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Chapter 11:  Which side matters more?


Cedric stood up as he heard a key in front door unlock it, and Emily walked in.  He walked over to her, smiling softly.

"Glad to see you back, Emily."  He said.  "I was just in the middle of making dinner.  Garlic chicken alfredo, your favorite."

Emily smiled tiredly.  "Thanks, Dad.  Sorry I'm a little late again today, I was showing our new friend Ava around Danville with the others, and we just lost track of time a little.  I didn't worry you, did I?"

Cedric nodded slightly, then frowned.  "What side is your new friend Ava on?"

"I don't know, she's probably a neutral, like me and Ferb."  Emily said as she took off her shoes and placed them by the door.  "Why does it matter if my friends are of the light or of the dark?"

"I just don't want them influencing you to go down the wrong path."  Cedric replied as he walked back into the kitchen and began stirring in pasta in a pot of boiling water.  "And you know which side I want you to be on, after all."

"Why won't you believe me when I say that I don't need a side to be on?"  Emily protested.  "I'm not of the light, the dark, or even the twilight in between!  I'm just here, watching the light and the dark destroy each other, and not joining in."

"That's impossible!"  Emily's father shouted, clutching the wooden spoon in his hand tightly.  " can't not have a side.  If you aren't one of the light, or the dark, or even the twilight in between, you can't truly exist.  It means you don't have a heart!"

"Well, maybe that's because I don't!"  Emily shouted back.  "What's wrong with me not having a heart?"

"Your mother lost her heart to the dark."  Cedric growled.  "I was worried the same would happen to you this morning.  Lured in by something dear to you, only to have you lost to the darkness, your heart stolen from you.  She was just a mere puppet, a lifeless thing that couldn't do anything for itself!"  He tuned around.  "You have a heart because your mother gave up hers for you!"

"Is this about the Elements Project?"  Emily asked, taking a small step back.  "Are you trying to find out my power this way, and what side I'm on?"

Cedric took a step forward.  "Where did you hear about the Elements Project?"  He grabbed her arm before she could even have a chance to react, and pinned her to the wall.  "How did you find out about that?  Rebecca and I...Rebecca and I destroyed all the research files on you.  There's no way you could've found out about that wretched experiment."

"Vince and Misti..."  Emily said, writhing and twisting to get out of her father's grasp.  He only tightened his grip on her.  "Vince and Misti are here in Danville...and our powers are slowly emerging...they've just been dormant all these years."  She turned into her Despair Forme, and Cedric let go of her as she ran out of the house, going back to her regular appearance.  Her father quickly followed after her.

"But, that's impossible."  Cedric protested.  "Your powers should've never been like this!"  He flinched as a strong wind blew through the street.

"They were changed, so I remained neutral, true to my nature."  Emily said, staying perfectly still as the wind tugged at her clothes and hair.  "I can now control the light and the dark to my advantage."  She gasped as she noticed black tendrils of darkness crawling on her skin.  Emily tried to shake them off, but it only made things worse, and she was soon engulfed in darkness, her eyes becoming cold gray dots, her body in silhouette, smoky trails of the dark coming off her, like a stray aura.

Cedric backed away, frightened.  "What..."  He whispered, trying to not show what he was feeling.  "What on earth is this...?"

Ava stopped looking through the Storyteller's world and instantly noticed that there was something off about the aura of her Stories.  She ran out of her room to find Vince and Misti sitting at their small dining table, eating dinner.

"You two went through my Stories, didn't you?"  She asked.

"Told you she'd find out eventually."  Vince said to his wife, who just scoffed at him.  "So, Ava, would you like to sit down and join us for some dinner, or are you just going to stand there and glare at us?"

"Which ones did you look in?"  Ava asked, growing slowly impatient.  "You didn't look in this one, did you?"

"No, we made sure to not even touch that Story."  Misti said as she ate some more of her rice.  "I looked through the really long one, and Vince attempted to read the rather gorey Story that neither of us could even get past even the first page."

"Wait, you read Give New Gifts, Give New Life?"  Ava demanded, incredulous.  "That Story had a curse on it!  If anyone read it for too long, they would be overwhelmed by a tremendous force of darkness that would eventually destroy them!"

"That's where the Cleansing Rain came in."  Vince replied.

"No, the Cleansing Rain can't stop it."  Ava explained.  "It basically resets and slows down the progression of it, but it doesn't get rid of the darkness.  Why would you go through my Stories in the first place, for that matter?  You didn't read it aloud, did you?"

"No, something told me not to..."  Misti said.  "But, I just wanted to know what was so important that you would keep such a tight lidded secret.  You never talked about your Stories in detail, after all."

"So, in other words, you don't trust me."  Ava accused.

"I'm not saying anything like that!"  Misti protested.

Ava suddenly turned around, distracted by something.  "Hold on.  I need to investigate something real quick."

"What's that?"  Vince asked, standing up.

"There's an overwhelming scent of darkness coming from somewhere."  Ava said softly.  "Somebody's become fully corrupted, and I think I know who that is."  She walked towards the door, then stopped.  "Don't even think about following me, okay?  I'll be right back."  She ran back into her room, grabbed her black cloak, put it on, and walked back towards the door again.  She stood in front of the door, took a deep breath, and held her hand out.  A large portal, a black and blue swirling vortex, opened up in front of her, and she ran through, the portal closing right behind her.

Vince and Misti were silent for a while, then went back to discussing how the reboot of the Elements Project was going, with everybody's powers becoming stronger than they thought they would.  Misti knew that Ava was hiding something, but didn't want to bring up the subject to Vince.

They didn't need words to say that they knew something was up with their new roommate.

Vanessa Doofensmirtz walked into her father's lair to find it completely dark.

"Um...what's going on in here?"  She asked, looking for a light switch.  As she found one, she heard a music box play faintly nearby.  A flurry of heavy footsteps shuffled around her, and she got into a fighting stance.  "I know that melody..."

As the squirrel animatronic, still holding Perry, flew towards Vanessa, she kicked its lower torso, causing it to recoil back from her.  The platypus was finally free of her grasp, and ran towards Vanessa, who quickly closed the door as soon as he crossed the threshold.

"Wait, where's Dad?"  The teenager asked, looking around.  "He's still not in there, is he?"  As soon as she said this, she saw the evil scientist walk up the stairs onto the penthouse landing.  "Okay, he's safe."

"Oh, Vanessa, you're finally here!"  Dr. Doofensmirtz greeted as he took her bags to the side and hugged her.  "Why are you just sitting outside the door?  I just had to step out to reset the power for, like, the hundredth time today."

"Something just tried to attack me when I walked in, that's why."  Vanessa explained as they walked back into the penthouse.  The animatronics and Norm surrounded Doofensmirtz when they saw him.

"Oh, we didn't know she was with you."  The squirrel said.  "We thought she was an intruder.  So, we went to try to capture her, but she kicked me, and I lost the other guy we had captured, too."  She looked down and saw a small dent on her breastplate.  "Oh, I'm a little dented now, too..."

"That's fine."  Dr. Doofensmirtz said calmly.  "You didn't know, and besides, it's probably time for Perry the platypus to be going now.  My Inator did, after all, thwart itself, in a way, so..."

Perry nodded, chattered, tipped his hat to Vanessa, and left, hopping into his hovercar and driving away.  Once he was out of view, Vanessa turned to her dad.

"Are you insane?"  She asked, putting her hands on her hips.  "You do know those things tried to kill me, right?"

"Well, I'm sorry, I just needed them for my Inator, and I didn't know how to tell them you weren't a threat."  Dr. Doofensmirtz explained, flustered with the sudden aggression.

Vanessa only got madder.  " didn't know how to tell them?"  She yelled.  "Facial recognition chips.  Show them a picture.  Tell them that I'm coming over and to not attack anyone who walks through the front door!  It's really simple when you just think about it."  She looked over a small section of the room.  "And what's that thing sitting on the floor over there?"

"Why is everybody so concerned about the animatronic sitting on the floor?"  Doofensmirtz exclaimed.  "Everybody's wondering what it is, I can't even touch it, there's no endoskeleton....  What's so important about a random golden animatronic sitting on the floor in the only dark corner of the room?"

"Wait, it's gold?"  Vanessa asked, astounded.  "And there's no endoskeleton for it, either?"

"Yes, that's what I said."  The evil scientist said.  "I don't think I could find one in the packaging."

"Dad, where did you get these animatronics?"  Vanessa asked, her eyes widening in a mysterious mix of fright and excitement.

"Um, I just got them off the Internet.  And for really cheap, too."  Dr. Doofensmirtz replied.  "Why?  What's so special about these things?"

"Whoever first got these things had a really good reason to, that's why."  Vanessa answered, looking at the golden animatronic leaning against the wall.  "And I have a feeling that after tonight, you'll want to sell them back, as well."

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 11
This is the introduction to another conflict and story arc the main characters will be facing, which is basically deciding which side to stay on, since all of them either have attributes of both the dark and the light, or haven't even chosen a side.

