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Chapter 7:  Research of the Story


Misti walked into Ava's room after she left.  It was a small room, with only a nightstand, bed, and mirror hanging on the door as its main furnishings.  It was also filled with several composition books, all with different colors and stacked neatly, the same colors being in the same stacks.

She sighed.  There had to be at least five stacks of about an average of ten in the room, some being shorter than others.  Misti noticed that the composition book Ava had been carrying was blue, and there were only two other blue books in the room.  She decided to start with those.

Blank, of course.  They were obviously spares, in case she ran out of room in the first one.  There wasn't even a name written on it yet.

Misti stood up again.  Black had the most, with probably fifteen, green was the second highest with only about eleven, then red with ten, and yellow with five.  Since blue only had one written in it at the moment, it was probably the newest Story.

She grabbed the composition book off the top of the black stack.  The last one, of course.  She started to dismantle the stack, being careful and observant about where she put each book and where she got them from.  Ava would surely notice even a slightest disturbance from her precious book.  She appearently got them all from "home,"  even though she never specified where "home" was.

"Finally, the start of this Story..."  Misti whispered as she grabbed the last book lying on the floor.  Vince was fast asleep, but right across the hall.  She had to be careful about not getting caught.  She looked at the cover for the title.  " 'Give New Gifts, Give New Life,' huh?  Interesting..."  Misti began reading and was instantly intrigued.  It wasn't what she normally read, but it was still a good read either way.  Before she knew it, it had been a few hours later and she had the second composition book on hand for when she finished reading the first one.

"So, we're spying on our new roommate, are we?"  Vince asked as he walked in, leaning on the doorway.

Misti jumped and looked up.  "I just wanted to know more about this Story she kept talking about.  Hey, could you check out the green ones, or something else?  I want to know which one is our Story, and what's going to happen in it."

Vince walked over the formidable looking stacks of books.  "It's probably the red ones.  Although, I don't think snooping in our Story will help us.  It might just make things worse in the future, you know.  We shouldn't look in that one...  So, you said to look in the green ones?  I'm guessing that the first one is all the way at the bottom..."  He added, looking down at Misti, surrounded by books.  She had put down the first one and was starting the second.  Vince moved the stack to the side and grabbed the first before moving them back.

"What's yours called?"  Misti asked as she turned another page.

"Um, the writing's kind of smeared on the cover."  Vince said.  He opened the book anyway.  "It's fine on the inside, though..."  He read the first page, then closed it.  "Can we switch?  The very first scene is kinda...bloody.  Very bloody."

"How so?"  Misti asked, still reading.

"Um...the scene was describing...something weird, let me read it again real quick..."  Vince replied, gingerly opening the book.

"Well, then, Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"  Phineas said, smiling.  They were under the tree, Isabella trying to look over Ava's shoulder as she wrote.  Emily walked into the backyard, Buford, Baljeet, and Irving in tow.

"I heard that somebody's already thought up their big idea for the day."  She greeted them.  "So, what do you have planned?"

"Well, I was just looking at Ava and how content she looked while writing, and I thought, what if we made a machine to act out whatever we wrote in a giant glass sphere above us, so we could watch whatever we wrote like a movie?"

"That sounds like a great idea!"  Isabella said, smiling.  "I think it'd be cool."

"It would require several advanced mechanics of string theory, physics, and mechanics, but it should be no problem at all."  Baljeet said.  "By the way, Phineas, you've been avoiding my question who the girl writing underneath your tree is since last night."

"Oh, yeah, you did ask that, that's right."  Phineas said.  "So, what'd you want to know about her?"

"Who is that chick, dude?"  Buford asked.  "Why is she always hanging around you and stuff?"

"My name is Ava."  Ava said behind them.  The boys jumped and turned around.  "I'm a travelling writer, and I've decided to spend a few weeks here at Danville."  She smiled politely.  "It's very nice to meet the three of you."

"Oh, yes."  Irving replied.  "I'm Irving, and that's Buford and Baljeet."  He pointed to the two of them in turn.  "I wouldn't have taken you to be a travelling writer, though.  Don't writers dress a little...colorful...or creatively?"

"My writing style's quite dark."  Ava shortly said.  "I guess you could call me a goth, maybe...  I'm not sure, really."

"You're quite young to be travelling on your own like this."  Buford said.  "Or, at least, you look young."

Ava laughed.  It was a light, pretty laugh.  "Well, yes, yes I am quite young to be doing this.  I'm only sixteen, after all.  My parents died when I was younger."

"Oh, I see."  Baljeet replied.  "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Ava looked as though to say something, but then stopped and looked down slightly.  "Um, no, no siblings.  None at all..."  She looked up and clapped her hands lightly.  "Well, don't we have a project to start?  We should finish it while we still have the morning, so we can enjoy it all afternoon."  She looked around a little.  "Oh?  Hey, where's Perry?"

"Oh, so you've told her about Perry, too?"  Baljeet asked Phineas.  "That's nice of you."

Ava mouthed the words 'I did recon' to Phineas, and Phineas nodded in reply.  "Yeah, I did.  She came here a little earlier in the morning and saw him, so I explained to her that he usually disappeared during the day and such."  He stood up and walked over to the garage.  "I'm going to get started on the blueprints.  Buford, why don't you help Ava get situated, and the rest of you guys can get parts."  Ferb followed him, and they began sketching out their plans.

Perry walked over to the couch,  looked around, and satisfied,  crawled underneath it, putting on his fedora and found a small button.  He pressed the button, then waited.


Perry went to press it again when a large hole opened up beneath him, causing him to fall down sharply.  Holding onto his fedora, the secret agent flipped backward just in time to hit a small slide, which dropped him in his secret headquarters, two steps away from his chair.  Perry glared slightly at Major Monogram, who was already on the screen.

"What?"  The major asked.  "Oh, yes, about that.  We thought we had it calibrated correctly, but I guess we were just a little off..."  He blinked, Perry still standing beside his chair.  "S-sit down, Agent P., please.  You know how nervous it makes me when you're that."  Perry sighed and obeyed.  "Thank you.  Ahem, Dr. Doofensmirtz has recently been purchasing books on mechatronics, wiring and programming, alliteration, and cuddly animal mascots.  This is certainly not a good combination.  You know what to do."  Perry saluted and left through his hovercar, heading over to Doofensmirtz's.

Candace greeted Stacy as she walked through the front door when she answered it with a hug.

"Somebody's in a good mood today."  Stacy said.  "Nice armband.  Oh, hey, how'd your date with Jeremy go?  I heard something weird happened at the mall."

"Yeah, it did."  Candace said as the two girls walked up the stairs together.  "Though, to be honest, I don't remember what happened all that well.  I remember finding this armband, then seeing Phineas, but then, everything just kind of got really hazy.  When I could concentrate again, I was back in my room, laying on my bed.  Apparently, Jeremy carried me up to my room."

"Aw, that's so gentlemanly of him!"  Stacy said.  They entered Candace's room, and Stacy grabbed Candace's computer.  "You're so lucky to have such a knightly boyfriend."

