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I haven't written a journal in almost seven months.


So, are any of my watchers still paying attention to this place anymore?  I know I fluctuate heavily between being super active and not active at all a lot, but I'm still here.  Writing.

I've drawn a bit, too, and I have a graphics tablet now, as well.  I'm probably going to have drawings up soon, I don't know.

So, I'm rewriting the last part of TLoFaLR, because it's horribly rushed and bad.  I'm still going to have the last few chapters up, though, so you still can read them if you want.

By the way, I'm planning a pretty big Five Nights at Freddy's related project.  I don't know when it will come out, but sometime after Children's Toy is finished.

I'm gonna go work on writing now.

See ya lataz!



You can simply call me B.R.N.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello random person or fellow deviant! Welcome to my page. Sorry if it's a bit messy right now, I'm doing heavy construction on it right now.

I mainly write fanfiction, but I'm working on drawings(and uploading them), and a few original story ideas I'm tossing around.

Right now, I'm really into Steven Universe, Undertale, and making everything really messed up and dark(it's a really weird habit in my writing.). Be on the lookout for all that.

If you want to, you can do sporkings/critiques of my stories/drawings/characters, just remember to credit me so I can see it! I'm a weird breed that actually really likes critiques and constructive criticism.

I also have a fanfiction account, and my username is the same as it is here.

Journal History


Chapter 3:  Nightmare


Stealing multiple pieces of monster candy from a bowl that said 'take one' was not on Connie's agenda, and yet the strange force that housed the voice she kept hearing was more than happy to.  As well as slaughter every single thing in sight.

They had activated another save point(as the voice called them), cleared out a few puzzles, went back for the monster candy, and had killed possibly a total of twelve monsters before Connie finally had enough.

"You know what?"  Connie said as she activated the save point again.  "I'm done with you.  Why must you destroy everything in sight?"  She walked down the hall, flipping her hair back and running her hand through it.  "This is my story, my adventure in Wonderland.  And if I must banish you away then I will.  Can't you see?  They're scared of us.  Scared of you.  Because I know you're not meant to be here.  Even now, I feel like you've been nagging at the back of my mind for quite a while.  How long has it truly been since you've been take me over?  How long does this charade need to last?"

She tossed a few coins at a spider web and grabbed the spider donut the spiders gave her.  You don't give up easily, do you?  The voice asked.  What are you?  I've never seen this much determination in a single human before.  The voice gasped in awe and realization.  Unless, of course, you're like me.  You don't belong here, too.  Am I right?  Something else entirely in a human guise.

"If you're comparing me to you, you've got it wrong."  Connie said.  "At least I have a soul.  But, no, as far as I know, I'm human."  The force controlling her caused her to step on a wrong tile and fall downwards, landing gently on her feet next to a series of piles of leaves.  "What?  I'm guessing you don't believe me?  Fine, then.  You'll just be trapped within my memories.  I have the ability to do that, you know."

With that, the voice was gone.  The presense of something strange within her was gone.  She was alone at last, the silence stifling, but calming.

The rest of the Ruins went smoothly after that.  Connie was quite happy, chatting and sparing mercy to the monsters she ran into.  Not wanting into run into Toriel, she stayed away from where she felt the path was taking her.  This was several hours she felt like, until she was facing a Froggit and the mysterious voice came back, saying something she really couldn't understand...  And then




And Died.

And stayed on the ground, the voice yelling at her how she died to a Froggit of all creatures, and to get up, only to realize that they were alone.

With Connie nowhere in sight.  Almost like she disappeared completely, leaving her body and soul free for use.

The save point.  It still worked.  Connie was gone, but not the voice.

The voice inside her head that had been there since the beginning.

Chara only said one thing before continuing on.

"They intervened, didn't they?"

Connie woke up on a hard tiled floor in an extremely dark room.  She slowly sat up and looked around.  The first thing she noticed were the test tubes.  Test tubes probably weren't the right word for them, as they were quite large, covering the entire wall, and they were in more of an oval shape, half of it being built into the walls themselves.  Tube 001 was noticeably empty, but it was the only one she could see.  All the others were covered in large sheets, hazy unfocused silhouettes emitting from them.  They almost looked like...but that was impossible, wasn't it?

Connie walked over to tube 001 and pressed a small button at her eye level.  Three words popped up in front of her:

Status:  Terminated

Connie carefully backed away from the test tubes.  She didn't know what this place was, but now she knew she never wanted to find out the truth.  If Peridot was here, then, surely her hunch had to be right.  Fear immobilized her from doing anything else.  The determination she felt in her heart began twisting around her body like a constrictor, paralyzing her from doing anything.

"What are you doing?"  A small voice asked.  Connie looked around and saw what looked a small girl, around the age of eight standing in front of the tubes.  She had long dark blue hair tied in two braids and wore a simple green-blue dress with a sideways diamond where her waist and hips met.  "You can't give up now."  She reached out her left hand, something resembling a gem on the back of it.  "Please, you must keep going."

"But, what if I can't?"  Connie asked.