Also, I realized halfway through writing this chapter that I didn't really close the Doof n Perry arc, so here's me closing that arc.  But, probably not the thing with the animatronics.  Maybe I'll incorporate them into a later story or something.  Maybe.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 10:  Truth among the lies


Emily slowly drifted to the ground, transformed back into her regular appearance, and laid on the ground, unconscious.  Ava shyly came back into the backyard just as everyone was waking up from the spell.  Aeor and the woman were both nowhere in sight.

"They fled as soon as Emily shot her light arrow."  Ava explained to the three who were fully awake and on the ground.  She turned to Emily and softly muttered,  "You need to learn how to control your powers, and fast.  If you were able to use that move, then..."  Her voice trailed off and she sighed.  "This Changer...they're strong.  Really strong.  I mean, they shouldn't able to find me after I took off the cloak..."

"But, what exactly is a Changer?"  Phineas asked.  "You never answered that earlier.  I mean, yes, we were interrupted, but, still..."

Ava turned towards Phineas, then stopped, looking at something behind him, her eyes wide with a complex expression of horror and some other emotion he was unable to identify.  Phineas looked behind him, only to see nothing there.

"Ava, are you okay...?"  Phineas asked quietly.  She didn't answer, she only stared at that same spot, then sharply looked at the ground, her hands shaking slightly.  "Ava, what did you see?"

" doesn't matter!"  She snapped, still looking at the ground.  "It doesn't matter what I saw! don't need to know.  You should never know what I saw!"

Phineas backed away slowly from her, then helped some of the Fireside Girls get back onto their feet.  Everybody was confused as to what had happened, and where their invention had gone, but Phineas just said that there was some sort of malfunction and it blew up, and the explosion had caused everyone to be temporarily unconscious due to the fact that the mechanisms had something similar to a sleeping gas inside them.  Isabella jumped in to say that Emily was still unconscious because she had tried to rescue everyone from the machine after the four of them had escaped.

Neither of them liked lying to their friends about what had happened, but it was necessary to protect them.  Especially since the people who had tried to kill them earlier, the Riddlers, most likely knew that they were connected to the holders of the Elements.

When Phineas looked back at Ava a little while later, he could've sworn he saw tears running down her face.

Later that day, when everyone had left, Vince and Misti came over.  Emily had also woken up by then, and they were all glad to see the scientists.

"Hey."  Misti said quietly.  "We're here to run a few tests and see how your powers are developing.  Emily, since you've already used so much energy already, you can just take it easy, alright?"

"So, I'm guessing you know what that light rain was?"  Isabella asked.  "It was...very interesting.  As if all the darkness was slowly being taken away from my heart somehow."

"Well, that's what it's supposed to do."  Vince explained.  They followed him to the van, and he opened the back.  "That ability is called Cleansing Rain, and it sends down orbs of pure light to cleanse people of the darkness of their hearts.  Of course, Phineas and other people who have nothing but darkness in their hearts are an exception to it, unless their minds are corrupted, too."

"So, it affects people with darkness in their hearts, and light in their minds..."  Emily mused.  "How interesting..."

Ava nodded softly, as well.  "The Riddlers attacked us.  That's why Emily used the Cleansing Rain.  It was because she was surrounded by so much darkness in her Hope Forme, and she formed a pillar of light that dissolved into the Cleansing Rain to get rid of them."

"Thank you for telling us that, Ava."  Vince said.  "We're going to be heading over to the lab we used to use, before the government decided to snoop around and we had to relocate.  It's still in good condition.  I checked on it just this morning."

The five friends nodded, and climbed into the back of the van.  Meanwhile, Candace, still on the roof, sat there, wondering what exactly had happened.  She knew she had climbed on the roof for something, she just couldn't exactly remember what had happened to cause her to go up there.  She just simply shrugged and climbed back through her window, startling Stacy, who was waiting beside her computer patiently.

Vince hooked up Phineas to some machines first, and found a clipboard to write down on.

"So, why was the government snooping around this lab?"  Phineas asked.  "Was there something going then?"

"It was rumored that we were trying to make some kind of supervirus."  Misti explained.  "However, it was nothing like that, of course."

"But, they just could've asked, or interrogated some of the other scientists, right?"  Isabella asked as she was hooked to some machines by Misti.  "I mean, if it was just a bunch of rumors, then it could've been easily proven wrong, right?"

"It's illegal to do human testing."  Emily reminded her friend.  "They would've gotten into trouble just because of that.  That fact that we were just little kids back then is even worse."

"I suppose..."  Isabella said lightly.  "Though, this was for the good of humanity overall.  If the government could've just understood that, then maybe..."

"You really can't argue with politics and the such, Isabella."  Emily replied calmly.  "My father's a detective, so he knows that firsthand.  Many a time has he had to turn his back on who he trusted to get to the truth.  Several being politicians."  Isabella just nodded softly.  "I know you're the peacekeeper out of the four of us, but still, trying to avoid confrontation like this entirely...I suppose that's why you couldn't handle the power of the dark."

Isabella looked up sharply.  "What's that supposed to mean?"

Ava shook her head from where she stood, leaning on a pillar.  "I think what Emily's trying to get at is that you're too kind.  Too naïve to handle the dark that would fester inside your heart and destroy you in the end."

"What?"  Isabella asked, then turned to Emily.  "You think I'm naïve?!"

"Well, in the situation that Ava was describing..."  Emily nervously said.  "You're very...well, not naïve...but maybe, aloof, about the darkness around you."

"Aloof?"  Isabella shot back.  "That's worse than naïve!  I'm aware of the dark!  In fact, I'm not scared of the dark, either, unlike somebody else I know!"

Emily held out her hand, her eyes glowing darker, and summoned a long sword, white cloth strips of some sort wrapped around it.  She got into a fighting stance, using both hands to hold the sword.

"She's not supposed to do this in her neutral form."  Misti said worriedly.  "She's not supposed to summon weapons and the sort, not like this..."

Isabella took a deep breath and unhooked herself from all the machines, needles and wires flying around her.  She summoned a lightning sword and charged towards Emily.  Emily blocked her bows and swept the sword underneath the brunette's feet.  Isabella used the sword to get leverage and jumped into the air, plunging straight down when she was right above the blonde.

Emily leapt to the side swung the sword around again, hitting Isabella with the broad side of the sword, causing her to crash into the far wall.  She shakily got up and charged again, only to be blocked by a shield of darkness.  She let out a large wave of ground sparks, which Emily dodged, and Isabella broke through the shield, then leapt into the air again, staying in the air by a pair of cool gray wings, shimmering and transparent.

"How...?"  Vince asked, awe struck.  "Their powers...they've gotten much much stronger than we anticipated they would."

Isabella was knocked out of the air by Ava, who was shot by Emily by some sort of light beam.

"What the...?"  Isabella asked as she realized what had happened.  "What was that for?"  She lessened on her aggressiveness when she saw Ava clutching her side slightly.

"I'm fine."  Ava said.  She pulled her hand away to show that it her side was perfectly fine.  "I just wasn't expecting that to happen, is all."

"Isabella's wings, or my light beam?"  Emily asked as she walked over.

"Um, both."  Ava answered.  She stood up and patted Emily's shoulder slightly.  "I think something followed us from that world.  What it was, however, I have no idea."

"Why do you think that?"  Phineas asked as Vince unhooked him from the machines.

"Emily's aura shows signs of manipulation.  She shouldn't have been able to do any of that in her neutral form."  Ava explained.  "I'm probably going to have to go back in that world to do some recon there.  See if I can find any more Storytellers that know of any threats that stem from there."

"Oh, yeah, you mentioned doing recon earlier today, as well."  Phineas said.  "Something about Changers, as well..."

"You're quite persistent about finding out Changers, aren't you?"  Ava asked.  "Very well, then.  We have been getting interrupted all day whenever the subject comes up, so I suppose I owe you an explanation."  The four kids and two scientists walked over to her and formed a circle around her.  "Changers are regular humans who have the ability to manipulate the Story.  Several don't know of what they're doing, but a small handful are aware of their ability.  Either way, though, they're still highly dangerous, and they all need to be terminated upon initial discovery, to prevent corruption of the Story."

"But, they're just regular people!"  Isabella protested.  "How could you stand to do something so horrible?  Isn't your heart corrupted with darkness from that?"

Ava shook her head.  "Didn't you hear what Andressa, that woman with Aeor, said to me?  I don't have a heart.  I can't really feel emotions, I only mimic them.  So, in short, I guess you could say that I'm...used to death, in a way."

"I...see..."  Isabella muttered.

"But, I thought it was impossible for someone to live without a heart."  Emily replied.  "They just kind of change into a sort of form of either pure darkness or pure light."

"Yes, that's what most commonly happens."  Ava explained.  "However, there will sometimes be a by-product of sorts, that becomes a person without a heart.  Because of this, they can't be seen by normal people.  But, I was artificially made, purposely made without a heart."