"I think the word is 'chivalrous,' Stacy."  Candace corrected.  "And by the way, what's that supposed to mean?  You and Coltrane are getting along well, right?"  She gently took the computer away, entered the password, and gave it back.

"Well, yeah, but I mean...well, you know..."  Stacy cautiously said.  "You don't think Jeremy was trying know, do something?"

"No!"  Candace protested.  "No, he would never do that.  I know you're watching out for me, Stace, but honestly, Jeremy really isn't that type of guy.  Wait, why'd you ask?  Coltrane didn't do that to you, did he?"

"No, but, he was ready, and I wasn't really ready, and then he just got really quiet all of a sudden."  Stacy explained.  "I apologized, at least ten times, and to his face, too!  Then he just held me really, really close and was all like 'I don't want to rush you,' and all of that.  I mean, what do I do to make up for that?  I mean, I want to be responsible about this and all, but if wants to, and I don't..."

"Then he can just wait."  Candace responded, sitting in her windowsill.  "If he can't, dump him right then and there."  She turned her head to outside the window.  "In the meantime, I have another issue to deal with, and I don't mean my brothers...but they are going to be busted today.  I can feel it..."

Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporated!

Agent P leapt off his hovercar, which neatly parked itself a few feet away, and walked in through the balcony, where he was greeted by not Doofensmirtz, but by a small camera monitor, placed on a platypus-sized stand.  He looked into the camera, which instantly went black.  The agent looked around, slightly panicked, as he saw that the entire room was now dark, and an eerie face was looking at him from the corner, an equally eerie, but at the same time, happy sounding, music box playing over some speakers somewhere.  The music box suddenly stopped after a few seconds, however, and the sound of footsteps echoed from nearby.

Agent P stood completely still, hoping that whatever was there, most likely Doofensmirtz, would pop out and grab him, and put him into a trap.

He was half right.

Whatever it was, it did jump out and grab him, it just didn't put him into a trap, and it certainly wasn't Doofensmirtz.

Instead, it was a giant robotic squirrel, and it held him tight as three other robot animals ran out of the shadows.  A cat, a beaver, and...Norm wearing a stupid looking bear costume that didn't even fit him properly, it looked like.  However, this was just as one of the robots pulled the curtains closed, rendering what little sight Perry had useless.  Before his sight completely faded, the platypus could tell that Doofensmirtz probably hadn't them wired them correctly, as they all looked quite insane.

"I'm here to make sure nothing bad happens to whoever we capture."  Norm said happily, oblivious to the other robot's somewhat crazed looks.  It especially wasn't helping that the squirrel was starting to hold Agent P a little too tightly.  He let out a nervous chatter and lightly slapped his tail on the robot's torso.  Unfortunately, it was mostly hidden due to it being behind him, and up, so it just resulted in the squirrel hugging him tighter.

"We're going to have such a fun time."  The squirrel said happily, spinning around in a circle.  "Our new friend is going to be such a good edition to the band!"  To Agent P's surprise, the squirrel was a girl, her voice bright and bubbly.

"I agree, Syd."  Another robot said.  It was still dark in the room, and the only one who probably couldn't see at the moment was the one who was captured.  Either way, it was a make, and its voice sounding especially cartoonish and goofy sounding.  It was already beginning to drive Perry up a wall, and it was more evident when it continued talking.  "But you know we have for the boss to get back.  What if this is the thing he was having us capture?"

"Aw, you're no fun, Barry."  A third voice piped up.  Another girl.  Her voice was slightly more sassy, almost teenager-like, than the other's.  A cold robotic hand touched Perry's hand, and he shivered.  "One little morsel is all we want..."

"We could share that little morsel, too."  The squirrel added.  "I mean, he's so tiny, and we're so hungry..."

"Well, let's for the boss, and then we can all have a little morsel together."  Norm said.  The three other robots agreed.

Perry hoped that Doofensmirtz would hurry up.  He missed his nemesis, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with these robots.

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 7
All the references.  All of them.

No, seriously, there's so many references in this chapter, it's kind of funny.  I'm not sure how it happened, it just kind of did.

By the way, I haven't been caught up with Phineas and Ferb lately, so I'm sorry if this intertwines with some of the canon that's been going on.  Mainly, for example, Stacy and Coltrane.  Are they still together?  I think in one of the episodes I've watched they were, but as of the newest one, are they?  I have no clue.

Also, as I was halfway writing through this chapter, I was noticing if how you took out the first part, this would kind of play out like a regular episode.  I was not planning that.  It just kind of happened.  And look!  A Doof and Perry plot, too!

I think I'm slowly getting better at writing the Phineas and Ferb formula.  Slowly.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 6:  Scrambled memories of mangled dreams


Phineas woke up in an empty field of white.  As he stood up, everything changed around him to a lovely sunset in the middle of a park.  A father and son walked on the small path he was standing next to, the son practically dragging his father somewhere.  The scene suddenly changed, static and loud feedback emitting from all around.  When it finally stopped, the boy was all alone, looking around for his father, who had disappeared.

Phineas looked at the boy, then heard footsteps behind him.  He leaped back slightly when he realized it was just a young girl, and became less aggressive and on guard.  The young girl wore a pretty white dress that blew around her ankles with spaghetti straps and pink ribbons in the back.  Her pale salmon hair was down, and reached the middle of her back.  She held in her hands a small white glowing orb of some sort, which she rocked back and forth from hand to the other slowly, her eyes following it softly, as if she was in a daze.

"What is that?"  Phineas asked her.  The girl, still playing with the orb, sat down on the grass, which blew around her softly as she did so.  Phineas did the same.

"This is a special thing I was given."  She replied, her voice light, but in monotone.  "I was given it to help this world.  You see, in this world, things are neither created nor destroyed.  We simply exist here."

Phineas looked around him to see that the world had changed yet again.  It was just a grassy hillside, the grass moving and bending in the wind.

"So, why am I here, then?"  Phineas asked.  "Why do I exist in this world that cannot create, and cannot destroy?"

The girl was silent, still entranced by the small orb of light.  The sky dimmed slightly with clouds.

"Why do you exist in this world?"  Phineas asked.  The girl slowly looked up.

"To help you escape it."  The girl replied, and gasped as a fierce wind blew through the hillside.  She held the orb close to her chest, not wanting to lose it.  "I'm sorry, for all the things that are going to happen to you..."

The redhead stood up, about to ask something, when the wind grew even stronger.  He was swept off his feet and carried away, everything around him fading to white.

Ferb woke up to hear Phineas groaning, not on his bed, but right off the side of it, laying on his stomach, half asleep.  He obviously had had a bad dream and fallen off again.

"Morning, Ferb."  Phineas sleepily greeted as he stood up.  "Man, that was a weird felt so lifelike, too.  Maybe that was the strangest thing about it.  Yeah, that had to be it..."  He stretched and rummaged through his closet, looking for something to wear.  Ferb sent a small wind current to blow through his hair, making him look up.  "I'm guessing you want me to talk about it, huh?  Well, you see, it started off fine..."