"Well, then, you'd die."  The girl answered.  Her eyes grew blank, and her voice became more shrill.  Her body shrived up and turned green, until a giant Flowey was standing there in front of her.  "You die, and you'd die, and you'd die, until all of the Determination in your body grows into Despair.  And once that happens, the Core of your SOUL will become corrupted, and that SOUL will be mine at last.

"And I know this, because you'd never kill a single thing if you could ever help it.  It's why you're scared of Yellow Diamond the most, because you would never kill anybody, even if your friends and family were destroyed, even if you kept trying for millions of years, you would never kill out of frustration.  No wonder the Crystal Gems like you so much.  You're nothing but a meat shield for them!"

A disturbing, haunting laugh echoed through the halls and rung loudly in Connie's ears, never leaving even when she screamed as loud as she could to drown it out, screaming for help...

...But nobody came.

Log 004

I thought that there was no more to learn about Determination.

Oh, how was I wrong.

This aura is the same as Determination, only it exudes a negative energy.  The power to speed up the process of death, rather than prevent it.  Rather than Determination, it is Despair.

Even after all I've done to prevent this, will I still fail his last human request to bring them all back?  With all of this Determination flooding their SOULs, I thought it would it be enough.  Enough for the girl.  Enough for his comrades.

Why did I let myself go like that?  I learned this before, so long ago, that you just can't play god.  I began tampering with things I still I didn't understand.  I began to cocky in my glee that everything was going perfectly, and thus, my downfall has begun once more.

Like it did with [REDACTED].

I've failed him once again...

End Log 004

A Gem's Determination- Chapter 3
Welp, this is a thing now.

Actually, I was going to kill of Toriel in this chapter, but she deserves to live another day.  Plus, I like Goatmom.  Goatmom is awesome.

Steven Universe, related characters (c) Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar

Undertale, related characters (c) Toby Fox

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 2:  Peridot


Steven looked at the piece of rock in his hands.  A small, rectangular chunk of olivine with no visible facets, but a small shine to it.  He ran his thumb over the rough, jagged edges of where it had been broken away from the rest and tried not to cry.

It was hard, knowing she was gone.

Steven gasped as the door to the Temple opened and dove into his bed, pretending to be asleep.  He silently wished for whoever entered to go away, only for a gentle, slim hand to touch his shoulder.

"I know you're awake, Steven."  Garnet said.  "I also know you still have that shard of Peridot, too."

"I'm not bubbling it!"  Steven protested, sitting up, clutching the piece of his friend tightly.  "I can't have her just sit in the Temple forever, Garnet!  I'm not letting her be stuck there until we find a way to bring her back, whole.  I...I don't want to...I don't..."

"I understand."  Garnet replied.  "She was very foolish trying to destroy the Cluster by herself.  However, she was also very brave.  If she hadn't triggered the detonation device manually, none of us would be here right now."

Steven was silent for a while, then finally said, "So, is there a way to bring her back?"  When Garnet was quiet, Steven kept talking.  "I was thinking that if we could maybe manipulate a fusion experiment somehow, we could get her back.  I know we would only have one shot at it, and you probably wouldn't like it, but...  She...Peridot was a hero, Garnet.  She saved all of us without even thinking about it.  She's a true Crystal Gem, and she doesn't even know that we're looking up to her because of it.  We were panicking about losing our lives, and she didn't.  Peridot jumped down there with that bomb without even thinking about hers."

"If we could bring Peridot back, she wouldn't be herself anymore."  Garnet finally said.  "But, I'm glad that you're thinking like that.  That you'd want to bring her back to life so that she could know that she belongs here.  But, right now, we really need to focus on rescuing Connie from the Underground.  I've told Lapis that she's to remain here and protect the Temple while we're away."  She handed Steven his backpack.  "Steven, you're probably going to need this.  I've packed several yards of rope so we can descend where Connie fell and start from there."

Steven nodded, and Garnet walked down the stairs to the main part of the house.  "Oh, Garnet, one more thing."  Garnet turned around.  "Um, I know I probably shouldn't be asking this, but, do you see anything weird in your future vision?"

"Soul fusions."  Garnet answered softly.  "And a desolate world full of fear, as well as a prosperous world filled with light.  I can't pinpoint anything exactly.  It keeps going backwards and forwards, stopping and starting again.  Somebody's tampering with time.  At least you have an idea of what we're facing now, Frisk."

Steven was immediately confused.  "Garnet, are you okay?  I've never heard you call me that before.  Nobody calls me Frisk, actually."

Garnet stopped, but didn't turn around.  "I'm fine."  Her hands were restless, tapping on the railing.  "You should try to get some rest.  We're leaving quite early."  She finally turned around to face him.  "Oh, and Steven..."  She stopped quite suddenly, her expression faltering.  "Never mind.  It's nothing important."

Steven watched in silence as Garnet left through the Temple door, humming softly a familiar melody.

Sapphire, trying to calm down Ruby.  Trying to get her not to tell Steven about something, most likely something extremely important.

Steven laid down in his bed, sighed, and stared at the piece of Peridot still in his hand.  As he started to sing, he thought he heard two other voices joining him, one like his own, and one he heard many times in the past.

