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Chapter 1:  Welcome to your new lives



That's what surrounded Phineas when he was aware of his surroundings.

He was completely eclipsed in darkness.

He took a step forward, expecting something, anything to happen.

Nothing did.

Phineas continued to walk in the darkness, silent.

The darkness soon changed its shape into a town.


The darkness was changing into Danville.

But, this Danville was grey.  Blank.  Ghost-like.

"This town is empty."  A young girl's voice said.  Phineas looked around.  Nobody in sight.

Phineas walked around, looking for the owner of the voice.

"There used to be people here, but they are now gone."  The voice continued.  "They were consumed by 'it.'  'It' was telling them to trust 'it.'  Now, this city is gone.  Eaten away by the spirit of 'it,' which can never be truly satisfied."

Phineas ran down an alleyway to find a young girl standing there, reading from a small book in her hands.  Her back to Phineas, unaware.

"This town is empty, so I will keep searching."  She said.  Her short brown hair blew about her softly.  "Searching for a town with people in it, one that has not been consumed by 'it.'  Searching for the one for me, and only me."  She turned a page.  "The one for me, and only me is the only one to defeat 'it.'  Not only that, but the one for me and only me... also holds onto my heart."  She turned around, her opaque eyes glued on Phineas, her voice distorted with Isabella's.  "Tell me, are you the one who took it?"

Phineas sat upright and gasped, holding his head in his hands.  He looked around his room, half asleep.  Ferb was still fast asleep, Perry on his bed.  He woke up and walked over to Phineas' bed, chattering.  Phineas smiled and patted the bed, which Perry knew as in invitation to come up.

"I'm fine, Perry."  Phineas said, petting him softly.  He laid back down again.  "It was just a bad dream..."

As Phineas drifted off to sleep, he thought about the dream, and how much darkness had surrounded him during it.

"A dream filled with the stench of darkness..."  Phineas muttered, and soon, he was asleep once again.

The next day, Isabella walked into the backyard to find Phineas sitting underneath the tree alone, fast asleep.  She smiled at the sight of him.

He's like a cat, sleeping whenever he wants to...  She thought, giggling softly.

She walked in front of him, bent down, and said, "Now, how'd I know that you'd be sitting under this tree, snoozing?"

Phineas woke up, rubbing his eyes tiredly.  "Gwah!"  He said suddenly, moving to the side.  "Hey, Isabella.  I don't sleep under here all the time..."

"Oh, please, almost every time Ferb's not here, you're asleep right in this spot."  Isabella replied, laughing and sitting down next to him.  "So, besides taking a nap, what'cha doin' today?"

"I don't know."  Phineas answered, putting his hands behind his head.  "Ferb's going to be gone all day since he's hanging out with Emily, then doing a few errands for Mom.  It's a shame, because we were going to finish that rocket today, so that we could go into space and everything.  That's alright, though, I guess.  It can wait."

"Phineas, let's finish it together and leave, right now!"  Isabella said, looking at him, smiling.

"Wait, what?"  Phineas asked.

Isabella giggled.  "I'm kidding, Phineas.  You're so gullible sometimes, you know?"

"Not all the time..."  Phineas said.

"Ferb's changed."  Isabella said suddenly.  She looked up at the sky, her ultramarine eyes shining with a sudden look of sadness.  "He just...doesn't really seem like himself lately, you know?"

"You're the one that's been changing, Isabella."  Phineas said.  "Though, maybe it's just all of us."

"Perhaps."  She said.  There was a pause.  "Phineas, don't change.  I like you just how you are right now."  Isabella added.  She stood up.  "Come on, let's go the mall.  No use just sitting here being all depressing, right?"

Phineas got up, as well.  "I agree.  I'll go ask Mom if it's okay."

Linda was busy tossing salad in the kitchen when Phineas and Isabella walked in.

"Oh, Isabella, are you and Phineas planning something today?"  She asked as she poured a little extra virgin olive oil in the salad.  "A date, maybe?"

"I-It's not a date!"  Both of them exclaimed at the same time.  Linda laughed.

"That's the exact same reaction Ferb and Emily had."  She said.  "So, where are two you headed?"

"The mall."  Phineas said.  "Is that all right with you?"

"Sure.  You're taking the bus, right?  Do you need fare, or are you going to use your school passes?  Oh, I almost forgot, Candace and Jeremy are there on a date, so if you see them, don't bother them, okay?"  Linda said hurriedly, looking for her purse.  "Do you need any money?"

"No, we both have about, what twenty-five dollars each?"  Isabella said.  Phineas agreed.  "Yeah, so we'll be fine.  Thanks for offering, though!"

"Okay, have fun, and be back by sundown, alright?"  Linda called out as they left.  "You know how I am about having you out after dark on your own."

"Okay, we'll be back by then!"  Phineas shouted back.  "Hey, Isabella, first to tag the bus stop sign wins!"

"You're on!"  Isabella replied, and they took off, laughing.  At first, it was Isabella in the lead, then Phineas gained the advantage in the corner.  Isabella caught up downhill, and it was neck and neck afterwards.