As Phineas talked, Ferb's mind slowly shifted to Ava and Emily.  He had felt something in their auras, but he just wasn't sure what.  He sighed as he tugged his shirt on.  Perhaps the day's big idea would take the worry off his mind.

"Also, I've been thinking a lot lately."  Phineas said as he tied his hightops.  "Several memories have been coming back to me, but they just don't feel the same, you know?  It's like my mind's gotten them mixed up or something."  He said this as they walked down the stairs to breakfast, where Laurence was already sitting at the table, enjoying a hot cup of earl grey.

"Well, our minds tend to do that sometimes."  Laurence said to Phineas.  "If the memory wasn't particularly, well, memorable, or if it was a long while ago, we tend to either forget it completely or remember certain details and fill in the blank space with other mismatched memories."

"I know that, Dad, but these memories are coming back entirely, and there's just something off about them.  In fact, I shouldn't even be able to remember them."  Phineas explained as he got out some cinnamon raisin bread, eggs, and milk.  "They're all about my biological father.  Some I can understand, like him and me walking through the park, or getting sea salt ice cream together.  Those are just pieces, things that make sense to remember.  But, then there's some weird ones, like the day he died.  I can recall everything in that scene clearly.  The scent of the rain, and the way the sirens flashed against the water...I remember all of it."

"But, Dad just up and left one day.  He didn't die."  Candace said as she leaned against the threshold.  "I don't know who you're thinking about, Phineas.  Besides, I barely remember anything about that day."

Phineas absentmindedly poured some milk into a bowl, which already had eggs in it.  "But, then what am I remembering?  Candace, what happened the day Isabella moved to Danville?"  He started to break up the yolks with a whisk.

"She didn't move here."  Candace replied.  "Isabella was born here."  Phineas put the whisk down in silence.  "Phineas, are you feeling okay?"

"What's wrong with my memories...?"  He whispered softly.  He lifted the whisk again to beat the mixture together, but just stared at the egg yolk dripping off the twines gently.

"Sounds like corruption to me."  Ava said, walking in past Candace, startling her.  "Yep, a textbook case of memory corruption.  Sadly, I have no clue how to get rid it.  Sorry."  She gently took the bowl and whisk from him and began whisking away.

"Morning, Ava."  Candace said.  "What are you doing here?"

"You know Ava?"  Phineas asked.

"Sorta."  Ava replied, putting cinnamon into the mixture.  "We met for a little bit when I went over to a 24-hour drugstore to pick up some more composition books for my Story.  I'm actually working on a new one right now."

"And what were you doing there, Candace?"  Laurence asked.  He got up and got out a small frying pan to put on the stove.

" don't really need to know that...heh..."  Candace said nervously, looking at the boys.  She got out a small can of non stick spray and sprayed the pan with it.  She set the pan down back on the stove and turned the burner on.

"Oh, so you've just met."  Phineas said.  "I like your new outfit, by the way.  Casual, but preppy, right?"  Ava was now wearing a form fitting black crop top that just fit over her breasts with silver trim, a pair of black high-waisted shorts, and her knee high boots.  Her hair was tied up with black lace in its usual twintails.

"Right on the nose.  And thank you for noticing."  Ava said as she dipped a piece of bread into the milk and egg mixture and slapped it into the pan.

"You sure like the color black."  Candace observed.  Compared to the others, she stood out in a dark and somber way.  "Um, any reason as to why you wear it all the time...?"

Ava shrugged and turned around to face the teen.  "I dunno.  I was kind of born into the darkness, I guess.  I didn't accept the ways of the dark, of course, I just feel more comfortable embraced in it."

"I see."  Candace muttered as she flipped the bread over.  "That's very interesting..."

Emily laid in her bed, looking at a section of wall.  It appeared to ripple with some kind of strange force, moving ever so slightly and pulsing with her heartbeat.  But, it also drew her in, an invisible claw wrapping around her and pulling.  She had been resisting the force calling to her, but it was soon proving to be a challenge to not ignore the voice whispering her name, especially the way it tugged at her hair, gently brushed her fingertips, trying every way to get her to move closer.

Emily finally sat up, the voice only growing stronger.  Inching her way off her bed, Emily soon found to no longer have control of her body, and let the claw wrapped around her do the work for her.  She slid off the bed with ease and touched the section of wall when a high pitched scream filled the air, causing a series of smoke-like tendrils of darkness to shoot up and surround the girl.  She screamed and tried to get away, only to find them everywhere, clouding her vision and causing to stumble.

That was when her father, Cedric Kinney, ran in and saw what was happening.  He yelled something, causing a bright aura to emanate and beat inside Emily, the darkness receding from where it came from.  When it finally cleared out all the way, Cedric walked over to his daughter and embraced her.  Confused, Emily hugged him back, not quite sure what had happened.

"Promise you won't get close to the dark like that again, Emily."  He said, trying not to cry.  "Promise me that you'll always stay towards the light, my darling..."

"I don't know if I can promise that, Dad."  Emily whispered back.  "I don't know if I belong to either one, the dark or the light, or even the twilight in between.  I don't...really belong to anything..."  She broke from the hug and stood up.  "I'm sorry, but this is my path, and I must follow it on my own..."  With those words, she silently left the room and headed towards the Flynn-Fletcher house.

She needed answers.
The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 6
Not much really happens in this chapter, but it's good to take a break from plot heavy stuff every now and then.

I mean, this still has a small bit of plot, just not as much as other chapters.

Also, I changed Emily's dad's name, as you can tell.  I thought Cedric fit him more than Albert, but I still imangine him with the same voice.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 4


March 18, 4:10 p.m.
Kat's Cake and Coffee- Main room

Pearl sat down in front of Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Kay silently.  She felt suddenly light-headed, stunned, even, from the remark Phoenix had just gave.

"Well?"  Phoenix asked.  "What do you know about what's going to happen to Maya?"

"I have a question first, though."  Pearl replied.  "How did you figure all this out?"

"You told me all I needed to know."  Phoenix answered.

"So, you not believing me was just an act, to get them to come?"  Pearl asked.  "Why?  Why get them involved?"

"Hey, I just came here by choice."  Kay said.  "But seriously, you're surrounded by people who just want to help.  If you can just let down those walls for just one minute and tell us what you know, then maybe we can help save your cousin!"

Pearl looked carefully at the three of them.  None of them seemed to be lying, and didn't look like they'd take whatever she said outside the cafe to somebody else.  Honest, caring people who just wanted to help her.

Pearl let out a heavy sigh, then got up from the table and started to leave.  Phoenix stood up after her, and Kay took a step forward and stopped, unsure if she should intervene.

"Where are you going, Miss Fey?"  Edgeworth asked, standing as well.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't say everything on my mind just yet."  Pearl replied.  "I'm sure all of you understand, right?"