"Why was that?"  Phineas asked.  "I mean, it doesn't make any sense."

Ava sighed, then straightened her glasses slightly.  "You ask the good questions, Flynn."  She took off her glasses and threw them to the side, shattering them on the floor.  "I'll give you that for one thing about you.  You know what to do to get the truth out of someone."

"And what does that mean?"  Vince asked, grabbing the boys.  Misti held onto the girls, both hesitant with making sudden movements.

"The reason why the Riddlers are so persistent in getting me back is because I was created by them to be a weapon."  Ava said, grinning evilly.  "A weapon to infiltrate the fortress of the Storytellers for this universe and take over from the inside.  That's why my powers are so unnaturally strong, and that's why I need all of you alive.  To steal your powers and use them against the other Storytellers."  She summoned two short range three pronged swords.  "And now that you know my secret, I have no choice but to kill you."

With those words, Phineas broke free of Vince's grasp, and Ava lunged towards him, Phineas summoning a fire sword.  That was when a bright light engulfed him, and when the light died down, his clothes were different.  He now wore a plain long-sleeved gold tunic with white trim and black pants.  His eyes were glowing an icy blue, and his weapon had changed into a long staff, a red orb on the top of it.

Ava paused for a moment, then got back into an attack stance.  Phineas leapt back and shot a long stream of fire at her, which she dodged and watched as the wall she had been standing at slowly burned, the wall also catching.

"Doesn't this seem familiar to you?"  Ava asked, her eyes glowing a misty grey.  The fire started receding.  "Doesn't this remind you of that night we first met, five years ago?  When you chose the path of the light, but betrayed it and went back to your nature of the dark?  Your anger fuels that darkness, which in turn fuels your power.  That's why you have a never ending hunger for the dark, a hunger that never gets sated.  You, Phineas, turned your back on what path you chose for your own nature, and that cost you dearly.  But, the difference with other people and yourself is that you have a light that shines within you, and that's what caused this to occur.  Your Effulgent Forme."

"Effulgent Forme..."  Phineas whispered, and his eyes stopped glowing.  He summoned away his staff, and he returned to his normal appearance.  The wall had nothing but a giant black mark on it from the fire.  "So, this was a test, wasn't it?  To see how we'd react to a traitor among us?"

"Exactly!"  Ava said happily.  Her eyes topped glowing.  "You catch on pretty quickly.  What, did you guys really think I was actually a weapon for the Riddlers?"  She laughed at the other's shocked faces.  "Like that was the truth!  It's actually pretty far from it, because I really have no idea why I was born without a heart.  I just...was, I guess.  Maybe we'll find out one day.  Who knows for sure, though, right?"

They agreed, and the rest of the tests were continued without incident.  Both Isabella and Ferb were unable to unlock their first Formes, but Ava assured them that it was fine like that.  Other than that comment, though, she was completely silent, searching throughout the world of the Storytellers, looking for an answer to what might've followed her and Emily into this world.

After about half an hour, they left the lab, Ava still being silent.  She walked into her room, sat on her bed, and continued searching throughout the world of the Storytellers, her hair flowing softly around her and she began to glow softly.

"Nobody's...there..."  She slowly whispered.  "Why can't I find anyone?  Where did they all go?"

Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 10
I ran out of room for the 0 in the number 10 with it being "The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN,"  so I took off the word "the."

But, anyway, yay, tenth chapter!  I'm hoping to pick up the plot a little more starting with this chapter, so be prepared for extra plot heavy chapters.  And a few more fight scenes, as we have two in this one.

Also, I've been watching a Kingdom Hearts 2 Let's Play recently again, which I'm pretty happy about.

We also see Phineas' first Forme here, which I had a hard time imagining in my head, and I know it's kind of plain here at the moment, in fact, all of them are kind of plain so far, but as they get stronger, their different Formes are also going to get stronger and change, as well.

By the way, I went with effulgent for the name because I was going to call it the Bravity Forme, but it autocorrected to brevity, which I had no idea what that meant, so I looked it up, and saw that the word of the day was effulgent, which fit this Forme perfectly, and I went with that.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 9:  Possessed writings


Vince carried Misti into the old lab, then placed her into a small pod, which softly lifted her up into the air, keeping her suspended there above a blue light.

Vince looked around.  For it not being used in almost seven years, it was still in pretty good condition.  There were a few broken windows here and there, and some of the older equipment was dusty.  But, other than that, everything else was in pretty good condition.  Even the electricity was still on.

"Do you need something, young man?"  A gruff, old voice asked.  Vince looked up to see an older man walking towards him.

"I'm sorry, sir."  Vince apologized.  "I was unaware that this lab was still in use."

"Yeah, it is."  The man said.  "By you.  What're you doing here?"

"My wife is in grave danger."  Vince replied.  "Some kind of darkness has entered her body, and it's corrupting her.  I just need the lab so that she can be in suspended animation until I can extract the darkness."

The man looked at Misti, then sighed heavily.  "That darkness isn't going anywhere anytime soon, my boy.  That's a special kind of darkness, designed to destroy what it seeks.  If you can find who created this darkness, you could remove it, but for now, your wife's going to be in suspended animation, probably for quite a while."

Vince scoffed and started to say something, but stopped.  He nodded, and left, sitting in the van in silence.

After a while, he finally spoke, letting his words swirl in the air around him.

"She couldn't have possibly done this, right...?"

Candace stuck her head out her window just when Phineas and the others were starting to get busy writing.  they were in several different pods in a circle, their faces on the top of the projection screen.  They chatted to each other when they heard the red head yelling.

"Phineas, Ferb, what're you doing?"  She asked, moving her curtains to the side.  "Argh, you stupid curtains, move already!"

"Hi, Candace!"  Phineas greeted.  "You've been busy.  You usually wonder what we're doing earlier."

"I've been a little distracted."  Candace explained.

"Candace, there's something running down the hall!"  Stacy said, panicking.  "I just saw something running down the hall at us, and we're dead again!"

"What?"  Candace asked.  "Running....they can run at you now?!"

"I guess so!"  Stacy answered.  "That was the cat, too, so I guess it can kill you two ways."

"Anyway, what are you doing so I can tell Mom and bust you?" Candace asked her younger brother.

"We decided to make a device that records our words and turn them into movies, which will appear on this screen."  Phineas explained.  "Wanna try it?"

"I have a feeling Ava had a part of this."  Candace replied.

"Yeah, she was our inspiration for this."  Isabella piped up.  "Why?  Does that matter to you, Candace?"

"I'm sure it does."  Ava said coolly.  "I can tell that she doesn't trust me very much.  The reason to why she doesn't remains a mystery to me, though."

"How come you don't trust Ava?"  Emily asked, twirling her pencil.  "She's kind enough, and she really isn't as mysterious as she seems to be once you get to know her."

Candace was silent.  "That strange air about has transferred itself to you, Emily."

Emily thought about what she had said, then nodded softly.  "Perhaps it has, or maybe it was with both of us all this time..."

"Yes, perhaps you didn't notice it until you first met me."  Ava added in.  "I have been told that I do have a quite interesting aura."

Candace shook her head.  "No, it's not your aura I'm concerned about.  It's when Emily and you came back from wherever the heck you two were last night.  I think something followed you, and got into your aura.  It's affecting you.  Slowly, but the aftermath will be definite.  It'll never leave."

Ava smirked.  "My, my, somebody's quite observant.  When did you learn to read people's auras like that?  Even I have trouble sensing corruption on that scale."  Ava looked up slightly.  "That armband...where did you get it?"

"I found it.  Yesterday."  Candace replied.  "When the earthquake hit."

"I see..."  Ava mused, leaning back slightly.  "So, when they found the necklaces, you found the armband.  We have a Changer around here, then...I'm surprised I didn't see it when I was doing recon..."

"A Changer?"  Isabella asked.  "What's that?"

"And what's this about recon?"  Irving asked.  Buford and Baljeet agreed.  "Were you spying on us or something?"

"Alright, Dinner Bell, who exactly is this Ava chick?"  Buford asked Phineas, who in turn recoiled slightly at his harsh tone.  "You're not telling the whole story here!"

"Why are you hiding things like this from your own close friends?"  Baljeet demanded.  "All we want to know is who she is, and you won't give us a straight answer!"

"You guys, there's some strange people here, and they have weapons."  Gretchen said, adjusting her glasses slightly.

Ava looked down at the ground and cursed loudly.  "Sorry.  I really, really can't stand these people."  She enlarged her picture on the screen.  "What do you want, you ba...idiots?  I see the major isn't with you either, how typical."

Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella looked down and saw the man with long dark blue hair and the young woman with navy blue hair in a ponytail from the previous day standing in the backyard, the man holding a thick book in his hands and the woman with a small belt of grenades around her waist and a couple of heavy duty sniper rifles strapped to her back.