As they turned the second corner, Isabella noticed out of the corner of her eye the bus, slowly lumbering along.

"Look's like our race has gained a new competitor!"  Isabella said, running faster.

A few yards ahead was the bus stop sign.  Phineas and Isabella reached out their hands to tag it, and they grabbed it at the same time, then ran around it, showing their school passes to the bus driver and sitting down, laughing softly.

"Why can't we do stuff like that more often?"  Isabella asked, leaning her head against the window.  She watched the scenery change from the suburbs to downtown.

"Act like normal kids, you mean?"  Phineas asked.  "I don't know.  We just try so hard to seize the day in every way we can that we just...forget, I guess.  Forget we're kids, and act like something we're not.  All just to make the day more fun and memorable."

"I'm sorry."  Isabella suddenly said.  The bus stopped, and more people got on.  "I'm trying to change you, aren't I?  After I said that you were fine just the way you were, too..."

"No, it's alright."  Phineas said.  "I know what you mean."  The bus started moving again.  "You're so filled with light that you trick yourself into a feeling of naivety and poor self-esteem.  Because of that, you try to act as kind as you can be."

"Oh?"  Isabella asked.  "So, what are you filled with?"

"Light."  Phineas replied, looking out the window.  He reached up and pulled the cord to have the bus stop.  "Light...and dark."
"So, we've arrived, have we?"  Gaia said, looking out the window.  She turned towards the young man leaning against the window across from her.  "Aeor, have you picked up their scents?"

Aeor looked up, his long dark blue hair flopping into his misty pale sky blue eyes.  "We've been following that same scent for five years, Major.  It has all but faded by now."

"You mean that we've just been following some stale scents for all these years, then?"  Another officer asked.  His short dark chestnut hair was in a bun and kept out of his face.  "What good are you to us, then?"

"He's important because he can track down the scents better than we can, and you know it, Le."  A young woman said, tying her navy blue hair up in a ponytail.  "Besides, he's the only one who can talk to the songbird.  That should really be the only thing to keep him alive, you know."

"Andressa's right, you know."  Gaia said.  "The Elements are useless without the songbird's power.  Speaking of which, Andressa, how is the songbird doing?  Is she finally doing as we asked?"

"Yes, she's finally started."  Andressa said, sighing.  "Seriously, it's like pulling teeth with her to get her to follow orders.  She says that the first signs of corruption should appear soon."

"Excellent."  Gaia said.  "Now, if only we knew where they were...  Aeor, keep searching for those scents.  We need to find them, and soon."

"So, they're around here, right?"  Misti asked.  She looked at the readings on the monitors again.  "I'm not seeing them on these readings.  That might be just because their powers are still dormant, though.  Vince, are you ready for the power starts?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."  Vince said.  "Help me calibrate them to hit all of them at once."

"Alright.  I'll give you the signal when we're ready."  Misti said, laying down the four files she was looking at.  "Finally, we'll be able to achieve this goal at long last...we have to do this before they show up.  If they get here while we're setting this up, it's all over."

"I'm quite aware of that."  Vince said.  "Now, then, let's get started..."
Phineas and Isabella walked around the food court, silent.

"Come on, let's go and look at some other stores for a bit."  Isabella said, practically pulling Phineas away.  "We can come back to the food court later."

"No, it's not's..."  Phineas said, trailing off.  "Darkness...the scent of darkness is everywhere..."

"What?"  Isabella asked.  She turned around to face him.  "What are you talking about?"

"I mean that there's an unusual amount of resentment in the air right now."  Phineas hastily explained.  "I guess it's one of my powers due to being part dark.  I can sense the dark auras of people.  Not to mention, I can pinpoint the scent of darkness, and right now, there's a lot of it in this room, and I'm not sure why."

"So, you think that something's going to happen because of this collection of darkness?"  Isabella asked.  Phineas let go of her hand and walked over to the center of the food court.  "I'm guessing that's a yes."

As Phineas and Isabella walked over the center of the food court, somebody accidentally bumped into them, dropping something on the floor.  She muttered a half rushed apology and ran off.

"Hey, wait, you dropped these!"  Phineas called out, running after her.

"Oh, you can keep them.  My friends, who I got them for, didn't want them."  She said, then ran off again.  Phineas looked at what she had dropped.  They were two necklaces, one shaped like a crown, the other shaped like a heart, with an X in the middle.

"Oh, Phineas, what'cha got there?"  Isabella asked as she walked over.  She looked at the necklaces.  "Ooh, pretty!"

"That lady who dropped them said we could have them."  Phineas said.  "I'll get the crown, if that's okay with you."

"Alright, then."  Isabella said, picking up the heart-shaped necklace.  They put their necklaces on, then looked over to see Candace and Jeremy sitting in the food court, Candace looking at them with frightened eyes.

"Candace...?"  Phineas asked.  Suddenly, a large shock went through him, causing him to fall to the ground.  He slowly got up, panting slightly.  He walked forward, then passed out, just a large earthquake hit the mall, causing everybody to panic.