"Life and death, and love and birth, and
Peace and war on the planet Earth.
Is there anything that's worth more,
Is there anything that's worth more
Is there anything that's worth more than
Peace and love on the planet Earth?"

He soon fell asleep, and dreamt of his mother and Peridot watching him from above, singing the song he and his friends sang so long ago.  Rose, consoling him about his guilt.  Peridot, teasing him and cheering him up.

Everything was going to be alright, they said.  You're doing a good job taking care of everyone.  Just stay determined, and everything will be alright.

Just stay determined...

Log 002- Phase 2- Initiate- [REDACTED]

Subject 004- [REDACTED] attempted to reawaken Subject 002's true form today.  They failed.  Which is a good thing.  They are not ready to not know the truth just yet.

As long as they keep [REDACTED] contained, everything will go as planned.  [REDACTED] will override Subject 003's SOUL soon.  [REDACTED], however, is fickle.  They are not willing to give their SOUL over just yet.

Meanwhile, the Storyteller has finally returned from whatever depths they crawl to.  Only for a short while, though.  But, they bring news of subject 102- [REDACTED].  They sense [REDACTED]'s return.  So did the anomaly, Asriel.  In fact, it has now been confirmed by the Storyteller that Asriel's power has been cancelled out by Subject 003's capacity of Determination alone.  They theorize that Subject 003 could even create a new World on their own based on the Determination they could hold within.

If this is true, then...

End Log 002

It was before dawn when the Crystal Gems left for Ebott Mountain again.  Steven tucked the piece of Peridot in his pocket before they left, knowing that she would want to tag along with them.  For some odd reason, he felt happy about this mission, despite what Garnet had told him before, and the overall mood of the four of them was quite somber.

"So, I'm guessing you've been to the Underground before?"  Steven asked the others.  They reached the area where Connie fell, and Steven took off his backpack, while Garnet began taking out the rope she packed in it.  "You guys seem to be familiar with it."

"Well, Garnet and I know a bit about it."  Pearl explained.  "You see, as well as humans, special beings known as monsters lived on Earth, too.  Then, the war happened, and to protect them, Rose placed them into a series of caverns underneath this mountain and sealed them away behind a barrier.  She meant to bring them back above ground, but they greatly resented her for it."

"She tried negotiating with them, but they wouldn't hear any of it."  Garnet added.  "So, it'd probably be best if you didn't use much of your powers here.  Wouldn't want to cause a panic, after all."  She finished tying the rope around a tree trunk and threw it into the crater.  "Alright, let's go.  Amethyst, you first."

"Sweet."  Amethyst said, and immediately grabbed the rope and repelled down, yelling the whole time.  Garnet and Pearl made more graceful entrances, and Steven found it quite enjoyable, laughing the whole way.  Once the four of them were down, they looked around in wonder.

"So, this is...the Underground..."  Steven mused.  "Or, part of it, right?"  He turned around and saw something glowing softly in the distance.  A few more glowing things circled them, and the sound of something almost mechanical warming up.  "You guys, around me, now!"

Surprised by what he said, the others stared at him, but obeyed.  Steven managed to throw up a bubble around them just before the lasers went off, going off in different directions off of the bubble.  A figure in all black stepped out of the shadows, nothing but a blue glowing eye visible.

"Sorry."  They said calmly.  "I thought they would come back here soon.  I suppose I was wrong."

Pearl summoned her spear out of her gem, and Steven carefully dropped the bubble.  "Who are you, and who are you after?"

"Why do you want to know?"  The mysterious figure asked.  "After all, even if it that did that hit them, they would just come back.  Even at this point, they have too much determination.  They would erase that timeline and start over again, just as they normally would."

"So, you know the one who's causing the anomalies."  Garnet replied.  "Also, I'm positive the one you're looking for and the one we're after is one and the same.  If you lead them to us, I could give you valuable information.  Clairvoyant information."

The figure seemed to ponder this, shifting from side to side a little.  Then, they finally spoke again.  "No need.  besides, you should go.  there's a dangerous human on the loose, and i'm sure you wouldn't want to cross paths with them.  also..."  They turned and pointed to Steven, head tilted to the side, their eye glowing again.  "Y O U  R E A L L Y  S H O U L D N ' T  B E  H E R E,  F R I S K."

"That doesn't make any sense!"  Steven protested.  "First Garnet, and now you, and you don't even know me!  Just tell me who Frisk is."

The figure walked away, lifted the hood off their face, smiled, and disappeared with the blink of an eye.  No words or anything.  They just left.

"Let's keep moving."  Garnet said after a while.  "Connie's bound to be still in the ruins somewhere."

"My, my, the Underground's getting crowded."  A small voice mused.  Steven stooped down to see a small yellow flower with its back towards them alone in the room they were in.  "Four new souls, and hopefully none of them are..."  The flower turned around and shrieked.  Loudly.

"...Hi?"  Steven asked carefully.  "Uh, we're looking for someone.  I'm guessing you've seen them?"

"You're not supposed to be here."  Flowey said.  "Chara's here.  That means that you're not supposed to be here right now, Frisk.  If Chara finds you, they'll just kill you, over and over again, until your Determination..."  He glanced over at the rest of the Crystal Gems.  "Oh.  You're back, huh?  Hey, where's your leader so she can put another barrier on this wretched place?"

