago.

"No, don't bring up those memories..."  Isabella said softly.  "Please, don't bring back those memories..."  She fell again and let out a small scream as the memories flashed in front of her eyes.

Those memories are quite painful, aren't they?  The voice asked.  Another memory came back to the girl, causing her to scream louder.  I can see they are.  But, why?  You're already partly dark, so why not fully embrace it?

"B-because...I...I n-need to hold onto those memories as something like a dream."  Isabella replied.  " good.  I-it gives you...a m-meaning of reality...of what life is like..."

Good, I'm glad you agree.  The voice said, and Isabella's vision started to fade to black.

"Phineas, please help me."  She whispered softly.  "Somebody, anybody, please, save me from this matter what you have to do, just get it away from me...please..."

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 18
We're so close to the end!  I'm so excited!

There's not much to say about this chapter, mainly because it's just a bunch of exposition.  This upcoming chapter should be the second to last, by the way, so we're super close to the end.  Yay~!

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 17:  Secrets


Ava and Le stood at the entrance to the Googolplex Mall, looking at the swirling epicenter of the clouds when Emily and the others came by.

"Ava!"  Phineas shouted over the now accumulating wind.  "We're going to go fight the darkness.  Join us to end this!"

"Phineas, this is really dangerous!"  Ava shouted back.  "Once we get up there, there's no going back to Danville until we're either victorious, or..."  Her voice trailed off, not wanting to say the word.

"We're ready to take that chance."  Isabella replied.  "How do we get up there?"

"You're going to need to get into the air."  Le said.  "Use your ability to sense darkness to lead you to the source."

"I can make an air current and shields to get us there."  Ferb replied.  "Emily, tell me which way to direct us."

Emily nodded, and turned into her Despair Forme.  "Right."

Ava turned to Le.  "Le, are you coming with us?  You could help a bit."

"I might as well."  Le replied.  "Alright, let's go up there already."

Ferb closed his eyes and held out his hands.  As the wind shields formed around the small group, they lifted off the air gently, then got pushed up forcefully by a strong gale of wind.

Keep going straight up.  Emily thought-spoke to Ferb.  The way you pushed us to the side put us right in the darkness' path.

The seven were silent as they went deeper into the cloud layer, the only thing being the directions being told by Emily.  Finally, they stopped, still being protected the shields, and drifted down to standing on the cloud layer.  Thick purple and black walls surrounded them, and they could still see the red sky overhead.

"This is it."  Emily said.  "The source of darkness."

At the moment, the purple clouds swirled around, and formed two shadowy figures.  One of them held a sword made of black fire, and the other held a bow and arrow, darkness circling around the arrows.

"We have no choice but to fight."  Ava said, summoning her card deck.  She tossed a card to Isabella, and the same transformation that happened the night before occurred again.  "You guys should get long range weapons out.  Le, you and Isabella take care of that other guy by distracting him.  Emily, get in your Hope Forme.  That'll help out a lot."

Emily turned back into her normal form, then into her Hope Forme, summoning her own bow and set of arrows.  Phineas formed a fireball in his hand.

Isabella charged at the man holding the sword, Le following close behind, blocking arrows sent in their direction.  Emily put her bow on her back and summoned the sword she used in her Anti Forme, this time it being covered in light, pale pink roses on the blade.  She jumped back and swung it down, causing a massive shockwave in their direction.

"Now, Phineas!"  Emily cried.  The shockwave of light had caused both of the people they were fighting to be momentarily stunned.

Phineas nodded.  "Right away!"  He took a running start, then jumped into the air, throwing a fireball around the girl.  "Ava, land the finishing blow!"

Ava searched through her deck, found a card, and threw it onto the wall of fire.  The fire constricted, then vanished, leaving the girl with flames dancing across her body.

The girl rushed towards Phineas, throwing dark lightning bolts at him.  He continuously dodged, then formed a wall of fire around himself, and disappeared.  He reappeared over her, and sent a powerful kick in her direction.

Meanwhile, Le had gotten himself knocked out, and it was just Isabella fighting the other person.  She was about to fire a light attack when Ava jumped into her way, firing a Dark Pulse.  The man with the sword aimed an attack at Ava, hoping to get Isabella instead.  Ava turned around in midair just as both of them fired their attacks.