"Ph-Phineas?!"  Isabella cried out, then sank to her knees, weary.  It felt as if all the energy in her was being slowly sucked out of her.  The room swung and pitched helplessly, and Isabella gradually let her eyes close, slipping into darkness...

Ferb and Emily walked through the park, laughing.  They each wore a necklace shaped like a splintered, upside-down heart.

Emily said something, and Ferb nodded.  He looked up, then suddenly grabbed Emily just as a large earthquake hit, causing panic to spread.  Ferb just held onto Emily silently, then the two of them passed out, their necklaces glowing slightly.

The songbird sat in her cage, holding her sketchbook out in front of her.  She sighed as she put the finishing touches on her drawing, drew her knees up to her chest and put her head down.

"I'm sorry."  She whispered, her voice monotone and hollow.  "I have no choice but to do this.  I'm so sorry..."  She suddenly sat up and crawled over to the edge of her cage.  "Those scents...  They've awakened again..."  She sat back and began to draw again, almost feverishly.  "I must escape from here...I must save this Story...!"

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 1
The plot has begun!

I know, I need to update Project Dawnstars and The Courtroom Phantom.  Olivia's Witch Night, I'm not so worried about, because I've been updating that one for a bit lately and I'm ahead in that one than in the other three.

Interesting Kingdom Hearts fact time:  Alyson Stoner played Kairi in Re:  Chain of Memories.  I'm not sure in if that was true in the first Kingdom Hearts, though.

When I saw that in the credits of the Re:  Chain of Memories LP I was watching, I was like, "What?  Huh?  Did that just say...?  What?"

Oh, by the way, the rocket mentioned in this chapter plays a big role in another story I plan on writing later.  It's an AU, by the way, and links up with this story and Emily's story for when she comes to Danville.  I really need to write that, it's not going to be that long and has a bit of foreshadowing to this story, actually.  Maybe when I get one of my other projects done I'll start that one.

I'm listening to Lindsey Stirling music right now.  It's so addicting because it's absolutely amazing.

Phineas Flynn, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, and Disney

Gaia, related characters, story (c) Me

The human heart.  It is a weak, yet strong part of the body.  It keeps humans alive, functioning, both physically and mentally.

Yet, it can also be easily manipulated.  Even if one does not have a heart, if they have a strong resolve and will, they can survive without a heart.

But, manipulation isn't the only thing to destroy a heart.  It can easily succumb to powerful feelings of false hope and utter despair.  Things that live inside humans, devour them from the inside out, turn them into monsters of pure evil.

Hope is the only thing to keep a human from falling forever into darkness.  The light inside, even the smallest glimmer, can hold a heart steady.

Such a curious thing, the human heart...

"...Even at the end of the world, it can still be bold and keep the human alive."  She said quietly.  She was in a large cave, the walls covered in drawings.  She stood back up from where she had been kneeling, the ancient lettering standing out.

"Are you ready to go yet?"  A voice asked from outside the cave.  She turned and faced the entrance of the cave, smiling.

"This might be the last time you ever see this place."  She said.  "Why are you so anxious all of a sudden?"

"I just feel like we should hurry up and get moving, is all."  The voice replied.  "Come on.  We'd better get moving."

"Alright.  Go ahead without me, I'll be out in a few minutes."  She said, and knelt down again.  The person outside muttered something under their breath, then walked away.  She found a sharp rock and carved something in the wall, then walked out, as well.

It was a picture of a bolt of lightning, a flame, and a door, all on a blank wall on a far off side of the cave.  On the top of the door were the words, "open if you must, but beware the connections."

Five-year-old Phineas Flynn awoke to find himself shrouded in darkness.  He looked around, but there was no one but him.  It felt like he was underwater--his ears were clogged, making any possible sound feel muffled and far away.  He took a step forward.

Suddenly, everything became bright, and he realized that he wasn't alone.  There was a girl standing a little ways away, wearing a white dress.  Her ultramarine eyes were dull and opaque, and she hadn't seemed to notice Phineas.

"Hey..."  Phineas called out.  "Hello?  Can you hear me?"

There was no response from the girl, so Phineas decided to walk towards her.  As soon as he took a step, however, everything was plunged into darkness once more, the girl looking at him with a terrified expression on her face.

With each step you make, you decide your fate.  A voice said inside Phineas' head.  You have to choose.  Do you want to be in the darkness, or the light?  Whatever the girl has chosen is not important.  Your choice is.  Do you take another step, or stay here?

Phineas thought about it for a moment, then took another step forward.  Everything became light again.

You choose the light over the darkness.  Your heart is strong, but with a weak will.  It will be hard to survive this way.  Are you sure about your choice?  The voice asked.

"Yes."  Phineas said.  "My path is in the light.  I can make my will stronger.  I will survive this way."

Think with your heart, not with your mind.  The voice cautioned.  You may think that this is your destiny, but does your heart agree?  Does this really feel right to you?

"Yes, it does.  It feels right to be on this side."  Phineas replied.