"I don't remember a talking flower ever being here."  Pearl muttered.  "Either way, though, we're staying until we find who we're looking for."

"Asriel, do you know where Chara's at right now?"  Garnet asked.  "Have they reached Home yet?"

"...Make Frisk leave this place, and then I'll consider helping you."  Flowey said after a while.  "But only if you'll help me get those human souls, too."

"No deal."  Garnet replied.  "Besides, Frisk and Chara will have to fight eventually.  It's fate."  They walked through to the other room, and Garnet turned around again.  "And don't even think about following us.  Don't you have better things to do?"

Flowey was silent as they continued onwards, and he sighed as he began to burrow down again.  Chara needed to know.

Log 003- Phase 1- Initiate- [REDACTED]

Subject 002 has been quite inactive for a while, despite their monitor being active.  No signs of external life are being shown when interfering.  They have now either gone into [REDACTED] lockdown, or are using Determination to stay alive.  No current hypothesis on why.

Meanwhile, Subject 003 is slowly rejecting [REDACTED].  There is no trace when doing SOUL scans, but it might just be possible that they are withholding them from tampering with their SOUL.  This isn't good, especially since [REDACTED] needs to be close to the subject's soul into order for [REDACTED] to work.

Time will tell if I need to interfere.

End Log 003

A Gem's Determination- Chapter 2
I meant to get this out earlier, and I didn't.  Whoops, sorry about that!

Anyway, not much to say on this chapter.  If you could give me tips on writing the Gems better, or if they're already in character or not, or whatever, that'd be great.

Steven universe, related characters, lyrics (c) Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, Aivi and Surasshu

Undertale, related characters (c) Toby Fox

Chapter 1:  Ruins


Connie woke up to find herself lying on a bed of golden flowers, their calming scent enveloping her.  She brushed the loose petals off her navy blue and raspberry striped dress and darker blue knee length leggings, adjusted the straps holding the dress up--the sleeves didn’t cover her shoulders, but were attached to her dress--and slowly stood up.  She seemed to be perfectly fine, though she was still confused about what exactly happened earlier.  It was almost as if she had lost control of herself completely, and she had somehow even disabled Steven to be in charge of Stevonnie.

She felt...powerful like that, and she was afraid of that power.

Connie finally left the safety of the flower bed and walked along a small hall.  Rocky outcrops protruded from every possible angle, and the only sunlight there was came from the hole above, where she fell from.  A single purple archway stood before her, a strange symbol of three triangles and a circle with a pair of wings above it at the top.  It looked like nothing she had seen before, even in Gem lore, which she often studied when not sword fighting with Pearl and the others, thinking it might help relieve at least some conflict between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld.

Such a feeble excuse.  A small voice said in the back of Connie’s mind.  There’s no way to avoid such a big conflict like that.  You’re not going to be fighting them, you’re starting a war.

It wasn’t a voice in her head that she recognized.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”  A voice growled.  Connie backed up a bit and saw a small flower standing in the patch of grass in front of her, looking quite upset.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”  Connie said quickly.  “I’m sorry, I won’t try to step on you again, I promise!”

“Well, that’s okay.”  The flower said, smiling happily.  “Let’s start over.  Howdy!  I’m Flowey, Flowey the flower!”  Before Connie could reply, Flowey began talking again.  “You’re new to the Underground, huh?”

“Um, yes, I am.”  Connie said.

“Well, I guess I should teach you how things work around here, since there’s no one else around.”  Flowey replied happily, winking.  A small ring of white diamond shaped objects circled him.  “Oh, wait, I almost forgot.”  The yellow petals around his face glowed, and Connie’s body glowed, forming a small red heart in the center of her chest.  “That heart that just appeared is your SOUL, the very core of your being.  Even though humans can’t attack monster souls, it’s better for your soul to absorb attacks from them.”

Connie nodded, moving her soul around.  She found it easy, being able to do it easily with her eyes and mind.  “So, I attack physically, but the monsters attack with non-physical attacks with my soul as the target?”

“You’ve got it.”  Flowey said happily.  “Your SOUL will be weak at first, but if you gain LV, it’ll become stronger.”

“LV?”  Connie asked.  “As in, levels?”

Flowey looked slightly upset.  “You humans always think that, don’t you?  No, LV’s short for LoVe!  And LoVe is shared through special ‘friendliness pellets,’ like the ones circling around me right now.”

Dodge them.  The voice in Connie’s head said.

“So, just this once, I’m going to share with you some LoVe, for listening to me talking, because I’m nice like that.”  Flowey explained, and Connie moved her soul safely out of the way.  “...Oh.  Y-you missed them.  Let’s try that again, shall we?”  Connie, once again, moved her soul from the strange objects with ease.  Flowey was visably upset.  “What’s wrong with you?  This is really simple!  RUN.  INTO.  THE.  BULLETS--I mean, FRIENDLINESS PELLETS!  Look, all you have to do is just run into them!  You can do something as SIMPLE as THAT, right?!”