"I think we would understand more if you just told us what was going on!"  Phoenix shouted back.  He grabbed Pearl's arm, holding her back.  "Please, Pearl, just tell us what's going on.  You mentioned something about knowing everything that was going to happen to Maya.  That you needed my help to solve everything.  To escape this maze of a life you're currently living in.  Four people are better than two, right?  And that's miles above just one person.  Please, let us help you, Pearls.  It's too hard to do this alone."

Pearl suddenly collapsed to the ground, sobbing.  Phoenix silently helped her up as she began attempting to talk, leading her back over to the table.

"You don't know how many years I've been like this, Mr. Nick..."  She said, her throat and words clogged with tears.  "You don't know how many years I've lived this month in an attempt to make all of this right...!"

"Start with the beginning."  Kay said.  "How exactly did you end up like this?"

After a few minutes of trying to start and breaking down even more, Pearl finally calmed down enough to speak.  She wiped her eyes with a tissue Edgeworth had given her, and began to speak.

"In order to talk about how I became this way and about how to save Maya, I first have to explain something very important about Kurain Village and those who live there."  Pearl explained.  "Namely, about the magatamas and what they do, besides unlock our powers."  Phoenix pulled out his own magatama, still glowing softly with spiritual energy.  "You see, each and every descendant of the Kurain clan has been cursed with the blood of some sort of demon, an oni.  It depends on which person, though."

"So, is that how...?"  Kay started to ask.  Pearl nodded.

"Yes, it is."  Pearl answered.  "The truth is, Kay and I actually knew each other before we met today.  We are both shinigami.  However, I am different from others like us."

"Wait just a moment, Miss Fey."  Edgeworth said.  "Shinigami, as in, the Japanese gods of death?"

"Yeah, that's us."  Kay said.  "Usually, we get our powers from a rare chance that when we die, we sign a contract to come back to life and reap souls in exchange.  However, you just said that you were different.  How so?"

Pearl took a deep breath.  "I am very different from everyone else at Kurain.  The oni lurking in my blood is named Shira, the guardian spirit who watches over Kurain Village.  A shinigami.  In fact, not only am I linked to her, I'm her reincarnation."

There was silence to let it all sink in.  Pearl soon took notice of the darker atmosphere in the room, but paid it no heed.

"From the moment I was born, I knew I was different."  Pearl went on.  "The first face I saw was not my mother's but Shira's.  She followed me around, guided me, made my powers what they are today.  In fact, she's listening to this conversation right now.  She's proud of me for finally sharing this burden with all of you."

"How long have you been emotionally stable like this?"  Phoenix asked, changing the subject momentarily.

"Far too long."  Pearl answered, her eyes glancing at the table.  "The first few times, I was fine, but eventually the stress and secrecy of it all started to take its toll."

"...'First few times...?'"  Kay asked.  "What exactly are you talking about?"

"It's a secondary power I have."  Pearl replied.  "Whenever I die, I can reset time to before it happens.  The catch, though, is that it only works if I'm murdered, and the more I use it in a short amount of time, the fewer days I can reset back to.  This is what I've been doing to attempt to save everybody's lives."

The three were taken aback by the last statement.  "Everybody's?!"

Pearl nodded.  "Yes.  You see, there seems to be a special virus in Kurain Village.  It affects the brain, and once that person leaves Kurain, it can take over their body, leaving them to become corrupted.  Some people, like the master and shrine maiden, however, are immune to these effects.  They also have access to powerful medicines that can reduce the severity of their symptoms, as well.  I've been using that on Maya until she can get fully recovered at Kurain.  Although, it seems to be slowly mutating, and becoming more aggressive with her."

"But, Maya's the heir to the title of Kurain Master."  Phoenix protested.  "Why is she getting sick, then?"

"You just answered your own question, Wright."  Edgeworth said.  "She is not yet master, so she's not immune."

"And to answer your question about why those symptoms have just now started appearing, it's because she's gone back and forth to Kurain."  Pearl added.  "The first signs of symptoms actually take quite a while to develop, and are impeded further by staying in Kurain.  Though, there is one minor...glitch with this."

"Glitch?"  Kay asked.  "What kind of glitch are we talking about?"

"The more you go back to Kurain and leave, the faster the virus spreads to the outside."  Pearl said darkly.  "Not only that, but those who stay and go back from the outside have a high chance of getting the virus."
The Courtroom Phantom- Chapter 4
Slight exposition dump here.  There's really not a whole lot to say besides that, of course, this isn't the last one.

I also decided to end it on a cliffhanger mainly because I just felt like it, really.  Plus, I like how it ended, and I didn't want to mess that up, so I just left it alone.

Oh, yeah, and the part about all of the villagers in Kurain having oni blood is important, especially in some of my later stories that are connected to this one, but don't directly relate.

Also, if I messed up the spelling of any of the Japanese words, please tell me.

But, now, we have allies to fight with us!  Hooray!

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Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 4:  Escape plan


Emily slowly opened her eyes to find herself in a rather large room with a beautiful golden cage in the center.  The room had windows on all sides, as well, one with an astounding view of their world.  The other side had a small swirling vortex on it, filled with the aura of darkness.

"Glad to see you awake."  The Songbird said.  Emily was startled to see her in the cage, her hood off, revealing her long, silky dark imperial violet hair, put into two high ponytails, swirling around her on the floor of the cage.  "Listen, we need to escape from here."  As she said this, she was drawing in a sketchbook, her pale hazel eyes glowing softly.  "I'm setting up a diversion in another one of the worlds I control."  Emily sat up and crawled over to the cage.  The drawing on the page was of somebody sitting in an office, looking around with a frightened expression.

"I kind of already guessed that."  Emily replied, leaning on the bars of the cage.  "So, what exactly happened I tried to get everybody out?"

"You turned into your Despair Forme."  The Songbird said, looking up from her drawing and closing her sketchbook.  "It allowed you to go into this world unharmed."

"What would've happened if I didn't turn into my Despair Forme?"  Emily asked.  She stood up and began walking around the cage, looking for a way to open it.

The Songbird looked down slightly and opened her sketchbook again.  "The darkness used in the ability to open the portal would've destroyed you.  The only ones who can go through without too much harm are the ones with darkness fully piercing in their hearts.  But, even then, it can cause problems, but can be fixed by using a powerful antitoxin or spell.  Luckily, there are special cloaks that conceal others from the effects, so they can pass through safely."

Emily nodded, then looked over to the swirling vortex in the farther window.  "By the way...that vortex.  What is it?  I sense a lot of dark energy coming from it."

"The way out to the other worlds."  The Songbird answered.  "Most Storytellers would actually have to go to that world in order to manipulate it.  However, I figured out that given enough growth in your magical abilities, and it's unnecessary to do so.  You can be in one world and still manipulate another at the same time."

Emily found a small latch on the cage, pulled it to the side, and opened the cage.  The Songbird looked up, then smiled gently.

"You can tell me more about all this once we're back home."  Emily said, reaching out her hand.  "Now, come on.  Just because you're a songbird doesn't mean you have to be locked in a cage all the time."

Phineas lounged on his bed, looking at his necklace in a strange sort of interest.  Ferb sighed as looked over at him again, and continued reading his book.  It was a quite strange look for him, due to the fact that it was an almost numb expression of child-like wonder.  A look that never really crossed the red head's face, and was quite concerning when it did.