Very well, then.  The voice said.  Your destiny has been set.  Will you follow the path you've chosen, or stray from it?  Only the true nature of your heart will decide...

A fierce wind blew through everything, pushing Phineas back.  He fell backwards, and darkness engulfed him once more...

Isabella stood in the midst of the flames, in shock.  There was no way out, and even if there was, she would surely be fighting Phineas for it.  Her heart shaped pendant sung and thumped wildly against her chest as she looked around desperately.

A scientist struggled to crawl away, coughing on the black smoke that filled the room.  She dropped down to the floor and attempted to crawl over to him, but a large fireball blew her back.  She stood back up and faced Phineas.

"Why are you doing this to all of these innocent people?"  Isabella cried out.  "They did nothing wrong!"

"They did everything wrong!"  Phineas yelled at her, shaking his head.  The crown shaped pendant around his neck shook along with it.  "They made us into monsters, and innocent people died from this.  Why are you siding with them?"

"Because more innocent people will die if you keep doing this!"  Isabella shouted.  There was a silence that swept over the two of them after that.  The only sound they heard was the crackling of the fire around them.

After a while, Phineas turned away from her.  "Very well, then.  You can have your precious mortals, who you see as innocent, and I can have the others like me, who are truly filled with light."  He ran off through the flames and smoke.

Isabella, on the other hand, stayed.  Suddenly, somebody donned in a heavy black coat with a deep hood shielding their face from view came up to her.

"You poor child."  They said.  "You're so lost from the light and the dark.  You walk a strange path of in between."

"What does that mean?"  Isabella asked defensively.  "If I have to fight you, I will!"

The hooded figure laughed.  "Fight?  With what?  You have no power to wield in your hands.  The only thing you can use your power on is people's hearts."

"Stay away from me."  Isabella sneered.  "I could kill you if I wanted to..."

"Yes, you could, in your mind, but would your heart ever let that guilt slip away?"  The hooded figure asked.  Isabella gasped in surprise.  "You only thought with your mind, which is steeped in darkness.  Your heart fights it with it light and innocence.  That's why you walk between the two."

Isabella was silent.  She thought about for a moment, then nodded.

"So, you see how it is, then.  However, I can give you a power to wield physically, to use as a weapon."  The hooded figure went on.

"What do I have to do for that power?"  Isabella demanded.

"Sign a contract with me, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro."  The hooded figure replied.  "If you do, then I'll give you the power you crave, the power to stave off the darkness slowly growing with you."

Isabella nodded.  "I'll do it.  I'll sign a contract with you."

"Excellent."  The hooded figure said, a smile in their voice.  They extended their hand.  "Take my hand, and the contract will be signed."

Isabella hesitated, then finally, slowly, took the hooded figure's hand.  At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck the air, and rain pelted down.  Pain shot through her body, and she collapsed, her energy drained.

"Happy doing business with you, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro."  The hooded figure said, then opened a swirling blue and black portal and left, chuckling softly to themselves.  Sirens soon filled the air, and firefighters came to put out the fire.  Isabella was taken to the hospital, but was somehow unharmed.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts on Liverpool, England, a young couple ran through the downpour, lightning streaking across the sky.  Cars' headlights blinded them, but they still ran, not stopping until they reached the far off mansion.

The girl went in first, then the boy.  The girl's parents ran down the stairs at the sight of them.

"Oh, Kathleene, what on earth happened to you?"  The mother asked, embracing her.  She noticed the little boy in her arms.  "Who's this?"

"I'd ask who the older boy is, as well."  The girl's father asked.  "He has a girl with her."

"We found them on the street, sir."  The older boy said.  "The boy was unconscious, but the girl was awake.  She fell asleep on the way over here."

"They're not street urchins.  Look at their clothes."  Kathleene went on, holding out the boy.  "Look at the necklaces.  It's some kind of weird insignia."

"We think they might've escaped from somewhere."  The boy said, brushing some of the girl's hair out of her face.  "But, it says on the back of her dress that this institution this dress was from is in America."

"Institution?"  The father grumbled.  "What kind of institution?"

"From the name, it sounds like some sort of research facility."  Kathleene replied.  "It's called the Elements Project."

"Well, then, I suppose we should find out who these kids are."  Kathleene's mother said.  "Come on.  Let's take them to the lab."

At that moment, the girl woke up.  She looked around, confused.

"Oh, you're awake."  The older boy said, gently placing her on the floor.  "Are you well enough to walk?  What's your name?"

The little girl stood up, then tears started to form out the corner of her eyes.  "I...I don't know...I don't my name, I don't know anything..."

"It's okay."  Kathleene said to her, kneeling down.  "We'll find out who you are.  Don't worry."  She stood back up and turned to her parents.  "Let's begin the tests on the boy now.  She's had a rough day, so let's start on her tomorrow morning."

Kathleene's parents nodded, then took the boy from her and walked downstairs.  Kathleene, the little girl, and the other boy walked upstairs.

"So, are your parents doctors or scientists or something?"  The boy asked.