From the previous day, their clothes were quite different.  Both had worn a heavy black cloak, like the one Ava had, with the hood off, but now, they wore different clothes.  The man wore a loose fitting black robe, like one that a mage or wizard would wear.  The woman wore a black tight fitting tank top styled shirt, going down only to cover her breasts, and a lighter gray vest going down to her belly button with baggy camo pants and black combat boots.

"What are they doing here?"  Isabella asked Phineas.  Phineas shrugged in reply.

"You know what we want, Songbird."  The woman said, holding out her hand.  "I'm surprised you managed to gain their trust so quickly."  She clenched her outstretched hand into a fist, and everybody fell to the ground, the spheres opening up.  "Now, give me their power."

Emily gasped and sank into her seat slightly.  Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella sat up a little straighter and took off their helmets slowly.

Ava shook her head.  She attempted to say something, but quickly closed her mouth.

The woman stepped forward, smiling.  Everybody was too shocked to say anything, or even move.  She gently tilted Ava's head up, her fingers brushing her chin.

"I didn't think you'd have the heart, or should I say, lack of heart, to do that to them."  She purred.  Ava's eyes slowly turned black and opaque.  "I wasn't confirming if you'd already done it, I was asking you to do it now."

"Stay...away..."  Ava finally managed to whisper.  "Please...stay away from me...."

"What's that?"  The woman asked.  "Did something attach itself to you again?  You poor thing..."  Ava knocked the woman's arm out of the way quickly as her hand trailed up the side of her face.  "Such aggressiveness...this is something new even to me."

Isabella slowly started to stand up.  Phineas saw her and motioned for her to sit down again.

I can't control my powers...  Isabella thought.  But, I have to fight, for my friend...that's they do for you, after all, right?  Don't friends fight for you, even in the most dire of situations?

Emily nodded softly, as if in agreement, and Ferb just looked up in confusion.

Phineas gasped softly when he saw this and realized what had happened.  He had heard her thoughts in his head, and Ferb and Emily had, as well.  Isabella, our thoughts...they're connected.  I guess all four of us can communicate telepathically now.

The three of them nodded and agreed when they heard this.

We can form a plan this way, unless, of course, the enemy can hear our thoughts.  Emily thought-spoke to them.  And if they can, they're staying pretty quiet about it.

The four of them were silent for a while, the gears in all their minds turning rather quickly.  All of them forming a plan of attack, yet staying rather quiet about it, blocking out everybody from their thoughts.

"Aeor..."  The woman said softly.  "These pests have been silent for a while.  In fact, let's make them even quieter, shall we?"

The man, Aeor, nodded and opened his book, the words glowing on the page as he muttered aloud some of the words.  Everybody except for Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Emily, Ava, and Candace slumped over, unconscious.  Candace cautiously stepped out of her window to the roof, hanging on the sill slightly.

"They're protected."  Aeor said to the woman.  "Shall I do the usual?"

"Go ahead."  The woman sneered.  "Except the Songbird.  The Songbird's mine.  But, I'll leave you to kill the rest.  Have fun."

The four on the ground scattered, and the one left on the roof stood still, horrified.  Phineas ran around to the front of the house, Isabella rushed towards Ava, and Ferb and Emily ran to the center of the yard.

Isabella summoned a sword, sparking with lightning, and plunged it into the ground, sending several shockwaves through the backyard.  Ferb created shields of wind around everyone, and Emily linked her and Ferb's necklaces together, which caused a bright flash to emerge, sending them away from the others, into a world filled with empty auras.

The woman dodged Isabella's attacks, and pulled off her belt one of the grenades.  Isabella gasped, and kicked it out of her hand and sent it flying into the air.  She ducked as the grenade exploded, and Phineas leapt through the smoke and flames from the roof, brandishing a bow and arrow, and shot at Aeor.

Aeor nearly got hit by the fire arrow, but sidestepped it just in time to avoid being shot in the arm.  Phineas landed on the ground and shot again, this time for his other am, then his leg.  Aeor dodged the one going for his arm, but got hit on his calf, causing him to fall to the ground, the fire burning his skin.

Phineas put away the bow and switched out for Ferb, who ran towards Aeor, only to get pushed away forcefully to the side.

"I've got it!"  Phineas said.  "Aeor's blind, but he can see auras.  That's why he couldn't see my arrows.  Be careful around him!"

"He can probably use magic, as well."  Emily said.  "Let's get that book away from him."

The others nodded, and set out on a new strategy.  Emily leapt into the air, Ferb using his wind manipulating abilities to keep her aloft.  Isabella kept low to the ground again, attacking the woman straight on this time, with her sword.  As Isabella attacked her, Phineas ran towards Ava and ushered her to the front yard, away from most of the fighting.

Emily levitated in the air, her hair blowing about her when she felt a strange light surround her.  Her appearance changed again, this time with her hair long and free flowing white, and wearing a long white dress.  She summoned a beautifully curved ivory bow, with ivy leaves on the wood and a white lotus flower on the top, which slowly turned into a light pink flame.  She pulled back the string and fired, an arrow made of pure light piercing the ground in front of Aeor and sending large shockwaves through the air and engulfing everything around them in a bright light.

Doofensmirtz grumbled as he walked towards the Haunted Pizzeria-Inator, still annoyed by Norm's eccentric behavior.

"Well, let's charge this baby up!"  He said, laughing.  He flipped the switch on the side of the machine, and there was a sudden popping sound, and the lair grew dark once again.

" much power this Inator used."  Doofensmirtz said after a while, sighing again.  "Norm, you're in charge of the animatronics.  Animatronics, no biting!  Or eating, for that matter.  I'm going down to the basement...again..."

However, just as the evil scientist reached the door, a large pillar of light shot through the air, parts of the light beam flying in other directions, one of them being right towards the Haunted Pizzeria-Inator, which caused it to shatter into several small pieces.

"What?!"  Doofensmirtz exclaimed, running towards the smoking remains of the machine.  "My's ruined!  Gone!  What the heck is raining from the sky?"

Small orbs of light, like rain, were falling from the sky to the earth slowly, gently.  The animatronics dropped Perry and walked towards the balcony to see the light rain.  The agent followed, and saw that they weren't the only ones to see it.  Several people had stopped what they were doing to look at what was happening.

One of the animatronics, the beaver, lifted his hand to catch one of the light orbs.  A soft glow went through his body, and he smiled.

"I feel...lighter, somehow..."  He said.  "It's like all the darkness has escaped my body..."  The other animatronics and Norm nodded.  Doofensmirtz lifted out his hand to one of the light orbs and felt the same way, as well.

"It's like all the resentment in my heart has been taken away from it and sent away to never be seen again..."  The scientist mused.  "Well, Perry the platypus, I guess you really have nothing else to do today, unless you just want to hang out for a bit.  Vanessa's supposed to come by later today, you know..."

Vince saw the light rain from inside the van, and instantly knew what it was.  He ran back inside the lab, unhooked Misti from the machines, and brought her out to the front steps.  A few light orbs fell on her, and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Cleansing Rain..."  Misti whispered softly.  Vince nodded and embraced her.  "She...used the Cleansing Rain..."

"Their powers are growing stronger than they did before..."  Vince replied.  "But, I'm still worried about what happened to you.  There's definitely something wrong with Ava...if she actually is able to do that to you, then there's something that all of us are missing about her..."

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 9
Fight scenes are fun to write.  I've missed writing fight scenes.

Hopefully, eventually after writing this story, I'll upload some info sheets about everyone's powers and stuff, because I'm going to be starting on Emily's background story after that, then the convergence points for this story, and then moving onto the sequel, which will probably cause me to update those info sheets.

And that's just for this series.  This doesn't add in the other series I need to start working on, as well.

But, anyway, as you can tell, there's a ton of different powers they now have, they just come in slowly instead of "suddenly, powers!"  Because that was what had happened before in the old version of this.

Actually, I need to do info sheets for...just about everyone.  Those will probably also be after this story and while I write all the other ones I have already said I'm going to be doing for this series alone.

Also, I have a feeling this is going to be longer than the old version...

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Story, related characters (c) Me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

Chapter 6


March 18, 7:00 p.m.
Hotti Clinic- Room 5053

Maya was still looking out the window when Dr. Sycamore walked in, her hair put back up in its usual style.  She turned around when she heard the door open, her expression quite a perplexing one:  Her mouth was a slightly curved line of apathy, but her eyes reflected sadness, and even a hint of fear reflected in them.  The fading sunlight streaming in through the window caused her features on her face to be covered in shadow, causing them to make her look like something quite wiser than she was, a past version of someone like her.

"So, I'm supposed to be heading downstairs for the overnight evaluation now?"  She asked the doctor.  He nodded, and she got up out of her bed.  "Very well, then.  But, I do have trouble sleeping sometimes."