Isabella crashed to the ground, an aura of darkness surrounding her heart.  Ava clutched her side in pain, trying to heal it.

" were hurt by the light?"  Phineas asked, on guard.  "You're part of the dark, aren't you?!"

"Phineas, I..."  Ava started to say, but stopped.

"I thought we could trust you!"  Phineas snapped.  "I'm guessing the Riddlers are actually part of the light, then?  So, which side have we been fighting on?  Are you trying to actually kill us all right now?"

Ava shakily got up and ran off, disappearing into an different sector of the realm of clouds they were in without responding.  Isabella did the same, going in the opposite direction, a dark aura starting to surround her.

"I think Isabella's slowly becoming corrupted."  Emily said.  The man they were fighting disappeared, but they got the girl down while all that was going on.

Candace walked over to Phineas and placed her hand on his shoulder.  "Phineas, that was kind of harsh of you."

"I thought I could follow the path of my heart."  Phineas said darkly.  "But, my nature just keeps getting the better of me.  I thought Ava was one of the light, and that she could show me how to live in the light.  But, I guess I was wrong.  Now, I don't even know if what we're doing is right or not."

"What's your heart telling you?"  Emily asked.

"I'm done trying to listen to my heart!"  Phineas yelled, turning around to face her.  "The only thing I hear is the dark, whispering to me to embrace it more and more.  Who needs a heart if they can't hear it?  Heck, I don't even know if I actually even have one.  I might just not even a heart in general!  Maybe that's I keep getting pulled towards the dark after all!"

The three looked at Phineas in silence.

"I'm going to look for Isabella."  Phineas said after a while.  "You can look for Ava if you want, but I don't really care about her at this point."

Emily walked towards him as he disappeared into the clouds, but Candace stopped her.

"Let him go."  Candace said quietly.  "He just needs a little time to cool off.  Come on.  Let's go look for Ava."  She knelt near Le and revived him slightly.  "Le, you have some explaining to do.  Tell us more about the Storytellers and Ava's role in all this."

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 17
Welp, that went horribly.

But, yeah, that was Ava's secret.  That she was actually part of the dark the entire time.  And yes, the Riddlers are actually part of the light.  I'm going to be explaining that in a little more detail next chapter.

By the way, the people they're fighting are Corrupted Fira and Corrupted Thundais, from the previous chapter.  They don't know that yet, but eventually later on they find out, just not in this book.

Also, I do not like this fight scene.  The part about the reveal was so bad, but that's the best I'm going to have to word it because there's really no words to describe what exactly happened there.  How I see it is that it was just a quick blur, and Isabella's on the ground with a dark aura around her, and Ava's clutching her side in pain.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

It's been way too long since I've been on here.

Sorry for being pretty much dead...I've had to take care of other stuff.

So, if anybody's been in my gallery lately, you've seen the new story folders.  Good for you!

Now, those aren't the only ones I have, though.  In fact, there's a sequel to The Courtroom Phantom, and as (I think) I mentioned in Turnabout of GUILT, it's part one in a five part series.  I'm still going to do my Phineas and Ferb fanfics, as well, and I'm going to do my Oliviaween project year round, then present it to Creepe on Oliviaween, when it should be complete.

Also, how does Professor Layton and the Steampunk Clockwork Angels and Professor Layton and the Diamond of Destiny sound?  I'm going to make a Professor Layton trilogy fanfic, but I need a third title to tie everything together.

I'm also still working on the new character profiles, so please be patient about them.

Well, that about does it for updates, so let's move on.

niklik429 tagged me, so I shall do this...again.

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person must share ten things about themselves (in their own journals of course).
3. Answer the ten questions that you were asked and come up with ten questions for the people you tag. 
4. Tag ten people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Inform the people who are tagged that they are tagged. 
6. No "tagged if you read this" stuff. 
7. Legitimately tag 10 people, yada-yada-yada, you know the drill. 
8. No tag-backs.

10 things about me

1.  I'm currently writing fanfiction for the Phineas and Ferb, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton fandoms.

2.  I'm still wondering what the heck the "Layton 7" thing is.  Is it a joke, or what?  I doesn't make any sense to me.  The closest I've ever got to a reasonable explanation is that Layton gets turned into a dog, and he has to get back to normal...but even that makes no sense.