"Both."  Kathleene replied coolly.  They stopped in front a room in the front of the hallway.  "This will be your room for tonight.  Tomorrow, we run the tests on the girl, and all three of you will go home."

"Um, alright."  The boy replied, surprised by her sudden change in demeanor.  "Goodnight, then."

Kathleene nodded and walked away with the other girl to the far end of the hallway.  She stopped in front of two rooms across from each other.

"This room right here is my room, and the one across from it is yours."  Kathleene said.  "Tomorrow, we're going to see if we can figure out who you are so you can see your parents and go home, okay?"

"Okay."  The little girl said.  "Are the tests going to hurt?"

"No, not at all."  Kathleene replied.  "It'll be like you're that little boy.  Fast asleep.  You won't feel anything."

"Um...I won't stay asleep as long as he is, right?"

"Huh?  What do you mean?"

"That boy's been asleep for days and days, and hasn't woken up, no matter how loud I yell at him."

"How long exactly has he been asleep?  Do you know?"

" eight...or nine...?  I don't remember that very clearly."

"I...I see.  Well, goodnight."


As soon as the little girl closed the door to her room, Kathleene ran downstairs to her parents' lab.  The lab was a large, crowded space, filled with various machines and monitors.  In a metallic white pod with a transparent teal lid was the little boy, a red laser scanner sweeping across his body.

"Kathleene..?  What the...?!"  Her father exclaimed in shock.

"You need to stop the tests!"  Kathleene said.  "That boy's in a coma!"

"I found a match on both of them."  Kathleene's mother replied.  "How long has he been in a coma for?"

"Let me see those results."  Kathleene's father said.  He brought up the image on a bigger monitor.  "There's two images here, one of them from America.  It seems as if they went missing around the same time."

The images were missing children posters, one from London and the other from a town called Danville.

"My main concern is why on earth did they go through all the trouble?"  Kathleene's father mumbled.  "If the kidnappers were from America, like that boy thought, then why not just kidnap four American kids?  Why them?  Is there something about them that makes them targets...?"

The little girl woke up to find a mysterious figure in a heavy hooded black coat sitting in a chair next to her bed calmly.

"Relax, my dear child."  The hooded figure said.  "I mean you no harm."

"Who are you?"  She asked.  "What do you want from me?"

"I'm here to give you this."  The hooded figure replied, and held up a card, with the girl's face on it.  "It's your memories.  Also, a special power.  Something that you need to quell the inner struggle you're already facing."  The girl was confused.  "You have inside your heart light.  A lot of light.  But, that leaves you weak to very bad things.  Dark things.  With this power that I have, I can make you not weak to the dark, and still be strong in the light."

"Can I still have the light in my heart?"  She asked.  "Can I still have a lot of light?"

"Of course you can."  The hooded figure said.  "And your memories, too.  Do you want to see what your parents would think of you if you didn't know who they were?"

The little girl shook her head.  "Gimme!  I want to not be afraid of the dark, and to remember who I am!"

"Good.  I'm glad you want those things."  The hooded figure said, and took her hand.  A strange sensation, like being filled up with a freezing cold liquid, went up the girl's spine.  The darkness in the room surrounded her, and she fell back onto her bed, unconscious.  The hooded figure opened a portal, and was gone.

Later on the next day, Kathleene noticed that both the girl's and boy's necklaces were gone.  The girl asked her about what necklace she was talking about, as she had no recollection of ever getting one.  The same was with Phineas and Isabella.

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Prologue
Yay, the reboot is in progress!

By the way, for those of you wondering about my second generation fanfics, since several of them overlap with each other, I'm not going to be starting that series up again until all of the first generation is done. However, I'll still probably upload the drawings I have of them.

Anyway, for those of you read the first draft I have of The Legend of Fire and Lightning will instantly notice the complete makeover of the prologue. I decided to keep it suspenseful and not give as much information away as I did before, and also add in a little more about some important plot elements that come in later, and will definitely be explained later on down the road.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters(c) Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Emily Kinney, related characters, story (c) Me
Remaking of PnF stories in progress...please be patient.

Chapter 3:  The Battle


Olivia put the Firaga Ring on her right middle finger and cried out her flying spell just in time to dodge Aaron's first attack.  She held out her right arm and a two-handed flaming sword was in her grasp.  Aaron leapt into the air and fired a light missile at her.  She dodged with ease.

I can't just keep dodging.  I need to find an area of attack! Olivia thought as she dove close to the ground.  She quickly brought herself back up again as the grass grew longer and started to ensnare her.  That was when she realized that not only did he have an elemental ring, but an elemental stone, as well.  He wore it like an earring, dangling from his left ear.  She looked at her summon bracelet, which had a Fira Stone on it.  So, that's why he said that could use it, 'if I must' make the fight even...

Aaron caused a platform to rise out of the ground, and he flipped his staff around as he leapt towards Olivia again.  She countered his blows perfectly as he calmly stepped from rising platform to rising platform.