"Oh, that's quite fine."  Dr. Sycamore replied, taking her hand and leading her away from her room.  He waited for her to get on a pair of slippers before taking her any further.  "We'll put you to sleep using a special gas.  It'll also keep you asleep, as well, in case you have any problems staying asleep."

Maya and Dr. Sycamore got into a small elevator and rode down in silence to a basement level, thick concrete walls surrounding them in.  Large rooms with wide windows and monitors stretched out as far as Maya could tell in that section.  Maya could tell they were close to the morgue, because she could feel the energy left behind by the departed around her.

"Please remove any metallic items and jewelry you may have on."  A nurse said to Maya as she walked over to them, holding a small bin.  "You'll put them in this plastic bin here, and in the morning you can pick them up from upstairs.  It's so the data from the instruments doesn't get corrupted.  It's highly delicate."

Maya nodded and undid her hair, then hesitantly took off her magatama necklace and put it in the bin as she was told.

"Please don't let it get damaged."  Maya said as the nurse walked away.  The  nurse nodded, and Dr. Sycamore left as she got changed into a new gown and had electrodes stuck to her skin.

"So, what are we monitoring?"  Maya asked when he came back.  She sat on the bed in the middle of the room, which had scratchy, uncomfortable sheets and felt like cold metal underneath.

"We're going to be monitoring your brain waves and pulse, as well as a projection of what could be in your dream at that point in time."  Dr. Sycamore replied, putting a hand on her shoulder.  "We'll also play back the dream for you, so we can test you a little further of what reactions you get from recalling it back.  Is it okay for you to be lying flat on your back with your injuries?  Do you know?"

"It should be fine."  Maya said.  "After all, you did have me restrained to my bed for most of the morning..."

Dr. Sycamore nodded slightly, then clapped his hands together.  "Well, then, let's begin, shall we?  After we start the administration of the gas, I'm going to be outside that window with those other doctors there, and we'll control everything from there manually.  If anything happens inside the building, I can wake you up instantly and we'll do whatever procedure we have to do."  Maya nodded, and he gently pushed her back onto the bed, holding a small mask up to her face.  He twisted a valve on one of the bottles nearby, and instantly ran out of the room, closing and locking the door.

"Vitals are doing well, brain waves are normal..."  One of the doctors said as he started messing with the controls slightly.

"Good.  Let's see that dream simulation."  Dr. Sycamore replied.  "I want to know what caused this to happen..."

March 18, 9:45 p.m.

Outside the theater

Phoenix and Pearl walked outside the movie theater, Phoenix looking quite embarrassed and Pearl quite happy.

"I still think you could've told me that it was a horror movie, Pearls..."  Phoenix muttered softly.  He grabbed her arm so she wouldn't get lost in the now growing crowd of nightlife.

"But I hadn't seen that one yet."  Pearl replied.  "I liked that movie a lot.  The ending was really sweet, too...the way he told her that he would her never leave her side was so touching and romantic, don't you think?"

"Yes, the romance aspect was very nicely done, as was the horror."  Phoenix added.  "I wouldn't have really thought that it could've been done without almost every scene having a jumpscare, though..."

"But those jumpscares were so well done!"  Pearl protested.  "You really couldn't tell when they were gonna pop up.  I mean, you saw them, but then, there they were when you completely forgot about them."

Phoenix nodded, slightly distracted.  "Is it just me, or...?"

"No, I don't think so."  Pearl whispered.  "There's something wrong...something feels off somehow..."

March 18, 8:30 p.m.
Hotti Clinic- Basement level, sleep observation room 1

"Dr. Sycamore, these wave readings are quite high."  A doctor said, pointing it out on the charts.  "I've never seen these spikes before.  They were normal just a couple minutes ago..."  She ran over to a monitor, filled with different types of medicines, then looked back up at the leader of the small group.  "Dr., what do we...?"

Dr. Sycamore didn't even seem to be paying attention to anything around him, only watching the dream simulation and the small charts next to it with a look of insane joy shining in his eyes.

"What's going on in her dream?"  One of the nurses asked.  Another asked the same thing, and there was soon a crowd gathered in front of the little screen on the window.

The only one who didn't was the doctor who had noticed the sudden spike in brain activity.

Maya had grabbed a small key, bronzed from age and with two sets of teeth instead of one.  She held it in her hand tightly as she walked out of the courthouse library and down a small flight of steps.  She didn't even feel in control of her body anymore, it was as if she was being pulled along by some invisible force, her body moving gracefully down that familiar corridor.

However, she knew what was happening instantly.  Maya tried to stop herself, but only to have her efforts be in vain.  She screamed out, tried to turn around, stop moving, but she kept inching closer to that door.

The door that she never found the secrets to.

The door that never opened for her, because she was too afraid to see what was on the other side.

Falling to the ground, Maya suddenly got up and ran towards the door, practically jamming the key in the lock, twisting it around to make the other set of teeth fit, and hearing the click of the door unlock.

Maya stepped back a little, horrified at what she had done.  She had never lost control of what she did like that before, but the other side of her soon took control again, walking towards the door and pushing it open, a large gust of wind almost pushing her back.

"I'm not doing it this time!"  She screamed, feeling the heat of a hot iron spear near her neck.  "I didn't continue the dream....  The people on the other side of the glass....they forced me to...!"

At that moment, the spear was taken away from her neck and placed into her hands.  The wind went away, and  Maya stepped forward, shattering the world, like pieces of crystal dancing around her.

The doctors and nurses were horrified at the dream, which had now been reduced to static on a screen.  One of the doctors turned to ask Dr. Sycamore something, only to see him running out, hurriedly getting into the elevator.

The glass on the other side shattered, a thick bottle of some sort of gas lying on the floor.  Maya stood in front of the window silently, then climbed over the glass that was remaining in the frame and dropped to the ground.  A metal pipe in her hand.

This was barely registered by the doctors before Maya held it up in a striking position and knocked the first doctor to the ground by hitting her jaw, then her left temple.  The second doctor was roughly pushed to the side and got a metal pipe to the back of his head.

The third doctor, however, had better plans.

He grabbed a small syringe filled with a tranquilizer and a bone saw, rushing the spirit medium.  She smiled, then dropped the pipe, grabbed the saw, and drove it into his side, hitting the syringe out of his hand.

One of the nurses had found a fire extinguisher, and used it to covered the room in foam and mist, but it only backfired.  Maya found the nurses almost instantly, and rushed them with either the pipe or the bone saw.

"What are you doing...?"  A voice asked behind Maya.  She turned around and saw the doctor who hadn't paid attention to the dream.  She was sitting on the floor, bloodstains in her clothes from when she tried to stop Maya and never got close enough to do anything.  "Why are you doing this to us...?"

Maya picked up the fire extinguisher and walked towards the woman.  Her voice was cold and emotionless, almost as if she had explained it a million times before.  "I had no choice.  They were more interested in what went on in my head than what was going on with me in reality.  Besides, they knew too much about it.  What was 'wrong' with me...if I didn't destroy them now, I would've done it later on in the future.  You were the only one who was actually concerned about me, and even tried to stop me at times.  I guess not all mortals are cruel, after all..."

"So, then, what are we going to do now...?"  The doctor asked, standing up slowly.

"Well, since I like you, I'll spare you for now."  Maya said.  "But, I need to go after Sycamore.  He's the real target in all this."  She walked over to the elevator.  "We'd better find a way to corrupt the footage from this camera, too.  Cover up our tracks."

"Wait."  The doctor said.  Maya stopped.  "What does Sycamore know?  Why are you going after him?"

Maya turned to face the doctor, then simply smiled.  "Everything that my Key doesn't know about himself, and the role that he plays in everything."

March 18, 10:45 p.m.
Hotti Clinic- Main Lobby

"Dammit, why did the traffic have to be so bad tonight?"  Phoenix said as he and Pearl ran into the lobby.  "It took us an entire hour to get here...Pearl, what do you know about this night?  What happens here tonight?"

"We've usually been getting here before everything happens, so I'm afraid that this all unfamiliar to me."  Pearl replied, then paused.  "Wait."

"What?"  Phoenix asked, then gasped as Pearl held her arm out, a large scythe appearing in her hands.  It was made of black ivory, silver and red braiding slightly in a double helix around the handle.  The blade was a pristine gleaming silver color, and the bottom of the handle was a shorter, pointed blade, this one a darker gray.

"Keyblade is around."  Pearl said, her voice becoming deeper again.  "And there's a hatched Death Seed nearby."

March 18, 9:36 p.m.
Hotti Clinic- Nurse's Lounge

"So, that's why you need him alive..."  The doctor, Stephanii, mused.  "I would've never guessed that's what had happened to you."

"Yes, it's a lot, I know."  Maya replied.  She was wearing her magatama again, and was smiling softly, even though her eyes reflected a look of pain.  "I've been through quite a bit, and it isn't even just me, of course.  All the women of Kurain have been through a similar fate."

Stephanii brushed some of her coppery red hair to the side.  "Oh, wow.  So, it's no wonder you acted like that with your magatama off..."