Connie tilted her head slightly as she moved her soul away again.  “You have horrible aim.”  She chuckled as she added, “And I’m not sure how seriously I can take you when you’re being this emotional.”

“No, I know what’s going on here.”  Flowey replied, smiling maliciously.  "You've done this before, haven't you?  You know exactly what's happening here!"  A ring of bullets circled Connie's soul.  "Well, either way, I'm not going to mess an opportunity like this."  The ring of bullets began to quickly shrink.  "DIE."

Connie looked shocked for a while, but then, her entire demeanor changed.  Her stood there blankly, calmly watching her soul near destruction by an insane flower.

As if it was completely, utterly normal.

That was, however, until a small fireball knocked over Flowey, sending him flying away and causing the bullets to fall to the ground.  Connie drew her soul back to her as a tall monster resembling a goat walked over calmly.  She wore a plain lilac dress with the mysterious symbol she had seen before on the chest.

"Such a horrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth."  The monster said.  "Do not be afraid, my child.  I will not hurt you."

Connie was apprehensive.  After the run in with Flowey, she was nervous about giving the goat woman any hint of kindness.  However, she exuded a genuine aura of love and warmth.  She withdrew her soul into her body, calmly.

"My name is Toriel."  The goat woman went on.  "I am the caretaker of the Ruins, so I come by often to see if anyone has fallen down around here.  I suppose I was quite fortunate today!"  She walked along a small trail leading to another archway ahead of them.  "Come, innocent one.  It will do you no good to stay here."

"So, this place..."  Connie said, running to catch up with Toriel.  "It's called the Ruins? I actually inside the mountain right now?"

Toriel let out a small laugh.  "Yes, you are.  The entire area is called the Underground.  Just so you know."  The two of them entered a small foyer area, a large pile of red leaves sitting contently below a pair of large stone staircases.  Everything seemed to have a strange purple tint to it, making it seem warm and calming somehow.

Connie walked over to the pile of leaves, looking above her.  Great shadows were cast everywhere, the rock ceiling arching widely away from her.  She took a deep breath as she felt something grow within her, something moving deep inside her SOUL.  She could tell that a journey was just beginning for her.

She felt filled with determination.

Connie let out a small laugh as she walked up the stairs opposite of the ones Toriel took.  Despite being on her own for this wild adventure, she felt like she could do anything she wanted to.  She quickly understood ho the Underground worked:  Many series of puzzles were scattered about, to make anybody traversing through harder, as well as to lock away corridors from outside influence.  However, the puzzles were quite simple, and Connie went through them easily.  Toriel was quite pleased with her and her puzzle solving skills.

"Oh, yes, I must warn you, as well, that since you are a human living here in the Underground, monsters will come and try to attack you."  Toriel suddenly said.  "If that happens, you can try talking to them and stall for time.  I will come your aid and resolve the issue."

She was given a stick to defend herself in extreme situations, and Toriel told her to try talking to the dummy, as practice.

She hit the dummy with the stick instead, which instantly fell over and disintegrated into dust.

"Oh, um, the dummies aren't for fighting, they're for talking."  Toriel quickly said.  "Um, shall we just move onto the next room?"

Connie nodded, but wanted to stay there for a while.  She needed to process what happened.  She had lost control again, after all, and she wanted to find out why.

A small white frog looking creature hopped over to her curiously.  A Froggit, she believed Toriel had called it.  She smiled at it warmly, and then lost control as she bashed it with her stick.

Still standing.  The voice thought as the Froggit hopped around weakly, trying to attack Connie's soul.  What a pity.  Another hit of the stick and it was over.  It, too disintegrated into dust.

"Hey, you know seem to know a bit about this place."  Connie said softly, hoping Toriel wouldn't overhear.  "So, do the monsters down here function like Gems?"

Gems?  The voice echoed.  I'm not familiar with Gems.  Tell me about them.  Connie opened her mouth to say something, but Toriel turned around to face her.

"My child, you've done well thus far."  Toriel said warmly.  "Far better than I expected, actually.  So, please do not mad when I tell you this, but I have a difficult task for you."

"Oh?"  Connie asked.  "What is it?"

Toriel looked at Connie's innocent eyes, shouted a quick "I'm sorry for this!", and ran down the hallway.  Connie calmly walked the hall after a short while.

"Gems don't exactly have physical bodies."  Connie explained to the voice.  "They're made of light, but there is a physical component to them, which is their gem."

The voice was silent for a moment.  Well, then, yes and no.  Monsters' bodies are made of magic, and no physical matter at all.  When they die, their souls are scattered as dust, as well as their bodies, unless their Boss Monsters.  Then their souls stay for a little longer, but not as long as a human's.  The voice explained.

"Oh, that reminds me, we haven't introduced ourselves."  Connie suddenly said.  "And I guess we should do that, if we're going to be together for a while, right?"

They reached the end of the hall, where Toriel was waiting for them, appearing behind a large pillar.

"That was little test for your independence, innocent one."  Toriel explained as Connie approached.  "I have a few errands to run, so I'm going to be leaving you shortly.  And I also have this to give you, to communicate with you until I get back."  She held out a small, dusty black flip phone.