He casted a gravity spell on himself, then went for a parry on her left arm.  She switched angles she was holding the sword at, and they clashed and backed away.  Aaron tried again, this time on her right arm.  Once again, they met and bounced back.  Aaron tried a third time, this time pushing his weight onto the sword.

"Give it up, Flynn!"  Aaron hissed.  "We both know who winner of this match truly is."

"I should hope so, Leviathann."  Olivia seethed. "You're losing strength already.  You're ill-prepared when it comes to sword fighting."

"Which was exactly why I did this."  Aaron replied, a sly expression on his face.  He jumped back and turned his staff over again, which was glowing vibrantly.  Olivia gasped.  The way he had held the staff concealed the orb on top, which was powering up an attack.  The only reason he had even attempted swordplay was just to stall for time, nothing more.

"HYPER LIGHT BEAM!"  Aaron shouted.  With those words, the staff released the energy it was withholding, causing a large beam of light to be shot in Olivia's direction, which she got caught in.

"Fooled you!"

Those words and a sudden stab in the gut made Aaron realize that Olivia's magic was far more advanced that he had originally thought.  She was right below him, striking him with the hilt of her blade.  She then flew above him and placed all of her weight into her legs and kicked him to the ground.  He slowly got up, staggering slightly.  Olivia flew down to the ground and made her wings disappear.

"Well?  Got any other attacks?"  Aaron asked.  Olivia just grinned and readied her sword.  That's strange.  She seems much more different than when the fight started.  Much more aggressive...

Aaron ran towards her and attempted to land at least one hit, but Olivia quickly disarmed him, then ran her hand over her sword, her Firaga Ring and Fira Stone glowing, causing the flames on her sword to glow and burn brighter.  She ran towards him at extremely fast speeds, striking him over and over again.

An elemental strike raid?!  But, how...?  Aaron desperately thought.  Olivia jumped in the air and did a final vertical hit.

", I!"  Olivia said, panting.  She ran towards Aaron again and leapt into the air, only to be caught in a series of yellow ribbons that bound her in place.  She struggled, then slowly came to her senses and fainted, her sword disappearing before hitting the ground.  Aaron released the ribbons on her, causing her to fall to the ground gently.

Aaron calmly walked over to her, then looked up.  He made the clearing disappear, and they were back in the room with the floating glass platforms.  He opened a black and blue portal, which he used to get up to a higher platform.  This one just had a picture of an eerie looking castle, with ice platforms all around it.  A second portal opened and out stepped Lucy, wearing a long black lace dress that hugged her figure at the torso and flowed quite freely around her legs, a slit on the side going to her upper thigh, and long sleeves and an off the shoulder neckline.  She nearly collapsed on the platform, panting heavily, holding onto a long scythe and using it to keep herself upright.

"Lucy.  What happened?  Were you able to get inside and figure out what's in that world?"  Aaron asked as he ran over to her.  He used a cure spell on her, then on himself.  Lucy straightened up and summoned her scythe away.

"Whoever decides to infiltrate that world is absolutely insane."  Lucy replied.  "Making it through the gates was easy.  But, the people inside that castle...they're strong.  Really strong.  I barely made it out of there with enough magical energy to open a portal to get back here."  She saw Aaron's expression, which was of stern disappointment.  "Look, they have eyes and ears everywhere.  I got ambushed before I was even close to the gates.  How was Olivia?  How was her fighting?"

Aaron lead Lucy through the portal behind him, to where Olivia was.  "She has tremendous power, strength wise.  Her magic is unparalleled, as well.  I don't think I've ever seen a teleportation spell used without a portal, and with such speed.  However, her endurance is poor, as is her grip on her emotions.  She has quite a while to go before unveiling her full powers."  He used a cure spell on Olivia.

Olivia got up slowly, opening her eyes tiredly.  "What...did I let myself go again?  My head really hurts..."

"I just used a basic cure spell on you, Olivia.  You'll be fully recovered soon if you don't use any other large scale spells."  Aaron said.  "You put up a pretty good fight, though.  I've never seen an elemental strike raid like that before."

"Your elemental attacks were pretty good, too.  Light and terrea, I'm guessing?"  Olivia asked.

"Yes, those are the elemental stones and rings that I have."  Aaron replied, twisting the Light Ring on his finger.  "And if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm actually a mage."

"No, I knew."  Olivia replied.  "I knew the moment you said that this--"  She held up the Firaga Ring.  "--was a Firaga Ring.  I didn't recognize the rune symbol in the gem.  Only mages have that ability; to read the rune symbol in the most powerful element rings.  So, when you revealed what ring this was, I knew instantly who you were."

"Well, I can piece together some things about you, too, Olivia."  Aaron said.  "While we were fighting, I was delving into your heart, your memories.  But, there's one thing I just can't figure out about you."

"Why a mortal like me can use magic, right?"  Olivia asked, not looking at him.  "To be honest, you're not the only one wondering.  Nobody in my family has even a trace of magic in their blood.  I'm supposed to be a normal, regular human, living their normal, regular human life.  But, instead, I'm a witch.  A witch with no origins, and on top of that, everybody fears me.  They think I'm a monster, and I'm slowly starting to think of myself as a nobody.  A shadow that hides in people's hearts."