"Hm?"  Maya tilted her head to the side.  "Oh, so it happened again...I see..."  She looked down slightly.

Stephanii was slightly alarmed at the girl's sudden change of mood.  However, she knew she had to find out about her new ally as much as she could.  "What happened the last time something like this occurred?"

March 18, 10:00 p.m.
Hotti Clinic- Room 5053

Pearl shivered as she walked into Maya's room, which had been Phoenix's idea of where to start looking.  Still an empty field of white, with the curtains lying still.

"Edgeworth."  Phoenix said.  The prosecutor turned around the sound of his name.  "What are you doing here?  Where's Maya?  Do you know?"

Edgeworth shook his head.  "No, I'm afraid not.  Kay ran off on me when we entered, saying something about a sort of seed, or some such nonsense."

"A Death Seed."  Pearl responded.  "It's hatched somewhere in this hospital.  Keyblade...she isn't strong enough to take on a Death Seed that size on her own."

Phoenix was just about to ask what exactly a Death Seed was when Pearl took off her magatama necklace, handed it to him, and told him to keep it safe.  She faded from their view as she walked out of the room, and other than that, there was silence from the two men.

"So, I guess we should just look for Maya on our own, then..."  Phoenix said quietly.  He picked up his own magatama from out of his pocket and found it to be glowing slightly brighter than usual.  "What the...?  It's never done this before..."  He walked outside the room to find the glow getting brighter.

As Phoenix followed the magatama's glow, he began to think.  It was, after all, quite easy to think freely if one was already preoccupied with a specific task on their mind.

I wonder if it's reacting like this because this is Maya's magatama.  Phoenix thought.  He looked into each of the rooms and found nobody in sight.  Yes, that must be it.  It's finding its original owner.  In fact, whenever, I hold in it my hand, I can feel a familiar aura emanating form it...Maya's aura.  She must've attached herself to it somehow, but who knows when that was?  And, more importantly, why would she do it?  Does she actually know the truth of what's happening right now?  Does she really know Pearl's secret, and why she can never escape this nightmare...?

The magatama suddenly stopped glowing, and went back to what it looked like before.  Phoenix put it back in his pocket and saw that there was only one door ahead of him.

I have a feeling that I'm needed to be her side.    Phoenix thought as he walked closer.  That I play a much bigger role in this than I think I do.  But, I've always felt that way towards her.  Like I'm protector...No, it's more than that.  It's like...I'm needed for her very survival, as if her life depends on me...

Phoenix finally made it to the door, and pushed it open.  The two women inside the room turned around upon hearing the door open, one standing up and smiling softly.

"So, you've finally found me..."

Courtroom Phantom- Chapter 6
There's just a bit of violence in this chapter, but, just to be safe, I put the warning on there.

There's not much to say about this chapter, to be honest.  I'm just happy to put up another chapter of this story.

Ace Attorney, related characters (c) Capcom, Nintendo

Story, related characters (c) Me

Chapter 8:  "We're still here..."


Misti and Vince sat on the floor of Ava's bedroom, Vince still staring at the first few pages of the Story he had chosen to read.

"This is highly disturbing..."  Vince whimpered.  Misti finally grabbed the book from him and started reading.  It only took a her a few lines to put it back down, slightly pale.  "Do you see what I mean?"

"The one I'm reading had slight gore, but nothing at...this level..."  Misti said.  "I mean, listen to this part..."  She picked up the book again, about to read a part aloud, when she dropped the book, covering her ears and letting out a small scream.

Don't read it aloud...never read the Story aloud...lest you want to die...

Misti blinked, her ears ringing.  She barely heard the words over the earsplitting loud static and screams.

"Misti, are you alright?"  Vince asked.  He looked around slightly.  "Maybe we should put all of these back.  I don't like this...I'm constantly getting the feeling of being watched."  Misti nodded and started stacking the composition books back up.  "Come on.  I want to monitor them for a bit.  Their powers are still slightly weak, but they should be getting stronger soon.  We should run some tests later today, as well."

"Or, maybe you're just anxious to get out this house."  Misti said, pushing the stack back to where it belonged.  "Away from these Stories..."  They left Ava's bedroom, Misti closing the door behind them.  She sighed and leaned against the wall, holding her head slightly.

"Misti, are you alright?"  Vince asked he turned around.  She tried to take a step forward, but collapsed and fell onto the floor, her husband by her side in an instant.  No response in any way.  This was no fainting spell, it was something else entirely.

He picked her up and rushed her out to the van, where he began hooking her up to some of the machines, monitors blinking on and revealing nothing.  Clearing a low table, Vince laid Misti on it and got into the driver's seat and took off towards the old lab; he knew that the hospital was out of the question because nothing had really caused her to be this way.

Nothing known to regular humans, at least.  Vince and Misti both thought of themselves as being irregulars, seeing things that normally couldn't be seen.

" ' "But we're still here," they called out.' "  Ava read aloud to Melissa, who had joined Isabella on the way back from getting parts for the machine.  The Lil' Spark had took an immediate liking to Ava, and her Story.  " 'The person right in front of them still didn't notice their presence.  "We're still here," they said, "and we're alright.  Why can't you see us?"

" 'The sound of footsteps grew louder, and someone said behind them, "They don't notice you because you can't be noticed.  You are now on a separate plane of existence from them.  The only thing you can do is watch them live their lives, and watch them slowly forget you and your lives you once held."  Through the smoky haze, the girl walked towards them and grabbed their hands.  "You two made this sacrifice so the others could return safely.  I'm sorry you have to go through this tragic fate, but it's better than what could've been, don't you think?" ' "  Ava turned the page and smiled softly.  Melissa had fallen asleep, leaning on her arm.  She whispered the last few lines quietly, moving softly to not wake her.  " 'And so, the two smiled sadly at their friends, said goodbye, and walked back, knowing that they would never have their voices reach them again.  They lived silently in that other world, and got along well, and watched their friends grow without them, but were perfectly content with knowing they were safe.' "

Ava slowly got up and walked over towards the boys, on the ground working on the base.  The Fireside Girls were working on the sides, using cranes to get them to the places they couldn't reach.

"Wow, this looks amazing so far."  She said as she walked around.  "You guys weren't kidding when you said that this was going to be a pretty big project."

"Actually, this one is quite tame in terms of size."  Baljeet said.  "Ask Irving, he has pictures of every project we've done this summer."

"Well, I might've left the scrapbook at home today..."  Irving said nervously.

"That's fine."  Ava said.  "I've heard about your travelling around the world on the Summer Solstice from when I was in Tokyo.  I can kind of imagine the scale of your inventions from just that."

"Oh, so you must know my cousins, then."  Ginger said from where she was.  "Or did you just hear it off the street?"

"Off the street."  Ava replied.  "Sorry, Ginger, I don't think I bumped into any of your cousins when I was there."

Ginger only shrugged slightly in response.  Ava looked at her curiously, then shrugged as well, everybody starting to work on the project.

"So, what's this game you got for me called again?"  Candace asked.  She clicked on the icon.  "Six Nights at Susanne's?  I don't think I've heard of it."

"Well, it just got released a couple of weeks ago, so it's pretty new.  Open it in windowed mode.  You have a good quality webcam, right?"  Stacy asked, opening other files and checking a few things.  "But, anyway, it's this really cool horror game Ginger showed me the other day.  I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it seems to be pretty fun!"

Candace sighed slightly.  "So, what's with all the other things up?  Wait a minute, you said this was a horror game?  Stace, you know I'm not good with stuff like that..."

"Yeah, well, nether am I, but I really have nobody else to play this game with, I really don't want to play it alone, and besides, if we film it, I could put it on the Internet.  You'd be like, an Internet celebrity."  Stacy replied.  "I'm going to do a sound test real quick."

"So, if I do well at this game, then I could be famous on the web?"  Candace asked.  "Oh, wow, I'd love that!"

"Yep, that's the plan anyway."  Stacy replied, checking the volume settings on everything.  "Now, Candace, in order for us to do well at this, I need you to not get distracted by your brothers.  I don't want to play this anymore than I already have to."

"Well, it's not Phineas and Ferb I'm worried about, it's that Ava chick."  Candace responded, looking out her window.  "She has such a strange air about her...but then again, so does Emily..."

"Yes, but you like Emily."  Stacy pointed out.  "So, what makes Ava so different from her?"

"I think it's the way Emily and Ava hold themselves."  Candace explained.  "Emily walks around like she's trying to reach a higher place than she's already at.  As if there's some thing she's tries to reach out for, but can't.  In fact, it's almost as if she's given up on that goal entirely.  Ava on the other hand, walks as if she's already reached that place Emily's trying to get to."

"But, why exactly does this affect the way you see them?"  Stacy asked.  "What is this place Emily's trying to get to?"

"I'm not sure, myself."  Candace said.  "But, it's a strange feeling I'm getting whenever I'm around her.  It's like...a feeling that is unfamiliar, but nostalgic in a way at the same time...  Does this make any sense?"