Phineas finally sighed and sat up, tucking his necklace in his shirt.  "Hey, Ferb, I'd say we'd better hide these necklaces for now.  And our powers.  We wouldn't want to freak Mom and Dad, after all."  Ferb nodded, and Phineas continued talking.  "To me, this has all been very sudden..."  Ferb closed his book and looked at him.  He laid down on his bed again, playing with a small ball of fire in his hands above his head.  "Doesn't this sound strange?  It's just a normal day for us, when all of this happens.  A great power that has been lying dormant within us has now awoken, and we now have to fight for our lives in a suddenly darker version of our world."  He caused the ball of fire to disappear.  "It's all so strange to me, how all of this came to pass at this exact moment..."

Candace knocked on the door, and told them that dinner was ready.  She twisted a small silver armband on her left shoulder slightly, then walked downstairs slowly, softly touching the banister as she lightly stepped from one stair to another, looking slightly unfocused.  The boys looked at each other for a moment, then followed her downstairs silently.  Linda and Laurence were already sitting down, Linda serving herself and her husband some salad, beef flank and cauliflower on everybody's plates.

Candace sat down at the table with them and began eating her cauliflower.  Phineas sat down and asked for some salad, and Ferb began cutting into his beef flank.

"You three are silent tonight."  Linda remarked, spearing a cucumber onto her fork.  "Did something happen?"

"Well, Jeremy has the chance of getting a promotion to lead manager at Slushy Dawg."  Candace replied.  "He's pretty excited about it."

"Yes, that sounds promising."  Laurence said.

"He was thinking about eventually buying his own apartment."  Candace added, taking a bite of beef flank.  "Probably near the college he gets accepted into."

"Are you planning to move in with him at one point?"  Phineas asked as he ate some of his salad.

"Yeah, probably."  Candace said.  The table fell silent as everybody stopped eating and put their utensils down.  "I mean, we are dating and all, so that would be the next step in our relationship logically.  I'm just talking years ahead.  We're in no hurry to move things along, after all."

The house phone in the kitchen rang, and Linda got up, sighing and muttering softly.  After a few minutes of soft talking, she came back out, holding the phone in her hand and hanging up.

"Do you know where Emily is, boys?"  Linda asked.  "Her father just called.  She didn't come home, and hasn't called at all.  I know you were with her, Ferb.  Do you know where she might be?"  Ferb shook his head softly.  "Well, we should probably look for her after dinner.  I can look for her with Laurence around downtown, and Candace, you take Phineas and Ferb to some of the parks.  Phineas, tell Isabella about what's going on, and ask her to help, too, please."

"Alright, then."  Phineas said, and got out his phone to text Isabella.

About an hour later, Isabella stood on one of the thick tree branches in Danville Park.  The nights had started to get colder, so she wore a loose dark brown long coat over her dress, which whipped around her softly in the now growing gusts of wind that surrounded the park.

"Still nothing..."  She muttered softly, looking at her phone.  She had sent about seven text messages to Emily, none of them receiving a reply.  Isabella put her phone back into her jacket pocket and sighed, leaning her back against the tree.  She could feel the energy moving from the earth out to the tips of the leaves against her back, like small beads of water moving up her body.  She closed her eyes, and saw herself flowing through space, a large spaceship looming in front of her.  She walked towards the ship, phasing through the walls.

Inside the ship was a large room, in which there was nothing but white.  A young girl floated above a table, in suspended animation.  Wires looped around her arms and torso, and spiraled on the inside and outside of her legs.  Around her head was a large, bulky looking headpiece, attached to the top of her head and forehead.  Her pale salmon pink hair flowed around her, curling at the end.  She wore a beautiful white dress with sleeves going to her elbows and the skirt going just below her knees, with several layers going farther down in the back, with lace on the trim.

Isabella circled around the girl when she suddenly woke up, the wires snapping off and the headpiece falling apart.  She fell backwards, and Isabella instinctively grabbed her hand, the girl pulling her down with her, screaming as they fell into darkness, her pale hazel eyes wide and trembling with fright.

Isabella held onto the girl's hands when she felt herself get pulled back by something.  She looked up to see a pair of cool grey wings unfurled from her back and slow their fall.  When she looked down back at the girl again, she saw that they were flying above a city at night, several lights blinking in the distance.  The girl let go of Isabella's hand and unfurled her own wings, a beautiful pair of white wings, and motioned for her to follow.  They flew to an old house, where a young girl sat a a small desk, writing in a composition book.  She hummed softly to herself, smiling, until there was a loud knock on the door.  The young girl looked up in shock, then crawled underneath the desk, taking the composition book and holding it close to her chest.  The door burst open, and the world faded into white, ringing echoing in Isabella's ears.

When the ringing finally faded, Isabella opened her eyes to find herself back in the park, still standing against the tree.  She stepped away from the base of the tree and jumped down, landing on the grass softly.  Phineas, who was still looking around, holding a flashlight in his hands, stopped and sat down underneath the tree.  Isabella joined him and sighed.

"I'm really glad that so many people have come out here to look for Emily."  Isabella said.  Ferb came over and nodded as he sat down next to Isabella.  "Even if we're the only ones that actually know what happened to her, it's nice to know that people care, despite the fact that she's only been in Danville for about a month and a half now."

"That's how people are here."  Phineas said as he watched the people stop others and ask them if they've seen their friend.  "Once they welcome someone, they're there for you thick and thin.  If something happens to one person, something happens to everyone.  We're all connected that way."

Isabella nodded thoughtfully, then smiled.  "Yes, I suppose we are..."

Emily and the Songbird walked through the silent hallway, Emily in her Despair Forme.

"Look, I'm sorry if something happens to you, but if anything does, I'm running."  The Songbird whispered to Emily.  "The plan to sneak out clearly took a turn for the worse."

"Yes, it did."  Emily whispered back.  "By the way, is this the world that you were causing a diversion in earlier?"  The Songbird nodded.  "What kind of sick, twisted world did you drag me into?"  She gasped as she turned around slightly and saw the wall art was of a bunch of children with thick lines running down their faces, their mouths open in shocked screams.

"A world that not many people can control without dying."  The Songbird replied, then looked behind her.  "Quick, run!"

The two girls ran down the hall and took the first door on their left, ending up in a small supply closet.  Thick, heavy footsteps sounded outside of the door.  The Songbird began whispering something to herself, too low for Emily to hear.  The footsteps stopped just outside of the door, and the Songbird stopped whispering and almost seemed to freeze in place.

After a while, the footsteps were back, and walked back down the hallway.  The Songbird let out a sigh of relief and grabbed Emily's hand.

"It's gone.  We can get out of here."  She said.  Emily didn't respond.  "Hey, Emily, didn't you hear me?  We can get out of this world...!"