"I actually have a phone."  Connie said, taking it out of her dress pocket.  "All I have to do is put your number in it, and we're all set."

As she said that, a small white dog leapt off the top of the pillar and grabbed Connie's phone right out her hand with his mouth.  He tucked it into his fur, barked happily, and ran off somewhere.  Connie and Toriel could've sworn that they heard a voice coming from the dog saying something to the effect of, "FOR THE PLOT!" as a song filled with something resembling dog barks followed him through the ruins.

"He...steals things like that quite often."  Toriel said after a while.  "So, let me give you this cell phone so we can stay in touch.  It already has my number in it, so all you need to do is call.  I'll see you soon, my child."

Connie smiled.  By the way, I don't care about your name, and you don't need to know mine.  Connie frowned slightly, but shook her head lightly.

"I know Toriel would most likely want us to stay in this room, but let's look around a bit, shall we?"  Connie said.  For once, the voice agreed with her.

Log 001- Phase 1- Initiate- [REDACTED]

Determination is a mysterious unknown force that persists in humans specifically.  However, in recent tests, it has been known that trace amounts can be found in other creatures, such as Gems.  More tests need to be done, but it has been hypothesized that they use this force of Determination to boost regeneration rates.

Subject 003-[REDACTED] has been shown to have the ability to carry large quantities of Determination, but this is yet to be known.  Further tests are needed to prove this.  Subject 003 is reacting as predicted to the insertion of [REDACTED].  Time will tell if [REDACTED] will react according to the predictions.

Subject 002-[REDACTED], aka [REDACTED] is reacting normally, despite the horrid beginning involving Subject 001- [REDACTED] and their termination.  However, this was needed, as too much probing into the system might leave us exposed, and the experiments compromised.  There was just simply no way around it.

End Log 001

A Gem's Determination- Chapter 1
Sorry for not getting this out sooner, I've been busy and haven't had much time to write lately.

Also, I made this part really short just because the tutorial section's really slow, and I didn't want to bore anyone with it.  I found that watching multiple let's plays at the same time is not a good thing for this game because I got bored kind of easily with the tutorial section, but that's just my personal opinion.

Steven Universe, related characters (c) Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network

Undertale, related characters (c) Toby Fox

Story (c) Me

Prologue:  Fall


The legend of Mt. Ebott was quite a strange one to the populace of Beach City, which was saying something, because Beach City itself was not the most normal place in the world.  Rumor was that there were strange monsters living in the mountain, with properties similar to Gems, but lacking in any human feature.  It was also said that they were sealed inside the mountain by the Gems long ago, with a powerful magic keeping them trapped inside.  However, nobody ever went to investigate.  A few teams in the past did, but none never returned.  Now, in Beach City lore and cautionary tales, lies Mt. Ebott, a place where people go to, but never return from.

All fear it, with the exception of the Gems.

The Gems is where our story starts, in fact, a story of loss and being found, violence and virtue, and revenge and forgiveness, as well as love and determination.

Huh?  Lost already?  No worries, all will be explained in due time.  Be patient.

Who am I?  Well, that’s a secret.  Just know that I’m nobody important.

Why and how am I talking to you?!  Well, well, someone certainly asks a lot of questions!  Why can’t you just enjoy a story?  Stop questioning everything and just enjoy this tale, alright?  Anyways, our story starts with the Crystal Gems...

Stevonnie took a few deep breaths, hiding behind a tree.  They tightened the grip on Rose’s sword, a grip that was already shaking, not just from the stress, but also because Steven had to stop summoning his shield so they still could be together as one.

“You’re doing fine, Steven.”  Stevonnie said aloud, but quietly, looking around for any of the Gems.  Connie knew that it had been the longest Steven that had summoned the shield before.  He clearly needed a break.  “Are you sure you want to keep going?”

Steven took charge again and nodded.  “You know we can’t stop for anything.”  A flash of light and Steven’s shield was back hovering on Stevonnie’s right arm.  “Let’s keep moving.  Garnet’s probably planning an attack now with her future vision, and who knows where Opal’s at.”

This was their idea of training for Yellow Diamond--fusion drills, they called them, and was basically close combat training with different fusions.  This time, it was Garnet and Opal versus Stevonnie, with Stevonnie representing the Crystal Gems--in case “anything went horribly wrong,” Pearl reminded them.  It always worried Steven whenever Pearl said that.  But, he knew why.

Any of them could end up like Peridot in the heat of battle.  Any of them could easily end up being shattered.

“Concentrate, Steven.”  Connie warned, taking control again.  “Let’s head north.  If we can find a vantage point, we might find Opal, which is good, because melee fighting’s her weakness, since her weapon’s a bow.”

Stevonnie left the safety of the thicket without another word, sheathing the sword, but holding the shield close to them.  At that moment, there was a loud thud behind them, and Garnet lunged towards them.  Stevonnie casually moved out of the way, their expression blank, and quickly hit her torso with the hilt of the sword, leaving Garnet on the ground, unhurt but slightly winded.

Opal fired an arrow from where they were, nearly hitting them, but Stevonnie easily sidestepped it and continued on, slamming Garnet back on the ground again with the blunt side of their sword.  Opal fired a quick barrage of arrows at them, and they quickly continued north, where the forest was thicker, Garnet close behind, and Opal still firing at them.