"But, you're not."  Aaron replied.  "Yes, your origins are at a loss, making you quite an anomaly in both the human and magic world, but you still have a heart of your own.  When we first truly met today, we released an aura that would manipulate you into thinking of the things that you wanted in a person like myself and Lucy."

"Somebody to trust, and somebody to truly love."  Olivia said.  "You were testing me to see if I was the person you were truly looking for, weren't you?"

"Yes, that's right."  Aaron said.  "Oh, by the way, I'm not sure if I should bring this up or not, but, there's a memory buried deep in your heart that I couldn't access.  I saw a glimpse of it before you closed the memory off, and it was of you and this girl with red hair..."

"There's a reason as to why it's so closed off, buried so deep."  Olivia replied coldly.  "The deepest wounds take the longest to heal, and when they do, they leave a scar.  To remind you that you...are always alone in this world."

"Olivia, let that memory go."  Aaron said.  Olivia looked up and at his direction. "Either that, or show it to me.  Open your heart to that memory and let it be free from despair.  You're just letting yourself crumble away if you keep it bottled up like that."

"No.  That's the same reason of why this entire town thinks I'm a monster.  If I showed you what I did in the past, you'd be afraid, too!"  Olivia cried out, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.  The platform they were standing on started to change, to a picture of a red-headed girl wearing a green shirt and light cerulean blue pants.  She was smiling, with tears in her eyes as she looked outside her window, her house ablaze.  On the far side of the platform was another picture of Olivia, clutching her spellbook close to her chest with her right arm as flames danced around her in the shape of a dragon.  Her left arm dangled uselessly, covered in blood and partially attached.

"This was how you got your arm replaced..."  Aaron murmured softly.  He jolted out of his thoughts when he realized that the platform they were standing on was diverging, Olivia standing on the side with the girl in the burning house.  Aaron ran over to the edge, reaching out for Olivia's hand.  He grabbed her left, which made her try to turn away.  He tightened his grip.

"Let me go, Aaron!"  Olivia cried.  Tears rolled down her cheeks.  "You don't want to know the truth!  Please, just leave me alone...!"

"And watch you destroy yourself in despair?  I'm not going to let that happen!"  Aaron shouted.  He moved a little closer to the edge.  "I've seen my parents get killed before my very eyes.  I rule over an entire kingdom, and nobody trusts me because my father was a light elf mage and my mother was a dark rogue warrior.  I know what it's like to be alone and surrounded by people at the same time!"

"Yes, but you didn't kill your best friend!"  Olivia shouted.  Aaron lost his grip and fell, and Olivia took off her glove to prevent falling with him.  Lucy tapped the ring on her left middle finger, and a series of dark imperial violet ribbons surrounded him and brought him back on the platform.  She took out a staff and yelled out a spell.  With a blinding flash, the three of them were back in front of the old metal door in the apartment building, Olivia lying several feet away, unconscious.

"I see what you mean by her not having a good grip on her emotions."  Lucy said.  Aaron untangled himself from the ribbons and stood up.  "Her emotions are directly linked to her magic.  If she can't them, she can't control her magic.  She could easily destroy, not only that.  She could destroy entire worlds."

"Yes, but if can learn to control it, then she could also create entire worlds, too."  Aaron said,  and picked her up.  "Come, we have to get her to the festival.  This world depends on it."

As they left, a young woman looked out of her apartment door and smiled.  She went back into her apartment, put the chain on the door, and grabbed an old sketchbook from a shelf.

"Looks like the Story has begun to fall into motion."  She said, grabbed a pencil from nearby, and began to draw, humming softly to herself.

Olivia's Witch Night- Chapter 3
Yay, we're getting into plot!

Also, I uploaded two days in a row!  Amazing!

Don't worry, I'll be uploading more than just this hopefully soon.

Fighting scenes are weird and fun to write at the same time.  I'm getting the hang of them.

Olivia Flynn (c) CreepECrawlyMan

Rosalina Swift(Mentioned in appearance only) (c) Extrani-Rain

Story, related characters (c) Me

It's been way too long since I've been on here.

Sorry for being pretty much dead...I've had to take care of other stuff.

So, if anybody's been in my gallery lately, you've seen the new story folders.  Good for you!

Now, those aren't the only ones I have, though.  In fact, there's a sequel to The Courtroom Phantom, and as (I think) I mentioned in Turnabout of GUILT, it's part one in a five part series.  I'm still going to do my Phineas and Ferb fanfics, as well, and I'm going to do my Oliviaween project year round, then present it to Creepe on Oliviaween, when it should be complete.

Also, how does Professor Layton and the Steampunk Clockwork Angels and Professor Layton and the Diamond of Destiny sound?  I'm going to make a Professor Layton trilogy fanfic, but I need a third title to tie everything together.

I'm also still working on the new character profiles, so please be patient about them.