Emily looked down at the ground.  "It's me..."  She whispered softly.  The lights flickered for a bit, then turned off.  "I'm still here..."  A music box melody began to play over the speakers, and the Songbird began drawing something in her sketchbook, whispering the words 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet walked through Danville Park, dejected.  The police were now taking over the investigation, and they had forced to sit through questioning, making Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella feel guilty for lying about Emily's whereabouts.

"The ice cream guy's still out here at this hour...?"  Isabella asked.

"Well, I saw Ferb and Emily getting ice cream this afternoon, so he was probably dragged out for questioning, too."  Baljeet explained.  "They have a new flavor, too.  Sea salt ice cream."

Phineas perked up slightly.  "They brought back that flavor?  I'm impressed."  The other four looked at him slightly.  "For some reason, they discontinued the sea salt ice cream.  It was Dad's favorite, too.  Um, my past dad, not the dad I have now."

"You remember a lot about your biological father, Phineas."  Isabella said.  "I don't remember mine that much, but I think I was younger than you when he left.  Yeah, that must be it.  It was such a long time ago, it almost seems like a dream at this point..."

"Hey, are we gonna get ice cream, or just continue staring at the guy over there?"  Buford asked.

"Yeah, Buford's right."  Isabella added.  "Ice cream might just be the thing to cheer us up.  I want to try the sea salt flavor!  Or, if they have it, maybe a sakura flavor.  That'd be really nice."

"But, cherry blossoms only bloom in the spring."  Baljeet corrected her.  "You missed your chance to get any."

"Yeah, but there's always greenhouse grown sakura ice cream."  Isabella rebutted.  "How else do you think we can get berries and fruit all year round?"

"Yes, but greenhouse grown produce is not the same as freshly grown, in season produce!"  Baljeet protested.

As the two of them argued, Phineas placed his order for the ice cream.

"Two sea salt ice creams, one watermelon flavor, one chocolate swirl, and one vanilla, please."  Phineas said.  He paid for the treats, and he and Ferb handed them out to his friends--vanilla for Ferb, chocolate for Buford, and watermelon for Baljeet, and the second sea salt for Isabella.  They were silent as they walked through the street, eating.  A soft wind blew through the street, and a strange aura pulsated throughout the area.  Isabella stopped, holding her popsicle stick.

"Emily..."  She whispered, and held the popsicle stick close to her chest, letting the wind blow around her.  She walked down a small alley, and the others shortly followed.

The alleys were somewhat connected in this part of downtown, and the five friends wove through them, climbing over trash cans and under old fences, Isabella leading the way, following the aura that rippled throughout the path they walked through.

After a while, she stopped.  "Wait, there's something else here, too."

"Hey, Dinner Bell, what exactly are we following?"  Buford asked.  Phineas, however, was also distracted.  He joined his friend and placed his hand on her shoulder, causing her to turn around.

"There's a pungent scent of darkness around here, like it's been festering within somebody's heart."  Phineas whispered.  "Is that what you're seeing in the aura we've been following?"

Isabella nodded.  "Also, I've been a getting a series of strange sounds, like radio feedback and static.  Sometimes I can hear voices.  It's an old automated voice, spelling out the words 'save her,' then a quiet whisper saying 'you can't.'  I'm not sure of what it means, but I can feel something in the air.  Something that shouldn't really be there.  It has a faint feel to it, though..."  A soft wind blew through her hair, and she pulled her hand through it.  "An air from another world, maybe..."

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 4

Nothing at all.

I like how this one ended.  It was originally going to be much longer, but I thought to end it on a nice little cliffhanger.  So, now we have two simultaneous plot lines going with our heroes.  Yay!

By the way, Olivia's Witch Night might not be updated for a while.  I really want to focus on the other three stories I'm writing right now, so it's going to be put on a slight hold for now.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Beginning Arc

Set of Normalcy

Chapter 3:  It's Me


Luna strolled through the streets of Canterlot, ignoring everybody's gazes.  She guessed it was only natural, though, seeing as that Luna rarely traveled in broad daylight.  She preferred the cool, damp air of the night over the harsh, dry light of the sun.  There was just something about the reflection of her sister's light that was so calming, truly an element of its own.

Trotting hoofsteps from behind made Luna turn around.  Twilight, looking quite happy again, was walking towards her, Flash Sentry a few feet behind.

"Good afternoon, Luna."  Twilight said.  Her amethyst eyes sparkled with a fierce sort of passion and curiosity.  Clearly out of the castle to look for something.  "What are you doing out today?  Off to the market, I'm guessing?"

"Oh, no, I was just walking."  Luna replied.  Twilight headed off somewhere, and she followed, keeping up with her pace.  "Sometimes I do that when I need to clear my head.  By the way, why is Flash Sentry accompanying you?"

"Oh, that."  Twilight said, walking a little faster.  "Princess Celestia appointed him as my Champion, so he's my personal bodyguard, I guess."

"She feels as if you need extra protection?"  Luna asked, grateful for the fact that Twilight was oblivious to the fact that a Champion was also a royal member's personal assassin.

"Yes, though I know the feeling.  She just wants me to be safe, after all."  Twilight said.  She nodded her head in greeting to a few passing ponies.  "After what's happened today, I almost didn't want to get out of the castle, but there was just something strange in the aura around everypony, I just needed to back off.  So, I went to the library where I found this great potion for Spike I wanted to try out.  It's a good dreams potion, I believe.  He's been apparently waking up a lot in the middle of the night because of bad dreams.  He says that I keep waking him up, but I don't remember anything like that."

"Really?"  Luna asked.  They were in the middle of the marketplace now, which was almost empty.  Twilight probably had known this, as well, which was most likely why it was the first place she wanted to go to.

"Yes.  But, lately, it's been happening more and more often."  Twilight said.  She stopped by a nearby stall.  "Three sprigs of lavender and two bunches of rosemary, please."  She pulled out a small purse, most likely a gift from Rarity, due to the way it shown and gleamed in the light.  As Twilight started counting how many bits she needed to pay for, the owner of the herb stall stopped her.

"Oh, Your Majesty, you don't need to pay."  She said.  "It's quite fine."  She was an older mare, her mane thin and graying.

"Oh, no, I insist."  Twilight replied, putting the money down on the counter and grabbing the herbs, putting them into a small bag.  She sighed loudly as she walked away, head held low in exasperation.  "It happens every single time.  Everypony wants to either give me a discount or give something away I should really pay for, with no charge.  I don't even wear my crown when I go to the marketplace and this still happens..."  She opened her bag, showing Luna the crown, tucked in neatly with a pad of paper, a quill, and a small book.  She took out the pad of paper and quill, checking off two items on her list.  "I'm glad I don't have to go through that to get wolfsbane.  I actually need to go the Everfree Forest for that, since nopony wants to grow it, for some reason."  She jumped into the air and began flying, when she realized that Luna was still on the ground, Flash Sentry looking up at her.

"So, is there anything else going on?"  Luna asked as Twilight landed a few feet away.  "With whatever's happening to you?"

"Well, it feels like I'm out of my body whenever it happens."  Twilight said.  "Except I can't see or hear anything.  It's almost as if I just...passed out, all of a sudden.  It's strange, because I couldn't find anything in any of the books on medical problems in the library."