Stevonnie, still sidestepping arrows from the sky, zigzagged through the woods, hoping to lose track of Garnet along the way.  Opal was finally visible, leaping through trees and making quick barrages of five or six arrows before continuing.  Garnet managed to circle around them, and threw down her gauntlets, causing a rift in the earth.  They ran off to the side, then lunged at her, pinning her to the ground and holding the sword to Garnet’s neck.

Opal dropped down from where they were, defusing and Pearl running over towards them.  There was nothing but the wind, and the silence was deafening.

“Something’s wrong.”  Garnet said softly.  “The ground shouldn’t have broken like that here.”  She gently pushed the sword to the side and stood up.  “Steven, what’s going on?  Can you regain control?”

Stevonnie looked shocked for a moment, then stepped back, getting into an attack stance.  At that moment, they unfused, Steven jumping towards Garnet, but Connie standing still.  The ground broke under Connie’s feet, and everything moved in slow motion, a look of confusion quickly turning into shock as the rocks and dirt underneath her feet slipped away, and she fell backwards, her mouth opening in a scream, her hand outstretched.  Steven reached out his hand, and felt her fingertips brush against his as she fell down into the depths below.

“Garnet, is Connie…?”  Steven asked, staring at the gaping hole in front of them.

“She’s fine.”  Garnet said, looking back at the other Crystal Gems.  “However, she’s fallen into the Underground.  It’s going to take a while for us to be able to get her out.  We should head back to the temple for now and gather supplies.  It’s getting late.”

As Pearl and Amethyst followed Garnet back to the Warp Pad, Pearl gently tapped Garnet’s shoulder, making sure that Steven wasn’t too close behind.

“He still doesn’t remember what happened.”  Pearl whispered.  “If we go down there, he’s going to want to go, too.  But, if he does, then…”

“That’s a risk we’re going to have to take, Pearl.”  Garnet whispered back.  “He was bound to find out eventually, anyway.  I just wish it wasn’t like this.  But, either way, I’m not looking forward to going back there, either.  The monsters hate Gems.”

“Yeah, and if they didn’t hate us, they’d hate humanity.”  Amethyst added in.  “Or, maybe just hate us even more.  We did do the right thing, though, right?”

“Yes, Amethyst.”  Pearl said tiredly.  “We did do the right thing.  We did what we had to to keep them safe.  Let’s hope we can do the same for Connie, as well.”

A Gem's Determination- Prologue
Welcome to my crossover fic, A Gem's Determination!

I'm so happy to finally get this project off the ground, because I really like both Undertale and Steven Universe, so I'm glad to be writing this story.  I'm already having fun writing some of the characters!

Now, I will tell you this right now, there's probably going to be quite a few spoilers for Steven Universe, and I know there's a ton in here for Undertale.  If you're interested AT ALL wth the Genocide/No Mercy route of undertale and have NOT played it/watched it before clicking on this, STOP READING NOW.  I don't want to accidentally spoil anything for anybody, so if you're one of those people and decide to keep reading, then you brought it on yourself.  I already warned you about spoilers.

Oh, yeah, and I might have killed Peridot in this AU.  She sacrificed herself to destroy the Cluster and get the rest of the Crystal Gems to get back to the surface safely.

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

This story belongs to me.

Freddy walked around the small room for a while before finding a single lightswitch, which he turned on.  A single lightbulb, flickering on and off in the middle of the room finally made it able to see.

The parts and services room was old and dingy looking, paint peeling off the walls and covering the floor.  Dust filled the air, enough to give the room a smoky look to it.

Overall, the entire room was very sad, and gloomy.  I wished I hadn't said whatever I did, because now I really wanted to escape.

Freddy turned back to me, his endoskeleton eyes glowing slightly in the dim light.

"Gold should be around here."  Freddy said.  It seemed it wasn't really paying attention.  "You can't really miss him.  To be honest...I don't really watch him as much as I should."

"And he can tell me about Fredbear's Family Diner, right?"  I asked.

"If he feels like answering your questions."  Freddy replied, sitting down against a wall.  The gears in his leg joints squeaked painfully.  "Just don't bombard 'em with all those questions all at once."

"...'Them?'  What do you mean...?"  I asked.  I hope I had just misheard him, because what would he mean by 'them'?

"Who are you?"  A shy voice asked.  I turned around to see a young girl standing behind me, with long light brown hair down to her knees.  She wore a plain white dress with spaghetti straps that went to her mid thighs, with a strange expression on her face, as if she had no emotion.  On her right wrist was a dark green chain, and on the other end of that chain was a golden Freddy Fazbear suit, limp and lifeless looking.  Yet, there was a strange air about it, as if it was thinking.

Like the puppet.


"My name is Vixen."  I said.  The girl nodded.

"You're one of the toy animatronics."  She replied.  Her voice seemed to be full of emotion, despite her looks.  She seemed curious, not bitter, unlike everyone else.  "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for answers."  I said shortly.  "I seem to have another side to me, a side I don't have any control or recollection over."