3.  I want Pokémon X and Dual Destines.  I'm watching a Let's Play of them both.

4.  My favorite Dual Destines characters are Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill, Juniper Woods, Hugh O'Conner, and Robin Newman.  New OTPs:  AthenaxApolloxJuniper.

5.  Bird Pokémon are awesome.

6.  I saw Catching Fire, and it was AWESOME.  Go see it if you haven't.

7.  Of all of the animes I've watched, I've only finished two series(B gata H kei and the subbed version of Cardcaptor Sakura.  I'm going to watch the rest of the dubbed version, too, because they changed the ending of it.).

8.  I watch Hetalia.(I'm not part of the fandom, though.)

9.  I'm a huge Vocaloid fan.

10.  I'm working on a new drawing technique.  It's a realistic anime style, and it's a lot of fun to draw in.

niklik429's questions

1. do you stare at the ceiling? (because i do)

No, not really.

2. what's your least favorite subject?

Freaking math and bio.

3. what are you looking forward to in 2014? crosses fingers hoping it's plvsaa

Oh, great. doesn't have a remove slash marks thing.  Yayz.

Well, there's The Wind Rises, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remake, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Not in that order, of course.

4. when you meet someone in school who ships your otp like you what will you do?

Instantly start talking to them about it.

5. do you consider yourself sarcastic?

Not really.

6. favorite instrumental? /hit in the head with a pipe by Layton

That's a tough one.  I'd have to say...once again, not in this exact order...




...The Trauma Team version of Vulnerability, Apollo's, Phoenix's, and Athena's themes in DD, Layton's themes(all versions, by the way), basically anything from the soundtracks of the Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton series, and Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

7. d...did i...*coughimprovecough*?


8. snackoos? (this is an ace attorney reference/shot by von karma)

SNACKOO ATTACK!!!!  *starts to throw Snackoos in random directions, laughing like a madwoman and singing "Ephinany" from Sweeney Todd*

(By the way...shouldn't that be "whipped by von Karma"...?)

9. do you have a 3ds? (if you do, i will go into your house and steal it)

Hey, you have one, now!  You're not getting mine!  *Clutches pink 3ds close to chest*

10. :iconobjection1plz::iconobjection2plz::iconobjection3plz:


My questions:

1.  Fergalicious, anyone?(Well, this got off on a GREAT start, lol....)


3.  Do you like Vocaloid?


5.  Pokémon or Digimon?  (Make your decision wisely.)


7.  Plain noodles.  What do you think of them?


9.  Have you noticed a pattern with these questions?

10.  ...DID SWEENEY TODD, THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.  *Death whistle blows, and I smile*

I tag....

I can't think of anyone else....

Well, I'm off to upload stuff.  See ya lataz!


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Hello random person or fellow deviant! Please call me B.R.N, I would appreitate it.

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5. I'm not the world's best artist, especially when it comes to anatomy. If you could give me some tips and stuff, that would be nice.

6. Most of my drawings' dates are in the ENGLISH format, so thet go by day-month-year, instead of month-day-year.

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I think that's enough rambling here...

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but i think u already knew...

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Yep. I learned about it on Court-Records.

Also, they're changing Mahoney's name to Aria, apearently.

I like Mahoney more, but whatever.
niklik429 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
mahoney mahone aria

as long as she's still mahoney

they can expect a run for mah moneh.

lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yep. If Level-5 changes Aryan's name, though, that's when I would be confused.
niklik429 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

nintendo magazine announce that the plvspw will be released by the end of 2013 :iconcutenessoverloadplz:

so i made this to celebrate [link]

lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Though, some people have been saying that it may be like Dual Destines, and be only available in the eShop, not a retail release.

At least, that's what I heard around Youtube, but I'll check Court-Records and both Wikis.

If it's retail, then I have one more thing to be excited for.

By the way(I'm just curious), but do you live in Europe or North America?
niklik429 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no, i live in asia,

specifically, the philippines
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm still jealous of Europe.

They're getting Azran Legacies before us.
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RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student General Artist
hey have you look at my present to CreepECrawlyMan?
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I did.
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