"Yes, that is rather strange."  Luna replied.

There was a strange pause between with the three of them.

"Do you not want to go yet?"  Twilight asked, walking over.  "I mean, if you have to do anything...either of you...I can wait to get the wolfsbane."

"No, it's nothing like that."  Luna said.  "Why don't we just take the train instead?  You staggered a little before landing.  Are you feeling alright?"

"I...I thought I saw something."  Twilight muttered.  "Something written underneath the water in the fountain."

"What did you see?"  Flash Sentry spoke up.

"'It's me.'  I saw the words 'it's me' written in the fountain."  Twilight answered, shaking a little.  She jerked her head up as static filled her vision.  Somebody stood in front of her.  No, it was more like a limp slump more than anything.  They had a dull golden coat, and their eyes were hidden from view by their sloppy, dirty mane.  From what Twilight could see, there was no discernible Cutie Mark.  A faint outline was on their flank, their left back leg bent outwards rather awkwardly, but it might've also been an old scar, as the pony seemed to have several.  What looked like to be part of a broken off horn poked through the dingy mess of a mane.

The two stared at each other, until Luna walked over to Twilight and brushed her mane back slightly.  The movement made Twilight look up, her eyes wide and shaking with fright.

"You were staring off into space."  Luna explained.

" didn't see it...?"  Twilight asked.  "There was a strange pony there a second ago...not moving, or anything..."

"Are you sure you're feeling alright, Your Highness?"  Flash Sentry asked.  "Perhaps you should just go back to the castle.  We'll have someone else get the wolfsbane for you."

"I'll get it."  Luna said.  "Twilight, perhaps it'd be better for you to return to the castle for now.  You seem...distant and unfocused.  You should get some rest and forget what happened earlier this morning."

Twilight nodded, and Luna flew off, leaving her and Flash Sentry alone.  They walked through the still silent streets, the sky growing darker from rain clouds.

"You know you don't have to follow me all the way back."  Twilight said.  They stopped by the fountain to rest for a while.  She gazed into the water, focusing on the movement of it spiraling down into the pool.

"Well, Princess Celestia's orders were to keep a close eye on you and guard you in whichever ways possible."  Flash Sentry replied.  He scanned the area, which was deserted.  The clouds in the sky were getting darker every few minutes, and soon, rain fell softly.

"Well, what if I wanted to just be alone?"  Twilight asked.  "In order to keep you safe from harm...from myself..."

"You think you're a danger?"  Flash Sentry asked.  Twilight nodded.  "To just others, or to yourself, as well?"  She didn't respond.  "Well, which one is it?"

"Why are you talking to me like this?"  She asked.  Her mane, now glistening from the now pouring down rain, covered her eyes from view.  "We've never talked.  Ever.  Why are you so talkative now?"

"I just want to get to know the pony I'm protecting."  Flash replied.  "Is that so wrong to do?"

Twilight looked up, her mane still covering her eyes.  "Perhaps.  If you knew the real me, you would be too afraid to even look at me.  I'm a monster, Flash.  A horrible monster...a murderer.  I wonder...will she haunt me?  The pony I killed?  Is she the one I'm always seeing in the static of my vision, always saying 'it's me'?  Will she always watch me like this?  I wonder..."  She paused for a moment, thinking.  "But, still, it seems...hazy.  Like a dream.  I'm not sure if I really did it myself.  It seems that my other side has struck again, with the real me, this me, trapped as a witness."  She turned to face her Champion.  "I have a voice inside my head, you know.  Not a voice that's my thoughts, but an actual voice.  We talk a lot, especially at night, when I'm watching the moon in the sky.  This morning, I was screaming at that voice to stop, to make everything go away, to save her, but the only thing the voice said was 'you can't.'  'Save her,' I called out.  'You can't.'  The voice replied.  Funny how that works, doesn't it?  Whenever it seems you do everything wrong, something right comes out of it, and when you do everything right, something wrong comes out of it in the end."

Flash started to walk back to the castle.

"I thought you were supposed to protect me and keep me safe."  Twilgiht called out to him.  He stopped.  "What are you doing just walking away?"

Flash turned around and saw that she was using her magic to create a shield from the rain, her eyes solemn.  " you remember what you just said?  About me knowing the real you?"

"What are you talking about?"  Twilight asked.  She lowered her shield and walked over, letting the rain fall on her.  "I never said anything like that."

Luna walked through the Everfree Forest, looking around.  The mud made it hard to walk around, and the rain was coming down in a thick curtain, mist curling around the trees ominously.  She wore a thin brown cloak she had gotten before leaving for Ponyville, which blew about her in the wind, the hood staying on.  She arrived to a large grove of wolfsbane, where she saw someone standing in the distance.

"Hello, there, Luna, last I saw you, you were quite weak."  They said, walking over to her.  "Now you are stronger, so you walk in, and for what do you seek?"

"Hello, Zecora."  Luna greeted, bowing her head to the zebra.  "I could ask you the same thing.  I need wolfsbane for Twilight.  She's trying out a potion for her friend Spike."

"Ah, yes, I have not seen Twilight in quite a while."  Zecora replied, walking with Luna.  "How does she fair, since her latest trial?"

"She's doing...alright, I suppose."  Luna said, gathering some wolfsbane and putting it into her bag.  "I'm troubled by how she's doing, to be honest.  She seems to be suffering from strange hallucinations, and goes from one personality to another."

"That doesn't sound familiar to you?"  Zecora asked.  They walked back to her cottage.  "Don't you think she's going through the same thing you went through?"

"Twilight's not being corrupted."  Luna said shortly.  "She can't be.  It's impossible for her to be at this point.  If she was, then we'd be seeing the signs earlier, rather than all of them appearing instantaneously.  It's something else."  She said farewell to Zecora, and walked back through to Ponyville.  "Could it be possible...that it's spreading again...?"

She walked around the school statue for what seemed the hundredth time.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Finally giving up, she left, leaving the other girl watching her on top of the statue alone.  It was raining, moderately hard.  The girl pulled her drawstring on her sweater a little tighter.  It was unusually cold that night, and she had just had to be out there to watch the other girl with her crazy observations.  She just wasn't sure what attracted her to the school, and the stupid statue.  There was nothing of interest at all.

A woman stepped out of the statue, wearing a thin brown cloak around her shoulders.  Her long, midnight blue hair blew softly in the wind.  She collapsed onto the ground, muttering what sounded like 'it's me' over and over again.  She looked up to the sky, her eyes vacant and dim.  The girl walked around the statue.

"Hey, are you alright?"  She asked.  The woman turned around and stood up, startled.  "Sorry.  I'm not gonna hurt you, okay?"

"No, it's just that...I needed to clear my head for a bit."  She replied.  "I just...need some time alone...and maybe it'll go away..."

"You idiot."  The girl muttered.  "That only makes it worse.  Here, try this."  She threw a small bottle to the woman, which she caught.  "My sister's got the exact same thing as you.  That stuff works miracles on her."