"That should be impossible..."  A gruff, male voice said.  The golden Freddy suit moved its head slightly.  "Only I have had that occur to me."

"So, you're the one they call Gold, I'm guessing?"  I asked.  He nodded.  "To be honest, I wasn't expecting you to be...sentient."

"I was the spirit trapped inside Golden Freddy."  The girl explained.  "I could hear his voice inside his head.  Then..."  She sighed heavily.  "I don't remember anything before I found myself chained to him.  In fact, the only reason why I know about my identity is because Freddy told me."

"In short, there used to be two souls trapped inside this suit."  Golden Freddy summarized.  "Or, so it seems.  I, too, have no memory to call my own."

"So, you're thinking that there's two souls inside my body?"  I asked.  "But, how?"

"That is actually a good question, Gold."  Chica said, walking up.  "The Joy of Creation...wouldn't we know if that happened again?"

"Well, what if it's not another soul, but her true personality?"  Bonnie asked.  "After all, the Toys were programmed with personalities."

"So, there's a soul and her personality, and they're fighting for dominance."  Anya clarified.  "That makes sense.  But, still, Chica brings up a good point.  The Purple Man...we did get rid of him, right?  Not to mention the fact that we should've known if there was another act of the Joy of Creation."

"I think there's a guard somewhere at night."  I said.  It felt like I was being left out of the conversation somehow.

"Thanks."  Chica said.  "We'll start doing recon soon, then.  See if the guard's any threat.  Freddy, anything else to add?  You've been rather quiet."

"I'm fine."  Freddy grunted.  "Foxy, you're the fastest of all of us.  You take first watch starting tomorrow.  Be careful of the other Toys.  They might start picking up on our plan.  If the Purple Man really is out there, we're going to need to be cautious.  We can't protect the children, but we do have an ally who can."

I felt my cheeks light up with happiness.  I was an ally!  One of them!

But, still...something didn't seem right...

"Um, who exactly is the Purple Man?"  I asked.  "And what is the Joy of Creation?  You've mentioned this several times, but I don't understand it..."

Bonnie opened the door and looked out.  "No time to explain that.  It's nearly dawn.  You'd better get back to where you came from."

I nodded.  "So, we'll talk once night falls again?"  Bonnie nodded and gently pushed me out the parts and services room.  As I turned around, it was then I noticed that Bonnie actually didn't have a face.  Even the metal faceplate on his endoskeleton was gone.  It was then that I realized that it wasn't just Bonnie who was ruined.  All of them were in bad condition.

These were the former puppets.  The ones who had been set free long ago.

The new puppets were treated as special things, like they were above the ones who managed to fall out of the clutches of the puppet master.

The puppets who were set free...they were ruined.  Destroyed.

Left to die forever.

I had to set the new puppets free.

I had no choice but to.

It was the only thing way to make everything right, after all.

When I got back to Kid's Cove, I was welcomed back to the familiar sights of my former life.  It felt like it was so long ago, when I was just telling stories to kids and not having to worry about Fredbear's Family Diner, or the Joy of Creation, or anything else.

It felt so...hollow, so fake now.

When the kids came running around, laughing and talking, I just sat down in a corner, thinking.  My other side was getting out of hand.  I was aware of that.  I didn't even know what I was thinking half the time anymore.  Was this the "soul" inside of me trying to come out?  But, why, and what for?

No, this isn't your soul.

A voice inside my head?

Do you know me?  The voice continued.  Do you remember me?

"No."  I whispered.  "I've never heard you before today."

Close your eyes.  The voice replied.  You can see me that way.

I wasn't sure why, but I felt I had no choice but to.  I closed my eyes, and let myself be suspended in darkness.  A mysterious figure that looked almost like me was standing there, almost floating in the air.  When she moved, she drifted through the nothingness with ease.

"Are you Vixen?"  I asked her.  Her fur was slightly darker than mine, and covered in bloodstains.  A trail of darkness followed her as she came towards me and held my hands.

"Vixen...?"  The mysterious figure asked.  She seemed puzzled.  "Is that the name they gave you in this world?"

"It's the name I've always had, isn't it?"  I replied.  " Vixen."  The mysterious figure sighed and smiled.

"So, it's true, then."  She said.  "You've truly...forgotten everything..."  She let go of my hands and held me close.  "That's good.  You were supposed to."

"But, who are you?"  I finally asked.  "I'm lost.  I don't..."

"You will remember everything in time."  The mysterious figure answered.  "I will help you.  After all, you.  I am Vixen."

"So, are we the same?"  I asked.  The darkness was fading.  Being replaced with light.

"Yes."  The mysterious figure said.  Her final words lingered in the air around me as I opened my eyes to let in the light.

"You and I are one and the same."

And with those words, I received my first memory, an image of a young girl with wild long hair, put in a high ponytail and wearing boyish clothes with a pair of goggles around her neck...

Children's Toy- Chapter 4
I'm sorry for not updating in forever.

I meant to, but I just got busy with everything, and I didn't really have time to write, not only this, but just in general.

I'm hoping to get more out soon, but I'm not sure.

Five Nights at Freddy's, related characters (c) Scott Cawthon

Story (c) Me

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