"Um, kind of, I guess...?"  Stacy replied, slightly confused.  Candace just sighed tiredly.

Dr. Doofensmirtz finally arrived in his lair a few minutes after Perry had gotten there.

"Okay, and now that I've done that, it should work..."  He said, and flipped on the light switch.  The lights turned on, and the robots smiled at the evil scientist once they saw him.

"Oh, you have Perry the platypus!"  Dr. Doofensmirtz said as he walked towards them.  "Good job, animatronics.  Sorry I couldn't greet you, Perry the platypus.  The power in the building's been on the fritz, and quite limited to each apartment, so each time I use too much, I have to walk, actually walk, by the stairs, to the basement level and change the generator's battery.  So, it takes me quite a while to go all the way down to the basement, then find the generator, find the battery, then change it, and go all the way back up to this floor.  I'm getting quite a workout, though!  So, I guess that's a pro to all those cons, or cons to all those pros, or whichever one it is.  Anyway, animatronics, Norm, walk with me."

The three animatronics and Norm looked at each other, then followed Doofensmirtz over to a rather large laser, with old pizza cardboard cutouts and an old paper plate doll stuck to it.  The label on it read, "Haunted Pizzaria-Inator."

"Behold, the Haunted Pizzeria-Inator!"  Doofensmirtz yelled, pointing at it.  "So, the backstory behind this is--"

"Sir, you spelled 'pizzeria' with an 'a' instead of an 'e'."  Norm pointed out.

"Yes, Norm, I know, but I can't change it because the paint hasn't finished drying yet."  Doofensmirtz said.  "Great, now you interrupted me in the middle of my backstory.  Let me start again."  He cleared his throat.  "So, the backstory behind this Inator is that lately my daughter, Vanessa, you know her, Perry the platypus, you don't know her, animatronics, you haven't met her yet.  See, see how this is confusing, Norm?  I'm talking to Perry the platypus, who probably knows all this already, and then I'm also explaining it to the animatronics, who are completely new.  It's really confusing."

He sighed, getting back on topic.  "Anyway, lately Vanessa's been playing this game lately, I forgot the name of it, but she's been getting me slowly hooked on it, and I was thinking, 'hey, there's a pizzeria right across the way.'  You see, the pizzeria in the game isn't that great.  Something about missing children, and possessed animatronics who want to stuff you into a suit to be like them, I think..."  He tapped his chin slightly.  "So, I was thinking, if I can cause those events to happen in real life, then the police would have to get involved, right?  Make it a little worse, and the mayor, my brother Roger, would have to get involved, as well. Then, I show up with a solution to the situation, and everybody will love me so much they'll just give me the Tri-State Area!"
Perry rolled his eyes, looked around, then pointed to something behind Doofensmirtz.

"Huh?"  He asked, then looked in the direction the agent was pointing.  "Oh, that...right."  It was an old looking animatronic, slumped in a sitting position in only dark the corner in the lair.  "To be perfectly honest, I bought these guys off the Internet.  I had to do the wiring and programming and everything, too.  It was such a pain to put together, but in the end, that golden guy didn't have an endoskeleton, so I just left him in the corner over there.  He looks really creepy right there, though, but I can't ouch him.  The other animatronics, and Norm, for some strange reason, you know you're not actually an animatronic, right, get really mad if I even get close.  I think something might be just a bit off in their programming..."

"Hello, people of the Internet!"  Candace said as she waved to her webcam.  "I'm Candace, and this is my best friend Stacy."  Stacy waved and smiled.  "We're going to be playing a horror game today, and it's called Six Nights at Susanne's.  I'm already regretting this.  Look at the main menu, Stacy, this is creepy.  Like, really, really creepy, already, and I haven't gotten into the game.  I suck at horror stuff.  I don't like being scared..."

"Well, today, you're going to have to be.  Let's start, shall we?"  Stacy asked, and clicked on the "new game" button.  "Ooh, nice office."

It was indeed, a nice office.  Two wide doorways were on either side of the office, with two buttons on the walls next to them, labeled "door" and "light".  In the center of the room was a large desk, with a series of monitors on it.  A wide window was also on the wall the desk was on, completely clean.

A phone started to ring, startling the two girls.  They looked at each other, as if the other would have the answers.  Two rings.

"Can we pick up the phone?"  Candace asked.  She started moving the cursor around.  Three rings.  "I'm not seeing a phone around...Stace, please talk!  It's creepy when you're so quiet."

"Sorry, it's just I wasn't sure when the phone call would come in."  Stacy replied sheepishly.

Candace was about to ask her what phone call she was talking about, when halfway through the fourth ring, there was a click heard from the game, and a meek, shy-yet-trying-to-sound-confident male voice started speaking.

"Um, hello?"  The voice said.  There was a prominent twinge of shakiness in his voice.  "Hello,, well, welcome to Susanne's Pizza.  Uh, since this is your first day and all, there's a thing I'm supposed to read you.  It's from the company, and um, a sort of...legality contract, I think...?  I was just told to read it aloud for the new employees..."  Candace and Stacy looked at each other again mouthed the word "what?"

The voice from the phone cleared his throat as he flipped through some papers.  "So, here goes...  'Welcome, insert employee name here, to Susanne's Pizza!  We hope you have an exciting and enriching time working at our establishment, as you move forward into the amazing career field of owning-slash-managing a restaurant.  This restaurant is not responsible for any of the following:  Lost or stolen items, missing items-slash-people, damaged equipment-slash-people, amputation of person, death or injury of person-slash-loved ones, development of schizophrenia and-slash-or severe paranoia, and dismemberment-slash-any other form of violent torture-slash-death.

" 'Upon discovering any of the above, any precautions will be taken, and upon discovering the death of person or persons, a missing person report will be filed within ninety days, or when all bloodstains-slash-body parts have been completely and properly removed from the premises.'  Blah, blah, blah, more legal stuff that's not really important.  Now, that might sound a bit...
alarming...but I assure you myself, I haven't seen anything that's wrong here.  In fact, I'm working on my last week before I transition to day shift right now, and everything is perfectly fine at the moment."

"I doubt anything's fine with this place."  Candace said.  "That was a lot of stuff that's very wrong with this place."  She moved the cursor to the bottom of the screen and jumped slightly.  "Hey, Stacy, I found a camera function.  So, do I, like, watch them on this thing?"  She flipped through all the cameras and then went out of the camera.

"Yeah, and make sure they don't get close to the office and kill you."  Stacy said.

The guy on the phone continued talking.  "So, the only thing that's a concern for you as the on duty night guard is that sometimes, the animatronics kind of...wander around the place at night.  It's nothing too major, it's just that...well, they, um, probably won't, um, see you as a person.  More like an endoskeleton.  Um, you know, those things inside the costume controlling them.  Now, the only problem with that is that it's against the rules to not have a costume on if you're an animatronic at Susanne's, so they'll try, place you inside a suit.  Forcefully.  With animatronic parts that'd probably shred you to ribbons.  So, the doors are there to prevent them from getting in.  But, since our budget is limited, we have to conserve power at night, so don't have them down all the time. 

"Well, I've probably talked long enough, so I'll just leave you to it.  The first night should be easy, so I'll talk to you tomorrow." 
There was short pause, then the guy on the phone came back.  "Oh, wait, before you do anything else, I have to tell you about the music box.  There's a music box in one of the rooms, I forgot which one, and it's rigged to be remotely wound up.  Keep it wound.  You don't want to know what happens when you don't wind it up.  Trust me.  Well, I think that's all I need to tell you about.  Goodnight, and hope to see you tomorrow!"

There was a final click, and then silence filled the room.

"So, um, I think our first priority should be to find this music box that guy was talking about."  Stacy said after a while.  "We have about seventy percent of our power left, and it's been two a.m. for a while now.  I think we're fine for now...oh my gosh, somebody's already moved!"

Candace snapped out of her dazed, surprised look.  "What, where?  Where are they?  Are they close?"

"On the camera!"

"Oh, my gosh, I see them!  What do we do?"

"I'm not sure.  Look for the music box?"

"Is that going to be your answer for everything?"

Stacy flipped through the cameras, then gasped.  "The cameras are out!"

Candace looked at the screen frantically.  "Which ones?"

"ALL OF THEM!  And we still haven't found the stupid music box.  Where's the music box at?  We need to wind it so we won't probably die!"

A loud, eerie groan sounded from the game.

"...What was that?"  Candace asked.

"I'm not sure, and I don't know if I want to even find out..."  Stacy whimpered.

The groan came again, slightly louder.

"I'm scared..."  Candace said softly.

The screen went back to the office to reveal one of the animatronics, a cat with torn ears and one of its eyes hanging out of its sockets in front of them, swiping at the air towards them before the screen turned to static and a game over screen.

"What was that?"  Stacy asked.  "I can't even comprehend what happened, it escalated that quickly."