"How do you know that?"  The woman asked.

"It's in your scent."  The girl answered.  She turned away, then added, "Speaking of which, you'd better get out of here before anybody from your dimension's gone."

"How...?"  She asked again.  "How do you know...?"

"Your scent is just a little different from the Luna here."  The girl said, then jumped off the statue and walked off into the night without another word.  The woman walked through the statue again, putting the bottle in her bag.

She would need it for Twilight.
Project Dawnstars- Arc 1, Set 1, Chapter 3
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I'm also still working on the new character profiles, so please be patient about them.

Well, that about does it for updates, so let's move on.

niklik429 tagged me, so I shall do this...again.

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person must share ten things about themselves (in their own journals of course).
3. Answer the ten questions that you were asked and come up with ten questions for the people you tag. 
4. Tag ten people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Inform the people who are tagged that they are tagged. 
6. No "tagged if you read this" stuff. 
7. Legitimately tag 10 people, yada-yada-yada, you know the drill. 
8. No tag-backs.

10 things about me

1.  I'm currently writing fanfiction for the Phineas and Ferb, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton fandoms.

2.  I'm still wondering what the heck the "Layton 7" thing is.  Is it a joke, or what?  I doesn't make any sense to me.  The closest I've ever got to a reasonable explanation is that Layton gets turned into a dog, and he has to get back to normal...but even that makes no sense.

3.  I want Pokémon X and Dual Destines.  I'm watching a Let's Play of them both.

4.  My favorite Dual Destines characters are Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill, Juniper Woods, Hugh O'Conner, and Robin Newman.  New OTPs:  AthenaxApolloxJuniper.

5.  Bird Pokémon are awesome.

6.  I saw Catching Fire, and it was AWESOME.  Go see it if you haven't.

7.  Of all of the animes I've watched, I've only finished two series(B gata H kei and the subbed version of Cardcaptor Sakura.  I'm going to watch the rest of the dubbed version, too, because they changed the ending of it.).

8.  I watch Hetalia.(I'm not part of the fandom, though.)

9.  I'm a huge Vocaloid fan.

10.  I'm working on a new drawing technique.  It's a realistic anime style, and it's a lot of fun to draw in.

niklik429's questions

1. do you stare at the ceiling? (because i do)

No, not really.

2. what's your least favorite subject?

Freaking math and bio.

3. what are you looking forward to in 2014? crosses fingers hoping it's plvsaa

Oh, great. doesn't have a remove slash marks thing.  Yayz.

Well, there's The Wind Rises, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remake, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Not in that order, of course.

4. when you meet someone in school who ships your otp like you what will you do?

Instantly start talking to them about it.

5. do you consider yourself sarcastic?

Not really.

6. favorite instrumental? /hit in the head with a pipe by Layton

That's a tough one.  I'd have to say...once again, not in this exact order...




...The Trauma Team version of Vulnerability, Apollo's, Phoenix's, and Athena's themes in DD, Layton's themes(all versions, by the way), basically anything from the soundtracks of the Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton series, and Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

7. d...did i...*coughimprovecough*?


8. snackoos? (this is an ace attorney reference/shot by von karma)

SNACKOO ATTACK!!!!  *starts to throw Snackoos in random directions, laughing like a madwoman and singing "Ephinany" from Sweeney Todd*

(By the way...shouldn't that be "whipped by von Karma"...?)

9. do you have a 3ds? (if you do, i will go into your house and steal it)

Hey, you have one, now!  You're not getting mine!  *Clutches pink 3ds close to chest*

10. :iconobjection1plz::iconobjection2plz::iconobjection3plz:


My questions:

1.  Fergalicious, anyone?(Well, this got off on a GREAT start, lol....)


3.  Do you like Vocaloid?


5.  Pokémon or Digimon?  (Make your decision wisely.)


7.  Plain noodles.  What do you think of them?


9.  Have you noticed a pattern with these questions?

10.  ...DID SWEENEY TODD, THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.  *Death whistle blows, and I smile*

I tag....

I can't think of anyone else....

Well, I'm off to upload stuff.  See ya lataz!


Journal History


You can simply call me B.R.N.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello random person or fellow deviant! Please call me B.R.N, I would appreitate it.

As you can tell, I suck at spelling, which is ironic, since I want to become a writer when I'm older and I use big words like 'hence,' and 'therefore,' but you won't see that often.

Notice how I say OFTEN. That doesn't mean I WON'T use it, I'll use them OCCAISIONALLY.

Anyway, I am a writer, but I will post drawings. Probably not often, but yes, drawings are nice...

I mainly do Phineas and Ferb fan art and fanfics, though on occiasion I will do original stuff. I also have a lot second generation OCs, so be on the lookout for them as well.

I am a random, fun, Phineas and Ferb obsessive girl with a hot temper that I'm learning to control. I get inspired often, and by almost anything. An image of a squirrel, a song, something someone says, you name it. My imagination is a huge, endless land built on my memories, complete with a haunted dark wood. I spend most of my time there.

I listen to music A LOT, so most of my stuff is inspired by music.


I see critiques and sporks as 1) Hilarious means of entertainment, and 2) A way of telling people what they need to work on.

They're hilariously helpful.

Some things about me:

1. I do not bite. You can ask me about stuff, so don't be shy about it.

2. I would like comments as well as faves.

3. My writing can get pretty dark at times. If you don't want me to have an extrememely dark plot, tell me and I will lessen up on the darkness of my writing. Either way, it's going to be kind of dark.

4. I have a character named Marie Flynn. This is NOT Ely, Pao, and Mel's Marie, but a Marie that I created inspired by them. Same thing with my OC Olivia. She was inspired by Creepecrawlyman's Olivia, but is different from her.

5. I'm not the world's best artist, especially when it comes to anatomy. If you could give me some tips and stuff, that would be nice.

6. Most of my drawings' dates are in the ENGLISH format, so thet go by day-month-year, instead of month-day-year.

7. I am a huge anglophile(meaning I really like British stuff, hence #6.)

I think that's enough rambling here...

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niklik429 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i was gonna tell you.....

but i think u already knew...

lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yep. I learned about it on Court-Records.

Also, they're changing Mahoney's name to Aria, apearently.

I like Mahoney more, but whatever.
niklik429 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
mahoney mahone aria

as long as she's still mahoney

they can expect a run for mah moneh.

lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yep. If Level-5 changes Aryan's name, though, that's when I would be confused.
niklik429 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

nintendo magazine announce that the plvspw will be released by the end of 2013 :iconcutenessoverloadplz:

so i made this to celebrate [link]

lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Though, some people have been saying that it may be like Dual Destines, and be only available in the eShop, not a retail release.

At least, that's what I heard around Youtube, but I'll check Court-Records and both Wikis.

If it's retail, then I have one more thing to be excited for.

By the way(I'm just curious), but do you live in Europe or North America?
niklik429 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no, i live in asia,

specifically, the philippines
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm still jealous of Europe.

They're getting Azran Legacies before us.
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