Well, that about does it for updates, so let's move on.

niklik429 tagged me, so I shall do this...again.

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person must share ten things about themselves (in their own journals of course).
3. Answer the ten questions that you were asked and come up with ten questions for the people you tag. 
4. Tag ten people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Inform the people who are tagged that they are tagged. 
6. No "tagged if you read this" stuff. 
7. Legitimately tag 10 people, yada-yada-yada, you know the drill. 
8. No tag-backs.

10 things about me

1.  I'm currently writing fanfiction for the Phineas and Ferb, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton fandoms.

2.  I'm still wondering what the heck the "Layton 7" thing is.  Is it a joke, or what?  I doesn't make any sense to me.  The closest I've ever got to a reasonable explanation is that Layton gets turned into a dog, and he has to get back to normal...but even that makes no sense.

3.  I want Pokémon X and Dual Destines.  I'm watching a Let's Play of them both.

4.  My favorite Dual Destines characters are Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill, Juniper Woods, Hugh O'Conner, and Robin Newman.  New OTPs:  AthenaxApolloxJuniper.

5.  Bird Pokémon are awesome.

6.  I saw Catching Fire, and it was AWESOME.  Go see it if you haven't.

7.  Of all of the animes I've watched, I've only finished two series(B gata H kei and the subbed version of Cardcaptor Sakura.  I'm going to watch the rest of the dubbed version, too, because they changed the ending of it.).

8.  I watch Hetalia.(I'm not part of the fandom, though.)

9.  I'm a huge Vocaloid fan.

10.  I'm working on a new drawing technique.  It's a realistic anime style, and it's a lot of fun to draw in.

niklik429's questions

1. do you stare at the ceiling? (because i do)

No, not really.

2. what's your least favorite subject?

Freaking math and bio.

3. what are you looking forward to in 2014? crosses fingers hoping it's plvsaa

Oh, great. doesn't have a remove slash marks thing.  Yayz.

Well, there's The Wind Rises, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remake, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Not in that order, of course.

4. when you meet someone in school who ships your otp like you what will you do?

Instantly start talking to them about it.

5. do you consider yourself sarcastic?

Not really.

6. favorite instrumental? /hit in the head with a pipe by Layton

That's a tough one.  I'd have to say...once again, not in this exact order...




...The Trauma Team version of Vulnerability, Apollo's, Phoenix's, and Athena's themes in DD, Layton's themes(all versions, by the way), basically anything from the soundtracks of the Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton series, and Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

7. d...did i...*coughimprovecough*?


8. snackoos? (this is an ace attorney reference/shot by von karma)

SNACKOO ATTACK!!!!  *starts to throw Snackoos in random directions, laughing like a madwoman and singing "Ephinany" from Sweeney Todd*

(By the way...shouldn't that be "whipped by von Karma"...?)

9. do you have a 3ds? (if you do, i will go into your house and steal it)

Hey, you have one, now!  You're not getting mine!  *Clutches pink 3ds close to chest*

10. :iconobjection1plz::iconobjection2plz::iconobjection3plz:


My questions:

1.  Fergalicious, anyone?(Well, this got off on a GREAT start, lol....)


3.  Do you like Vocaloid?


5.  Pokémon or Digimon?  (Make your decision wisely.)


7.  Plain noodles.  What do you think of them?


9.  Have you noticed a pattern with these questions?

10.  ...DID SWEENEY TODD, THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.  *Death whistle blows, and I smile*

I tag....

I can't think of anyone else....

Well, I'm off to upload stuff.  See ya lataz!


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Hello random person or fellow deviant! Please call me B.R.N, I would appreitate it.

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Notice how I say OFTEN. That doesn't mean I WON'T use it, I'll use them OCCAISIONALLY.

Anyway, I am a writer, but I will post drawings. Probably not often, but yes, drawings are nice...

I mainly do Phineas and Ferb fan art and fanfics, though on occiasion I will do original stuff. I also have a lot second generation OCs, so be on the lookout for them as well.

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I listen to music A LOT, so most of my stuff is inspired by music.


I see critiques and sporks as 1) Hilarious means of entertainment, and 2) A way of telling people what they need to work on.

They're hilariously helpful.

Some things about me:

1. I do not bite. You can ask me about stuff, so don't be shy about it.

2. I would like comments as well as faves.

3. My writing can get pretty dark at times. If you don't want me to have an extrememely dark plot, tell me and I will lessen up on the darkness of my writing. Either way, it's going to be kind of dark.

4. I have a character named Marie Flynn. This is NOT Ely, Pao, and Mel's Marie, but a Marie that I created inspired by them. Same thing with my OC Olivia. She was inspired by Creepecrawlyman's Olivia, but is different from her.

5. I'm not the world's best artist, especially when it comes to anatomy. If you could give me some tips and stuff, that would be nice.

6. Most of my drawings' dates are in the ENGLISH format, so thet go by day-month-year, instead of month-day-year.

7. I am a huge anglophile(meaning I really like British stuff, hence #6.)

I think that's enough rambling here...

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