"Well, I'm pretty sure we just died to a horribly mutilated cat robot."  Candace said shortly.

"I...I get that, but...!"  Stacy tried to explain, then started to laugh.  "You know what, that was pretty fun.  Let's try again!"

Candace smiled.  "Yeah, let's!"

Phineas, Ferb, and the others stepped back to admire their handiwork.  The machine had a small sphere in the middle with a small desk, a ladder leading up to it.  On the top, was a large projector screen.  Several large sets of wires bunched together lead everywhere, and it looked to be a complicated machine, indeed.

"Wow, this looks amazing!"  Ava said happily.  "I'm also surprised that we finished it ahead of schedule.  So, who's going to try it out first?"

"Well, it was your idea, Ava, so I think you should go first."  Isabella said.  The others nodded, and Ava was soon ushered into the small sphere above the ground.  "Put the helmet on and start writing."

Ava looked around for the aforementioned helmet and found it sitting on top of the desk.  It was a kind one would normally see for bicycles, the ones that looked giant bowls on people's heads, except this had a series of cords around it.  She put the helmet on, and it instantly started glowing.  Cords wrapped around her arms, and the size shrunk so it was just the right size for her head.

"Okay, I think I'm set."  Ava said.  There was a small microphone in the side of the helmet, and a smaller projection screen in front of her.  "So, should I start writing now?"

Her answer was a sharp movement from the sphere she was in to the right.  Another sphere appeared where hers used to be, and Isabella climbed up into it.

"Wait for us, first, Ava!"  She said, putting on a helmet herself.  "I'd say we should all write a story together."

Ava smiled.  "Yeah, I'd love that."  She hadn't written a story with anybody since she was quite young, and loved the feeling of accomplishing something so simple, and so beautiful.  Then, her powers emerged, and it seemed as if nobody wanted anything to do with her.

Now, she knew what it was like to have friends, true friends, to stick by her, no matter what.

She never wanted that good feeling of the day to end, but knew it would have to eventually.

The Legend of Fire and Lightning REBORN- Chapter 8
All the references.  All of them.

I'm impressed with how this almost sounds like an episode of Phineas and Ferb, in a way.  I'm pretty sure Doof's in character, and when I first wrote The Legend of Fire and Lightning so long ago, I said that I couldn't get him in character, so I wasn't going to write a Doof and Perry plot.  And now I have one.

This is weird.  Really weird.

Anyway, this chapter is extra long mainly because I felt like each of the different section weren't properly balanced, and I'm probably going to be heading back into super heavy plot again soon, so there won't be this little bit of plot sprinkled in.  I wanna get back to writing my villains, they're fun.

Phineas and Ferb, related characters (c) Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, Disney

Story, related characters (c) Me

It's been way too long since I've been on here.

Sorry for being pretty much dead...I've had to take care of other stuff.

So, if anybody's been in my gallery lately, you've seen the new story folders.  Good for you!

Now, those aren't the only ones I have, though.  In fact, there's a sequel to The Courtroom Phantom, and as (I think) I mentioned in Turnabout of GUILT, it's part one in a five part series.  I'm still going to do my Phineas and Ferb fanfics, as well, and I'm going to do my Oliviaween project year round, then present it to Creepe on Oliviaween, when it should be complete.

Also, how does Professor Layton and the Steampunk Clockwork Angels and Professor Layton and the Diamond of Destiny sound?  I'm going to make a Professor Layton trilogy fanfic, but I need a third title to tie everything together.

I'm also still working on the new character profiles, so please be patient about them.

Well, that about does it for updates, so let's move on.

niklik429 tagged me, so I shall do this...again.

1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person must share ten things about themselves (in their own journals of course).
3. Answer the ten questions that you were asked and come up with ten questions for the people you tag. 
4. Tag ten people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Inform the people who are tagged that they are tagged. 
6. No "tagged if you read this" stuff. 
7. Legitimately tag 10 people, yada-yada-yada, you know the drill. 
8. No tag-backs.

10 things about me

1.  I'm currently writing fanfiction for the Phineas and Ferb, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton fandoms.

2.  I'm still wondering what the heck the "Layton 7" thing is.  Is it a joke, or what?  I doesn't make any sense to me.  The closest I've ever got to a reasonable explanation is that Layton gets turned into a dog, and he has to get back to normal...but even that makes no sense.

3.  I want Pokémon X and Dual Destines.  I'm watching a Let's Play of them both.

4.  My favorite Dual Destines characters are Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill, Juniper Woods, Hugh O'Conner, and Robin Newman.  New OTPs:  AthenaxApolloxJuniper.

5.  Bird Pokémon are awesome.

6.  I saw Catching Fire, and it was AWESOME.  Go see it if you haven't.

7.  Of all of the animes I've watched, I've only finished two series(B gata H kei and the subbed version of Cardcaptor Sakura.  I'm going to watch the rest of the dubbed version, too, because they changed the ending of it.).

8.  I watch Hetalia.(I'm not part of the fandom, though.)

9.  I'm a huge Vocaloid fan.

10.  I'm working on a new drawing technique.  It's a realistic anime style, and it's a lot of fun to draw in.

niklik429's questions

1. do you stare at the ceiling? (because i do)

No, not really.

2. what's your least favorite subject?

Freaking math and bio.

3. what are you looking forward to in 2014? crosses fingers hoping it's plvsaa

Oh, great. doesn't have a remove slash marks thing.  Yayz.

Well, there's The Wind Rises, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remake, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Not in that order, of course.

4. when you meet someone in school who ships your otp like you what will you do?

Instantly start talking to them about it.

5. do you consider yourself sarcastic?

Not really.

6. favorite instrumental? /hit in the head with a pipe by Layton

That's a tough one.  I'd have to say...once again, not in this exact order...




...The Trauma Team version of Vulnerability, Apollo's, Phoenix's, and Athena's themes in DD, Layton's themes(all versions, by the way), basically anything from the soundtracks of the Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton series, and Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

7. d...did i...*coughimprovecough*?


8. snackoos? (this is an ace attorney reference/shot by von karma)

SNACKOO ATTACK!!!!  *starts to throw Snackoos in random directions, laughing like a madwoman and singing "Ephinany" from Sweeney Todd*

(By the way...shouldn't that be "whipped by von Karma"...?)

9. do you have a 3ds? (if you do, i will go into your house and steal it)

Hey, you have one, now!  You're not getting mine!  *Clutches pink 3ds close to chest*

10. :iconobjection1plz::iconobjection2plz::iconobjection3plz:


My questions:

1.  Fergalicious, anyone?(Well, this got off on a GREAT start, lol....)


3.  Do you like Vocaloid?


5.  Pokémon or Digimon?  (Make your decision wisely.)


7.  Plain noodles.  What do you think of them?


9.  Have you noticed a pattern with these questions?

10.  ...DID SWEENEY TODD, THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.  *Death whistle blows, and I smile*

I tag....

I can't think of anyone else....

Well, I'm off to upload stuff.  See ya lataz!


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You can simply call me B.R.N.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello random person or fellow deviant! Please call me B.R.N, I would appreitate it.

As you can tell, I suck at spelling, which is ironic, since I want to become a writer when I'm older and I use big words like 'hence,' and 'therefore,' but you won't see that often.

Notice how I say OFTEN. That doesn't mean I WON'T use it, I'll use them OCCAISIONALLY.

Anyway, I am a writer, but I will post drawings. Probably not often, but yes, drawings are nice...

I mainly do Phineas and Ferb fan art and fanfics, though on occiasion I will do original stuff. I also have a lot second generation OCs, so be on the lookout for them as well.

I am a random, fun, Phineas and Ferb obsessive girl with a hot temper that I'm learning to control. I get inspired often, and by almost anything. An image of a squirrel, a song, something someone says, you name it. My imagination is a huge, endless land built on my memories, complete with a haunted dark wood. I spend most of my time there.

I listen to music A LOT, so most of my stuff is inspired by music.


I see critiques and sporks as 1) Hilarious means of entertainment, and 2) A way of telling people what they need to work on.

They're hilariously helpful.

Some things about me:

1. I do not bite. You can ask me about stuff, so don't be shy about it.

2. I would like comments as well as faves.

3. My writing can get pretty dark at times. If you don't want me to have an extrememely dark plot, tell me and I will lessen up on the darkness of my writing. Either way, it's going to be kind of dark.

4. I have a character named Marie Flynn. This is NOT Ely, Pao, and Mel's Marie, but a Marie that I created inspired by them. Same thing with my OC Olivia. She was inspired by Creepecrawlyman's Olivia, but is different from her.

5. I'm not the world's best artist, especially when it comes to anatomy. If you could give me some tips and stuff, that would be nice.

6. Most of my drawings' dates are in the ENGLISH format, so thet go by day-month-year, instead of month-day-year.

7. I am a huge anglophile(meaning I really like British stuff, hence #6.)

I think that's enough rambling here...

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